Check-in #3 (end of week 6)

Hello challenger!

WOW! Can you believe that there are only 2 weeks left until the results get to speak for themselves? These past 6 weeks have gone by so fast and yet so much progress has been made.

I hope that you are feeling good about your challenge so far. Take every possible moment to celebrate your successes and victories. Acknowledge your failures and learn from your mistakes. Be proud but, stay humble.

This is your last check-in before submitting your final measurements and photos at the end of your 8-week challenge. Same as your previous check-in, it serves as a way for both you and us to evaluate how well you are doing so far. Reflection is an important part of this 8-week process so that you can judge for yourself whether things are going according to plan or if you need to step it up a notch.

Ask yourself how are you feeling? How’s the eating? How’s the exercising? Are you succeeding at building those healthy habits and sticking to your commitments? Are you prioritizing your health rather than caving in to peer pressure?

Remember you need to set a pace for yourself that allows you to strive for progress, but in a reasonable manner that won’t burn you out before the end of the challenge. If you are struggling then please reach out to us in our challenge Facebook group and let us help you! If you are doing well then please share those successes with us and help to inspire others.

You are also required to submit another round of measurements, just like the ones that you submitted at the start of the challenge and in your previous check-in.

You are not required to submit any additional photos until the end of the challenge, however, we do strongly recommend that you take photos every couple of weeks for your own benefit.

You are in the home stretch and it’s time to give this challenge everything you’ve got!




NOTE: Please submit this form in a timely manner (see the table below if you are unsure when your check-in is due).

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