Check-in #2 (end of week 4)

Hello challenger!

You have already reached your half-way mark, can you believe it?! Congratulations for staying committed for this long, and I can tell you now that it will be so worth it in the end!

By now you should be seeing some promising progress and have gotten your plan under wraps. If not, there is still plenty of time but you will need to really focus. Don’t ever lose hope or give up, remember that even a small amount of progress is still better than nothing at all. If you are struggling then please reach out to us in the challenge Facebook group and let us help you! If you are doing well then please share those successes with us and help to inspire others.

Similar to your 1st progress check-in at the end of week 2, you will submit a short written progress update to assess how you are doing versus the goals and the plan you stated at the sign-up. If you have implemented any changes since your last check-in then now is a good time to evaluate whether those are working or not.

You will also be required to submit another round of measurements, just like the ones that you submitted at the start of the challenge.

You are not required to submit any additional photos until the end of the challenge, however, we do strongly recommend that you take photos every couple of weeks for your own benefit.



NOTE: Please submit this form in a timely manner (see the table below if you are unsure when your check-in is due).

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