First Name Last Name If you would recommend it to friends please let me know what was the most valuable part of your Sleekgeek experience? Why do you think it works?
Elan Tanur just staying in routine- was amazing
Derek Olsen Forcing youself to make a commitment and also keeping a check on yourself over the two week periods.
david stephenson learning new things about my diet was brilliant. getting to know your body and what works for you. setting goals and sticking to them. great self discipline. making new friends in the fitness community and sharing experiences and tips. most of all, getting myself in shape for my wedding (in two weeks time) both mentally and physically. i am a type 1 diabetic and had hit a bit of a slump and got a bit of a high hba1c. i needed something to boot me into shape. something that i enjoyed doing.

most importantly, i got to spend time with people that were all on the same mindset. being healthier and living a cleaner lifestyle. it really makes such i big difference surrounding yourself with motivated people.

it also brought my finace and myself closer together (at times) working hard towards a common goal.

thank you sleek geek. you have inspired me. and i cant wait for the next leg of life (and your competition)

Stephanie Snyman Great Facebook community for encouragement and advice and interesting posts!!!
Chaz Habib
Vernon Jacobs The motivation and support given by fellow sleekgeek members is absolutely amazing. The competition allows for one to set goals and to observe how many others conduct their various routines and eating plans in order to achieve that goal and this ideas can be swapped between members. Having seen others work so hard to achieve their goals is a motivation booster in order to achieve one’s own goals
Roxanne Mower the support in the group and having a buddy to do the competition with
James Miller I got sick in the last week but Sleekgeek challenge helped me to persevere regardless. It is the consistency that works.
Clarissa Witten Changing my attitude towards food and training – becoming more conscious about my choices.
Rosalind Wilson Having the buddy & motivating before & after pics. πŸ™‚
Pauline Wilson Having the buddy experience
Ntsika Mancoba Getting that discount on the trainers
Elsa Lombard The motivation and support received from the three different facebook groups.
Suzanne Kuhn Small lifestyle changes has big longterm effects. An active 8 week effort is enough to change habits! It’s great!!
Kyle Nicholas it gives one motivation
Hannah Delit The most valuable part in my opinion is the constant support that is provided by the community on the Facebook groups, especially the Sleek Girls group who are able to encourage and support the other members whenever one is feeling down and it is extremely good motivation to carry on what you are doing. The quick and friendly responses from the group are very useful and appreciated.
Laura Munro The Facebook Forum – very motivating & helpful!
Bridget Malherbe The eating plan i literally cut out all carbs and noticed the most incredible difference in my energy levels, hair and skin. I was never fatigued, my hair and skin have been glowing!!
Caitlin Brand The fact that you know that you’re not in it alone. Seeing how inspiring some of my fellow Sleekgeekers are really pushed me harder!
wesley butler I am an accountant. Paying the fee means I have to put more in, even if it is R 500. A person have to be more motivated with the fact that you have made a financial investment in it. I was more motivated. I am going to enter the new challenges that is coming up. I want to weigh 90 – 85 kg. Not far but this monitoring on every second week was something to look forward. I would have liked to loose more weight but I think with the new challenge is will be better as I will be able to train then.

This is an awesome initiative. This is making SA a healthier country. That is something to smile about!!!

David Dennis Accountability
Jenna Kerr I loved the support that you could get from the facebook groups. This helped tremendously.
Mandi Barensche Being accountable. The awful before pictures. The short 8 week deadline to make as big a change as possible. Having a buddy I didnt want to let down.
Bronwynn Croxford I love the sense of community especially sleekgirls. I have recommended sleekgeek to all my friends because they keep on seeing me post what exercise i’ve just done on FB and were interested to know whats happening. I am hoping that some of my friends will join the sleekgeek community. Have quite a few who are already on. I love the tips and the support one receives. It also has encouraged me to change the way I view my eating habits and training. Find it very inspirational and have realised that it took me 4 years to put on 20kgs so will take a while to get rid of that excessive weight but I have the support from others.
Lauren Fourie I think you should really promote coach Ashley’s insights and genius more – he has really been an absolute anchor and teacher in helping me be happy and healthy! πŸ™‚
David Zimmerman The most valuable part of the Sleekgeek concept, is the sense of “Community” I have never experiences such a great bunch of strangers, supporting eachother on a platform like this before! I know if I am having a down day or I cheated on my eating plan, I can just check SL on my ipad and I am sure that there will be some piece of encouragement to get me back on track. Truly an amazing concept and I am now a Sleekgeek for life! πŸ™‚
Meimoen Adams the group support
Samantha Leigh Erwee EAT CLEAN! TRAIN DIRTY!
Liezl Van Wyk The inspiration and support of fellow sleeks make this worth it. We all struggle together and triumph together. I dont feel so alone.
Helene Hawtrey I enjoy belonging to the group of self motivated and inspiring Sleekgeeks.

It’s “nice” reporting in bi-weekly to firstly ourselves and then to our ‘cyber’ friends.

Thank you, I learnt a lot about myself and realized that without the effort you won’t see the results…

Helene Hawtrey I enjoy belonging to the group of self motivated and inspiring Sleekgeeks.

It’s “nice” reporting in bi-weekly to firstly ourselves and then to our ‘cyber’ friends.

Thank you, I learnt a lot about myself and realized that without the effort you won’t see the results…

Grethe Nothling You know that you are committed to something and therefore always think twice when making food choices. If you know you are working towards a goal it makes a big difference.
Glenda Van Der Westhuizen
mark grobbelaar setting a goal with a date, with regular check ins
Michelle van der Westhuizen
Joyce Berning I think it works that every 2 weeks you have to submit your measurements online and off course you want to see results, so people will give all they have! Also with the before and after photo’s.

My friend all ready asked when the next heat is. Please let me know!

Kate Watts The community support, communication and knowing that whatever the improvement you did well enough are a fantastic part of the experience. With everyone at different levels and stages of their journey, one always feels inspired and motivated. I also love the fact that people are in it for health and not a quick fix- the challenge is a set up for a lifetime of health, fitness and happiness. Also the regular monitoring which is needed is great and keeps one focussed.
Cornel van Loggerenberg The support base and knowing that everyday 100’s of other people are with you in your ups and downs.The fact that there was always good uplifting advice given by the support group ( facebook ).
Robyn Thomson Accountability
Sunika Nattrass I loved and hated this challenge in equal measure to be honest. I hated it because it felt like now that I have committed to change my body I was getting sick all the time and it frustrated me to no end that I was unable to work out as much as I would have liked. I loved it because it held me accountable. Each time I felt like cheating on my eating plan or the like a little voice in my head screamed: You don’t want to have pictures where there was no change!! This also encouraged me to work harder in my workouts and get off the couch when all I really felt like doing was to mooch. Some nights I was doing weights and squats at 21:30 – just to be able to say I at least did something. It’s made me more aware of what my body can do, and what I can do for my body. I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone! It really helped me get out of that rut of just living with my body and accepting it with all the damage I have done. Sleek Geek and the challenge has definately helped me along my path to become healthier. My husband mentioned yesterday that at the start he thought I’d just do it for a while and then fade, but he can see I’m just getting more and more obsessed (I prefer the word focussed). He also mentioned he’s rather jealous of me being so fit and looking great, so hopefully, very soon, he’ll join me on this journey. πŸ™‚
Karen Louw Taking pictures and committng to a time period to monitor change has showed me exactly what it takes to make a change. Without WW these 2 months would have passed just as any other 2 mnths. It has given me soem accountability.
Ilana van Rensburg The support from the group is invaluable!
Sue Dennis Making a commitment to change and doing something about it was vital – joining a program, with my husband and having to pay for it, encouraged us to give it our all and to hold each other accountable. The fact that I really enjoyed the food and never felt hungry was amazing, because in the past when I tried to lose weight, I was starving all the time! I have also found renewed interest in cooking and, although this has been quite time-consuming, it has been fun trying out new recipes and cooking in a different way. The fact that everyone in the family is loving the suppers, is most encouraging too! Although I haven’t posted much on the Facebook pages (general and girls), I have enjoyed reading all the comments and received inspiration and encouragement from this fun group of people (I’ve never been a prolific Facebooker!!)
Shudley Adams It helps you set a goal for yourrself, and you work towards achieving it.
Jessica Wood Sleekgeek offers a community of people whom all have the same mindset of trying to improve their lifestyles and overall health, and with this large community there are a large variety of opinions and experiences and this just gives me a great deal of enthusiasm to strive to be better, knowing I’m not alone.
Jason FΓΏfer The community support especially for girls was excellent, the ‘sharing and caring’ is extremely important for women and was a big reason why I think my buddy kept going strong.
Melanie Aufrichtig It makes you accountable. And when you know you’re accountable and have a deadline in which to achieve a goal and submit your results, along with a group of like minded people, it makes you stick to what you’ve committed to doing.
Morne Jacobs The constant check ins, the HUGE support structure and the constant motivations.

Just as you suffer not to fall back into old habbits, you see someones tweet and realize you are not alone in this!!!!!!!!

its awesome

Ilana van Rensburg The support from the group is invaluable!
Jacoline van Loggerenberg I made the challenge to my husband as I felt that he was not taking care of himself properly. I felt that I did not need the program as much as he did. Now at the end I realise that I definitely benefited a lot from the challenge and am proud of what I reached within the period of the challenge. I am also SO proud of hubby for being the one to keep me motivated and for doing so well himself.
Candice Persson The support, the weekly newsletters were very informative. I shared them with my friends as well as I found the articles super. I think it works as it gives one a goal to achieve and something to work towards. Its fun and also the support of all the people who have achieved along with the testimonials are so encouraging.



Nina Tesmer I think the challenge was a great motivation for me to start my weight loss journey because I know I had to submit results and measurements every couple of weeks and I always wanted to improve on my last results. It’s good to be accountable to someone.
Spencer-Nel Stevens I would recommend the reboot to others, as it works very well, but, although this challenge was fun, I don’t think it’s worth the R500 entering when there is so many things available online. I enjoyed it though and will now continue on my fitness journey
Laura Berkel
Fabiana Carolina Brito Bellorin The constant support and info flowing onto the social media groups was invaluable
Jason Sher The commitment that comes with entering a competition and paying an entry fee. This kept me motivated the whole time. So the commitment and dedication I now have is the most valuable part of my sleek geek experience.
Christine Collins Jaco made me stick to it and he believes in it so I did it to support him and ultiately I got good results out of it.
Jaco Mouton Acountability. Support. Motivation
Mark Cornelius It challange you to your goals. To keep up with your dieet and workout plans.
Wendy Alexander check in
Ryan van den Berg The main reason it works for me is that it is a constant reminder and extra motivation, to not cheat and be stricter. It holds a form of accountability thats helps keep me on track.
Michelle Wyatt I have become more aware of my eating habits and really looking at why I eat certain times of the day.

It has also been interesting seeing what effect carbs/ alcohol has on my sleeping patterns and general feeling of wellbeing.

I have enjoyed experimenting with different things (coconut flour etc)

Cameron North I believe the Sleek Geek programme is the most well balanced programme that I have ever been on. In terms of dietary lifestyle change and exercise combined it has been a simple concept to follow and not expensive.

My body has reacted very well to a more “natural” way of life that this programme has provided.

I think this programme works because it involves the right foods for your body and exercise.

Carl Anderson Having accountability and guidelines if needed!
Wendy McNally The challenge itself. I respond well to challenges.
Rudy de la Cruz The motivational stories of others and the support of the group. Seeing other people’s stories motivates you to want to achieve similar results.
Angela Lewis The most valuable part of Sleekgeek is definitely learning to take care of your body, to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. It’s not just staying on a meal plan or a exercise program, it becomes part of your life! You benefit all the way no matter what.
Paul Kelly The fact that there is access to a global community that is growing daily and each person having their own inspirational story is life changing and I believe where the momentum will come from. I thought initially when I was your goal of 100,000 people that it was ambitious, but seeing the growth and how peoples lives are changing I believe you will achieve it. Create a sleekgeek frenzy and change the world.
Paul Kelly The fact that there is access to a global community that is growing daily and each person having their own inspirational story is life changing and I believe where the momentum will come from. I thought initially when I was your goal of 100,000 people that it was ambitious, but seeing the growth and how peoples lives are changing I believe you will achieve it. Create a sleekgeek frenzy and change the world.
Caryl Regnault Checking in every 2 weeks helped to keep my mind on my goals – even if everything around me was falling apart, I had that one constant.
Marco Ferreira The results speak for themselves. Sleekgeek provides the perfect platform for a peraon to change his lifestyle. The support and advice that is given each week helped alot. I really enjoyed the weekly newsletter. This works due to the fact that you are accountable for your own results and sleekgeek will provide you with the right tools.
marco ferreira The results speak for themself. I enjoy the support and encouragement of the entire community. The weekly newsletters also helped alot. I think this works because u have a great support group and you are being held accountable for you own results. Thanks alot for this great experience.
Yvette Rossouw Yes, I have already recommended it to many.

It is great that you can do your own thing. Even though guidance is provided, you can select what’s works best for you. No prescriptive eating plan or exercise plan. Also no expensive must-buy products.

It works because you are committed by putting money in the game and the support of real people going through the same struggles.

Chris Wills Having the addtional support from the Sleekgeek community (never shared but always there if needed). Everybody is experiencing or has experienced what you are going through at some stage.
Caryl Regnault Personal accountability with the regular check-ins. Even with all the horrible things happening in my life, I always kept the check-ins at the back of my mind and didnt abandon SleekGeek even though I fell off the wagon and struggled to keep on going.
Nadeema Armien Before joining the Sleekgeek community I was determined to start changing my lifestyle but I kept procrastinating, until one day someone on my fb mentioned Sleekgeek on some other group wall. I checked it out and I was hooked….the support on the group kept me motivated to keep pushing and working hard.
Natasha Symons It worked because of the motivational messages, results with previous sleeks, the buddy system. Teaching you the right way of eating, living and to love yourself.
Bruce Richards
Candy Wills At an overall level, whilst I have goals that I am working towards, the Winter Warrior Challenge & Sleekgeek has enabled me to focus my efforts in the achievement of specific goals, which were set @ the beginning of the competition. I enjoyed the discipline I needed to enforce to ensure I stayed on track.
Kobus Vorstet Because of the FB community. If you need any questions answered, they do it. If you achieved a personal goal and post it, they congratulate you and encourage as well.
Jacobus Rossouw When you are on the challenge I am in to win it. It also makes me committed to work true all my lame excuses and get the fat of.
Caileigh Dade the most valuable part was seeing that it actually works and experiencing it for myself.
Shaun Schiffer Community support and the motivation to keep it going until the end. I also helps get into a healthy routine and keep it going after the challenge is over.
Cindy-Leigh Ferguson I think that feeling like you are a part of community of like minded people all working together towards the same goals helps keep a person more focused and motivated. And all the updates in the newsfeeds with health eating tips and articles also helps and you start feeling more educated and better equipped to make health food choices and work out correctly.
Ari Gork The community comes together to assist you in reaching your goals
Estelle Conradie I already recommended 3 of my friends that is also doing the reboot now
Jon Jon San Ju The feeling at the end of the challenge that its not over πŸ™‚

It works because its a community that is passionate , positive and uplifting to get us to the next level

Eat clean and train dirty Elan!!!

Carlo Blows I learnt to take control of my life through fitness and health and eating properly. I forced myself to step out of all my comfort zones which taught me a lot about myself … I am destined for greatness Nd not meant to be a morbidly obese individual who will eventually eat himself into his grave. I took a stand something that I could never do before. I’ve learnt to be more confident to be more motivated and driven.
Debbie Brown Change in general is very hard for people to do, that aspect for me was the most valuable. I hate change, it was a challenge to change but I’m grateful I had the opportunity and incentive to work towards.
Lee-Ann Theron it gave me my groove back!
roxanne norman I loved the fact that it has become such a big inspirational family.
Leandie Williams Having so many people chase the same goal, incorporate exercise and be on the same page, helps a great deal. The support and wisdom offered by the group is amazing! I do not often comment, but do read a lot of the posts. I love being a part of Sleek Girls, as us women just motivate each other so much.
Melandi Lindeque Personally it showed me to be healthy is a challenge, but not THAT bad. I could actually make it work in the busy lifestyle I have. It’s not taking up all your time, and it didn’t make me depressed all the time like on other diets.
Adriana Prins the group of great people that support you day in and day out
Nicci Eaglestone The sense of community and the support that SleekGeek offers is incredible.
Nerissa D’Alton Support and help available.
Nicola Davidson The most valuable part was the forum – especially Sleek Girls. The ladies are so motivating, and sharing with everyone really kept me on track.
Jacques Erasmus Just the way the whole sleek-geek community works and supports each other is what made it easy because some times you lose faith and then if you go look at the group theres always someone that post some inspiration that gives you faith again
Lauren Prior I think the prizes are generally quite a good motivation, but also the desire not to have wasted 500 bucks!

I probably didn’t make use of the community as much as I could have but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Leandre Warren Community. The sense of community is amazing and supportive
Vanessa Hutcheon I think the support from other sleek geekers on facebook and the challenges they go through are so similar .
Robyn Gwilt I loved the advice, support, recipes etc – just in general its been a positive uplifting experience, with the benefit of weight loss, feeling healthy, and looking better!!
Jenna-Lee Kuhn The most valuable part of this experience, is the ability to really understand what works for your body and what doesnt. It gave me the opportunity to realize that certain foods such as gluten and dairy had a negative effect on my body, and without them, I was far healthier and happier than before. This challenge has also taught me discipline and motivation to make a goal and stick to it till the very end.
Dyllan Chandler The best part of the WW 2013 was aspect where any and all information that you would need was freely available 24/7 and even if it wasn’t, there was always someone who how and where to source it and would share that information with you.

The SllekGeek community is absolutely brilliant and I am so thankful that I am now apart of it and I will never leave.

Nicolene Thomas What I found of value most is learning more about nutrition. The reason this progam works is because you get to eat a huge variety of foods and combining that with the right exercises makes a good recipe for a better looking body.
Nicolene Thomas What I found of value most is learning more about nutrition. The reason this progam works is because you get to eat a huge variety of foods and combining that with the right exercises makes a good recipe for a better looking body.
Martin Nel The constant support is wonderful, the basis on that you can say anything and the group will only build you up! And it gives you a goal, not all people is professional athletes or can go and play sports, this gives them something to work for!!
Rodrick Zeilhofer For me, the most valuable thing about the challenge was the way in which it made me see myself. I have a lot more respect for my body and what I put into it.
Elke Anderson The support of the groups (all of them) as well as the challenge you set yourself. I did not think I would keep it up for 8 weeks and now I am hooked on exercise and health.
Natassha De Beer I have been on every diet imaginable, every pill, every shake, every verimark exercise gimmick but nothing worked untill I found sleekgeek & Reboot, its simple eat clean and train dirty – what more do you need and it works AWESOMELY! Just stick to it and you will see results. Its easy & simple to follow, its what you have in the kitchen and your gym and no need for massive expenses. Its brilliant and I am sticking to it forever!
Sophia Strydom It gave me a specific timeframe, to push myself. I’m competitive and goal driven, and this helps me a lot to stay focus and dedicated.

And whenever i had a bad day or felt that my mind was not completely in the game, i just went on one of the facebook groups and just started reading some people’s posts, it’s always helpful to know that you are not the only one having days like that.

Jaco van Zyl Confidence gain at the gym and in general (wanting to experience with new exercise programs and machines)

Lifestyle and eating patterns changed … conscious of healthy eating choices.

Craving a good exercise workout everyday.

Antoinette Venter The time spent in the gym was great, feeling not alone in my weight loss journey
Anita Lee Powell Munnich The information on the website re the REBOOT and the recipes that are shared. I also absolutely LOVED the Facebook support groups, they were a constant motivation and also just a place to ask questions, get help and advice and just interact with people who wanted the same from life as I do:-)
Derine Sandenbergh I think it is very valuable to learn from the FB group about training, eating clean, that everyone has their challenges etc. Also experienced the SleekGirls group as very supportive. What I find most valuable is that everyone in the group is in a different phase of their journey and that there is so much support no matter who you are or what your goals are.
Tammy Segal It works because of the community! the support feedback shared experiences. It works because we all in the same boat we all struggle and none of us know each other yet we all there for each other!
Susan Kersop You cut out all the horrible addictive things in your diet.
Sacha Olivier The Facebook support is amazing. The challenge also makes you accountable, which helps alot.
Arno Botha If it wasn’t for sleekgeek, I wouldn’t be where I am today, 8 weeks later. It is a great starting point to a healthier lifestyle. My journey started with an email from my buddy saying “I challenge you” and I responded with “challenge accepted”. It kept me motivated and focused as I had a goal set and a buddy that I did not want to let down.

Elismha has been a wonderful inspiration to me as I have seen her transform from even way before sleekgeek to this amazing person she is now. I did not turn out too shabby either!

But for me this is only the start, the journey does not end here, it is only the beginning of the rest of my healthy life style.

And in true sleekgeek style I will continue to #EAT CLEAN & TRAIN DIRTY !

Thank you Elan and God bless!

Johan Olivier The community.
Gregory Thomas You will experience weight loss but you might not achieve the body you desire.
Elismha Lubbe SleekGeek is like the WikiPedia of healthy living. The fact that all the information is so readily available for anyone is perfect. The community is a vital component as girls who are still busy with their journey can look up to the ones that have reached and maintained their goals. People have a very dark idea about weight loss and healthy living and sleek geek helps see that anything is possible with the right amount of hard work and dedication.
Nadine Longatte I love the sleek geek support pages. They keep me going. There are so many different lifestyles you can have but with the sleek geek you have a community, so constant support. That is the greatest for me
Bela Stander Most valuable part – MAKE THE RIGHT / HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES.

You don’t have to limit what you eat, so you don’t feel like you’re on diet, weirdly though, you get full quite quickly.

WHY IT WORKS – its sustainable, you incorporate it into your everyday life, buy healthy food, eat healthy food. It really is so simple. No strict diet portions and only allowed to eat this with that …. blah, blah, blah. If I’m peckish I have a couple of strawberries, or a banana, and I don’t feel guilty about it.

Holger Hassenpflug keeps you honest
Elizabeth Matseba The group effort of the office girls – Canon worked very well. Was motivational and encouraging
Jill Prins You do get results from being in the challenge.
Jessica Brits The support on Facebook.
Elizabeth Matseba The group motivation and something done as a group of girls together
Jaclyn Kibur It works because you are surrounded (albeit virtually) by likeminded people. People with the same goals as you. To get healthy. It doesn’t matter if you need to lose weight, gain weight, bulk up, general fitness, run a marathon. Its all about getting healthy.
Christiaan du Plessis Without a goal/challenge I will get nowhere in the gym. The competition aspect of it serves as all the motivation you need.
Maia Jordaan (Hobson) Community

Health & fitness tips


Lynn Radue The motivation and support from fellow SleekGeeks. The inspiration from others knowing that it can be done! And the sharing of the recipes. Also feeling you belong with the people who understand what you are going through.
Michael Payne-Findlay The training and eating schedules.

The awesome support from the SG community.

Josie Findlay The support is amazing. I am really enjoying the group fit classes, it motivates me for the week ahead. I love meeting all the new people or people I have met along the way.
Paula Barbosa the support network without a doubt. Its a place where people who are on the same journey as you come to look for support. people offer their encouragement and make u feel ok if you fall off the wagon and push you to just get back on. They don’t make u feel like a failure for cheating or anything and jus try and help and encourage you to go further. They make you feel proud of yourself. Also its a great place to share your recipes which I think is amazing as you can often become bored with your food and not know what to do. Its a great place to get the help u need or an opinion on the healthiest option. It makes you feel apart of something and that you have another family and support network you can always count on. It makes you feel like you are not alone and when you down or having a bad day there is that extra push. People stories that are shared are also so inspirational and keeps you focussed and wanting more and making you believe that it is possible and that you shouldn’t give up. its a place to interact and form new friendships with people on the same journey.
Faye Cowie The support from sleek geek and all people involved helps to keep you motivated
Kelly Hastings Brown There is a group of people working together who offer great moral support. I found that this helped keep me motivated.
ANDRE PETERSEN The motivation knowing there are many people out there with the same goal in mind. HEALTHY LIVING in a world of Obesity and Junk food.
Anje Conradie For me the most valuable part of the challenge is the knowledge and healthy habits that I am taking away from it! It feels like I have entered a whole new world! I do however feel like I still have quite a road ahead of me before I can honestly say I 10 my body, but at least I am equipped with the right weapons!! πŸ˜€
Vernon Mitchley It forced me to train
Candice Worley It worked to help get into a frame of mind of knowing you could do this and the support of the facebook group and reading peoples stories πŸ™‚
Evashnie Padayachee I think the support throughout the challenge s amazing, if you are ever in doubt about anything whether it be nutrition or exercise related, there are plenty of people who have advice for you. Also when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore, rant on FB and you’ll have 130000 supporters! Its like being a rock star without all the hassle!
Jessica Lister I think the most valuable part is that I made the commitment to carry through the experience, even with all that was happening. I might not have put in my all exercise wise because of circumstances, but I stuck to my eating plan and I had a reason to. It helped me to stay focused and to keep refocusing on my goals. I might not have reached them yet, but I still have a reason to keep going towards them. Thank you!
Sheena Muller Because you are putting money into something, you’re more likely to stick to it. Nobody want to waste money…and the fact that other people would be looking at your half naked photos…oi! The thought is daunting!
Samantha Dreyer There is so much support available which makes you feel like you are not alone in your journey. Its not a one size fits all programme which is great as not everyone subscribes to the same eating or training plan.
Alistair Gilbert The camaraderie when we did Park runs or events. The fact that there is other people that is actively trying to improve there health and well being. The motivation from strangers who knows the challengers and is always there to help where they can.
Sarah Bonga FB support pages are a huge asset in this challenge, such positive motivation and support help you along the way. When i fell off the wagon, those pages put me right back on it. Well done!!!
Janita Grove It is always good to be part of a competition, but if you can be part of a competition and do something wonderful for yourself then I think it is worth it.
Anri Mare It makes you focus on what you are trying to achieve instead of just haphazardly trying to lose weight and train
Chantel van der Merwe The community support
Lelanie Norie The community. Support, motivation. Newsletters. Found all these useful.
Chantelle Rohl The support – just love the SleekGeek community, they always have a kind word, motivational quote and they keep you on track, they make you believe everything is possible- just go and get it. It works as we are only human and we all need somebody to give us new hope and give us that push in the right direction.
Morne Jacobs The support and ideas from the group

It just boosts you a lot more when you know you are committed and you are not alone

Tamryn Rossouw The community is just amazing, especially Sleek girls. I feel like i can post anything there and always get so much positivity and love from everyone.
Elizabeth Ferraris Such a great community and love the fact that it self moderates and grows from within. Everyone is positive and wants to share and do good, it is a very happy place, whether you are on track, next to the track or even backtracking πŸ˜‰
marie van der merwe Motivation by the group.
Nikki Berga the support you get is amazing!! although I struggled a bit with the excercise aspect and getting myself into a training program of sorts, I did join Parkrun and “walked” with the sleeks.

no matter how many times you fall off the wagon, you never feel like giving up – the motivation to continue is well worth it.

Maureen McLellan Having a buddy was Awesome! It gave us the kick in the pants we needed to succeed. The most valuable advice I could give: don’t give up or give in. Keeping going pays dividends.
Davina Toale The support you get from the community is great. You have to have your head in the right place though otherwise you’ll not get anywhere in the challenge, no matter how good the support is.

The community does help you get your head in the right place though. The personal stories are inspirational and seeing how everyone is doing, is great.

Kimberley Waterworth The support the community gives especially fro people who aren’t sure as yet to why they need to change their lifestyle.

The programmes and diets offered are effective and varied:)

laetitia hayes accountability with the check-ins

knowing that you are working towards something with a great community around you

Melissa Wheal Learning to learn and learning to believe in myself. The groups on FB were very useful and I learnt a lot of new things that I didn’t know before!
Claire McTaggart The community of support is fantastic, sharing in others success and sharing tips and encouragement.
Anton Augustyn The integrated nature of eating and exersizing – the holistic experience. It works because it becomes part of daily living, not something you do additional to “living”. This becomes “living”.
Michael Swart The reminders to check up and the Facebook page for motivation. Just want to say thanks for the awesome experience!
Nastassja Mason For me it was just the change of mindset- to see so many people via a social media support and help each other, it’s a really cool idea.

If though you’re doing your challenge ‘alone’ you’re never really alone and that’s awesome.

Tracy Berry creates awareness and made me make healthier choices, something I will continue. for someone taking part in Sleekgeek challenge or any other challenge support if beneficial.
Jacobus Rossouw It is the carrot of the jawbone, camera or 10k and the bragging rights that you keep on repeating you must stay in it you can do it. When life through you curveballs like a brake in, computer crash, cold or injury you just step it up keep your head down and keep going. It is the end of all excuses and you doing this for your own good.
Erica Geldenhuys It keeps you motivated and having to check in, keeps you accountable. The Sleek Geek groups on Facebook is very supportive and informative.
Mervyn Elliott I liked the support through emails. I do not have FB or twitter.
Kemble Elliott the groups on FB; Elan’s mails; the two week weigh ins…all of it…especially seeing results in a fairly short period of time!
Claudia Sharbel-Fahry I have recommended this to my friends abc they have joined. I have been on every diet out there. But the support I received from complete strangers who never judged, all with a common goal of getting healthy and loosing weight, no quick fixes, just hard work and dedication. I may have finished 8 weeks. But I’ve started a new life.
Tyran Tesmer The free and open sharing of info and ideas. and the general support of the community.
Nina Tesmer I think the challenge keeps you accountable. I feel more motivated when I am taking part in a challenge as you don’t want to have a poor end result.
Elwyn Whitehead I would have gone off the rails long before now if it was not for the challenge
Vickie Whitehead For me committing to a challenge is what keeps me on track.
Kerryn Snow It is a short enough period to take on and then to realise that you can go on! all the support groups where amazing and i was great to have a group of people fighting towards a common goal.
Alida de Flamingh I think the encouragement and general enthusiasm through the fb group and through your emails really makes it work. I am sure a lot of people wont endure without it! I certainly wouldn’t have!
Alexa Kirkhoff It works because everyone supports everyone. we like one big team and we want everyone to win!!!! What you pay compared to what you get out from this challenge is amazing, I have come out with life long friends, hectic weight loss and even more centimetres loss, and most important is a healthy lifestyle, YOU CAN NOT PUT A PRICE ON THAT!!!!
Nozipho Khumalo the supportive community……is a bonus.
Nadine Herbst I love a challenge because I am very competitive so this helped me and motivated me to keep eating healthy and to gym hard
Fiona Kritzinger Yes I would recommend the challenge to my friends. The most valuable part of sleekgeek is sense of community and endless encouragement and support
TANYA TIMMS the support from fellow sleekgeeks is amazing, the before and after pictures and stories are very inspiring.

the buddy challenge option is also a great idea i think, it helps keep people motivated to not let the other person down. it is my biggest regret in this challenge that i was not able to keep my buddy motivated to keep going and give it her all… but if your heart and head arent in it, you wont be able to stick to it, and i believe that was her biggest issue.

Yolandi Scheepers You are so equipped with everything you can possibly need. Eating plans to choose from. training plan options, inspiring articles, motivation, pictures, etc. What can one possible need more? All you need to do is take time to work through all the advice and programs and make it work for you! You are literally given ALL the tools, it’s all about applying yourself!
Melanie van Reenen For me, it’s paying the commitment fee that did it. I wasn’t about to waste sooo much money without giving it my best shot and getting as much value as possible for my moolah.
Joanita van Wyk The final day. It all led up to the final day, and the results. Loved taking part. Loved Prava and her eating tips and just really loved the community support
Dave Rademan The support system is amazing! Everyone has the same objective.
Lynne Morland
Tanya Rudman De Sousa The eating plan is pure gold! really worth it as I’ve struggled with eating real paleo
Norio De Sousa The eating plan was a lifesaver. I was already exercising hard and eating Paleo but apparently I was eating TOO much πŸ˜› Cutting down overall on my calories seemed to really help. Increase my carbs for the low-carb plan also seemed to help me with my energy.
Raymond Da Costa The support and community motivation, knowing you are not Alone.
Chantel Barclay I would definately recommend anyone that is feeling they need a little help in loosing weight and tonning to join sleekgeek, there is such alot of support and info, ideas, exercise programmes, and eating plans, you cant go wrong. Being part of the challenge has given me a positive outlook on my life, I feel that I can conquer the world, I feel so strong and confident. I have enjoyed this 8 week transformation process, I can see a difference and feel a major change and I am loving it!!! Money well spent!
Warren Williams As much as you feel alone you realise that you are not, there is always a constant reminder on email or motivation from SleekGeek. Whenever I felt like giving in to a chocolate I would always think how my after pics would look or how much cardio I will have to do. Once I got used to saying No to those temptations I started enjoying training even more and seeing the results faster. Your emails of motivation and lifestyle are a great success!
Heidi Gilbert The emphasis on healthy living as opposed to just trying to lose weight is what turned it around for me. I always thought i wasnt fit enough or slim enough to exercise but Sleekgeek helped me get over that, i was so inspired by the transformation stories which convinced me i could do it…
Mariska Beck The most valuable lesson is : you are what you eat. I always heard this but never really thought about it. it is so true. Having all these like minded people support you each day really helps make the journey so much easier.
Jaco Schoeman I like the part that you can have a buddy challenge. That definitely helped with the motivation. The Sleekgeek community is awesome! This is the best part. People that motivate you on your journey, even while they are busy with their own journey.
Clare Commerford Having something to check into and to build up towards
Lydia Fiandeiro It works because there’s an eating plan and workout!
Willie Nel I absolutely LOVE the Facebook community. The support and encouragement you can find on there is bar none!
Blaize Jay Windscheffel The community and support and resources.
Anastasia Dellis I love the check ins. We/ I put so much planning and effort into other aspects of our lives, why wouldn’t we do the same for our health.

I loved strategising my goals. Planning my meals and training program for the week. I loved taking my measurements and tracking my progress.

I loved reflecting, and journaling my personal growth.

Chantell Engelsman I think it works for every single person that felt they had to do this alone. I have never had so much motivation ever!
Rudolph Boonzaaier Making it a contest is a great way to keep people motivated and really want to lose weight.
Janet Slater A great source of motivation! It creates accessibility to new experiences in terms of exercise and fitness.
Haley Abrahams Community and support.
Charne Jones SUPPORT! And the FB page πŸ™‚ love that its real people on a real journey, no fakery!
Francois Jonker It works because of the support of the community, but at the end of the day it’s up to you and your mindset.
Heidi Botha The main reason I think it works is because of the check-ins we have to do and the support and advice from the social media groups.
Mariaan van Zyl Be consistent and stick to your plan
Robyn Inglis The support groups, seeing what and how others has lost the weight, the realisation that this is a way of life and not a fad diet

the saying eat clean train dirty is really true and has given great results

allowing me to be confident even when over weight by knowing I will just get better from here on out

Jess Rea The support community and Elan’s weekly motivational letters
Simon Fishley The support from the community is always my favourite part of the challenges and I do enjoy helping when i can..
Nathalie Leblond The community is the best part although it is frustrating to see people asking elementary questions instead of reading the resoruces.
Sandra Boome I think the motivation of knowing that you’re not just accountable to yourself, but also have to submit “after” photos, etc helps more than just going it alone, where you can more easily “fall off the wagon”. Also, I’m happy that I did this challenge during these 2 very cold Winter months, as I believe the thought of knowing that I’d have to send through After pics and measurements made me push myself that little bit harder when I didn’t want to get out of my warm bed. Also, to be honest, I was really good for the first three weeks of the challenge, but I started slacking off slightly after that – not BADLY, but I could have pushed myself harder. However, this is a journey and I’m not going to rush it. I’m becoming more comfortable than I’ve been in ages and I’m going to live my life fully, whilst still doing it in a healthy way. The challenge and the community help you stay focused on the journey, which I find to be valuable.
Adele Strydom The Support Groups. Everyone is so helpful and it helps so much being able to see other success strories
Beverley Williams Oh by far all the wonderful support from everyone in the community!! Thank you Elan for giving us this platform!! If it was getting through a bad day or needing information on a specific topic, all you had to do was put it out there and the response was immediate … absolutely love SG!! Also a big thanks to my buddy “Michael Singer” for all the love and motivation that got me through the challenge xx
Michael Singer The Community supports one another. The encouragement received daily from people I am yet to meet. INSPIRED me and i would push even harder.
Kerry La The support system that you have with Sleek Geek is amazing! there are so many people who are cheering you on, its wonderful to have that support
Gerlinde Wilreker I would definitley recommend it to friends. Having a supportive community of like-minded people on the same journey as me has helped me immensley. The success stories have kept me motivated to not give up.
Rudi Martin Everything !
Theresa Ackermann The SUPPORT of the Sleeks! Nothing in the world can make any Sleek look at you different or judge you! They all stick together and motivate us and share their knowledge! I would have never ever done this with out the SLEEKS. Well done Elan for all the hard work and effort!
Meagan Le Coq I have been on this journey with Sleek Geek for a year. losing weight, then gaining it back. I finally managed to have my mind set right and will now be doing this for life instead of a quick fix.
Lucy de Canha I think the community behind it all. Helps keep you motivated.
Ian Schultz The fact that it is ordinary people trying to achieve a common goal and the support that everyone gives each other is amazing. The facebook site is a hit for me and spent many hours reading comments and also being introduced to Paleo and Banting, things I have never heard of before.
Kirsty Snow The fact that you pay money to do this makes it more of a reason to stick to the plan, otherwise you feel like your money was wasted… also the group support and inspiration is motivating. and I’m glad I was forced to take before pics. I never would have otherwise and it’s the only way i realise there is actually a marked difference in my appearance compared to 8 weeks ago
Noelene Naidoo The community that is with you on the same journey encouraging you as you keep going and even when there’s hurdles it’s comforting to still have the support.
Gillian Coetzee The diet changes. It took alot of adaption and getting used to but this has taught me alot and I am using it in my every day life now.
Pieter Brits The community support on FB Groups!
Justin Roux The shared community
Michael Said Joining sleek geek makes you ACCOUNTABLE!

There is the real value, that is what is missing from any other program I have tried

Antoinette Naude Accountability
Nelia Smit definitely the sleek girls group!

the social side of this competition was amazing.

Your newsletters however always seemed to be EXACTLY what i needed to hear at the right time of my journey. i need that! thank you!!! It felt like you were speaking directly to me!

Bernize van Staden The community of support
Larrinae Ballantyne I think this platform works because you, Elan, genuinely believe in this and you have only good intentions. You are not out there to make a quick buck of some poor sole who is trying to get their life back. The information supplied here was all relevant and well thought out. The vast choices of diet and exercise made it easier to fit in somewhere, something somewhere in the information worked for every unique individual that has taken part in not just the challenge but going forward from here. Thank you for a great 8 weeks, and here is to the rest of my healthy life!
Albert Nzeyimana Helps one to focus and be conscious of what they eat, to live a healthy lifestyle.
Tiana van Schalkwyk What helped me was the very easy and straigth-forward descriptions of the food and quantities per portions that are allowed. I like specifics and measurements like that, so that helped me wrap my head around the meal prep.
Renier van Schalkwyk I did it with my wife and some colleagues and some friends. The fact that we were all in it together made it a lot easier to commit. If you are running it solo, FB is there to offer you support and motivation. (If you however don’t do FB….) All the resources and vouchers makes sure that the challenge caters for a wide variety of people.

So it works because the focus is a sustained healthier lifestyle encouraged by positive peer pressure.

Paul van Jaarsveld The support that challengers get is insane. The challenge page is chock full of useful information, people to share experiences with and gain knowledge from. Sleeks are like a second family, they will be there when you fall, and cheer you on when you reach success
Riki Human I enjoy the help from the community, it feels like (a virtual) home
Paul Hinson I think you should make a cheaper fee for couples πŸ™‚
Wendy Hinson It helped me to focus and doing it with my hubby was awesome. There should maybe me a couples fee ? Ie R750 instead of R1000 if a couple join up ?
Claire Calvert There is accountability and motivation everywhere you turn
Janene Kleu Getting fit and losing the cm’s – lifestyle change in eating!!!
stacey liversage Its amazing the support from every body , the face book recipes shares and just knowing you are not alone, helps so much
Crystal De Freitas Because I paid money I was motivated.
Dylan Savage Best part was that it motivated me and gave me a reason to prove that i could be disciplined
Brigett Smith The most valuable part of the challenge was getting to know and understand my body and learning that you can live comfortably living a healthy lifestyle. Yes i craved things like chocolate and i did eat it because i felt i work hard and sweat everyday so i deserved it. Thank you guys so much for this life changing experiance!
Yolanda Nel Opened my eyes as to the amount of things I put into my mouth. Learned that I need a routine and propper planning! Also learned that I enjoy exercise.
Tracey Benson Sleek Geek provides you with the opportunity and tools to achieve your goals. No one is judged on how you look or how well you did over the 8 weeks. We are all here for the same reason and help is at hand all the time from liked minded people who have been through the trials and tribulations of weight loss. It helps to have a support group behind you and that is what Sleek Geek provides at no extra cost. The motivation from others, the success stories, the failures, the words of encouragement. The REAL FACTOR is what I like to call it. The fact that its real people dealing with real issues. We can all relate and automatically we are more at ease when dealing with our weight loss issues. We are comfortable in expressing ourselves and therefore we are more equipped to reach realistic and attainable goals together. This is what makes this concept a success. Far beyond any fitness product or health shake or diet pill.
Kajal Ramlal Mevalal For me it was the support that I got from the other challengers and from the SG team. Whenever i was feeling down and i need a boost these guys knew exactly what to say to make me feel better and to get back onto the right track. It is truly amazing. The newsletters and motivational pieces fron Elan were mind blowing and its as if he knew exactly when yoy needed a boost. Learning to eat healthy for me was such a good transformation in my life.
Tandi Mac Pherson It gives you everything you need to change your lifestyle; eating plans, exercise plans, motivation, support and a way to meet like minded people
Lauren Stainbank The support online is awesome
Candice Botha 1. Don’t wait till one day – start with one day (at a time.) Even if you screw up once or twice, keep going and the little steps will add up into big leaps. You don’t see progress because of one meal or one workout.

2. Even though it’s technically a competition, there are loads of people fighting the same battle alongside you – not against you. Help and support each other, and you’ll feel the help and support in return.

Katherine du Plooy The kinship of others on the same journey, The strength in numbers is a winner, The whole challenge of it all – to better yourself and to see improvements in yourself.
Claire Phillips I found the regular check ins valuable as they kept me on track. I also enjoyed having a group dedicated to the challenge, although I felt it should have been only available to paying challengers.
Candace Staub it has taught me to view food differently. I eat to live now and do not live to eat. I still have a long way to go but with the help and teachings of the Sleekgeek community i know I can reach my end goal because I now have the tools to do it.
samantha holdstock Its a great community to meet fellow people who also want to live a healthier lifestyle, its great to know I am not alone in the weight loss / lifestyle change department, and I also find the facebook page incredibly motivating and its amazing to hear from fellow challengers. You have a fantastic community of followers, and the ideas for group training, and dinners are also great. You will definitely be seeing me again in more of your challengers, this is just the start for me, and I’m very excited to start living my life, and to stop feeling lethargic and unhealthy. I want to be the best mom that I can be to my children, and I want to be able to run and play with them in the garden without feeling out of breathe, but most of all I want this for me, I want to feel better about myself and how others see me also. Thanks for a phenomenal 8 weeks!
Waldo Buchner Gives necessary motivation, and a good supportive community
Meghann Pampallis Support, incentive, real people
Anja de Villiers It’s great to be a part of a community!
CA Wilken The constant support from other Sleeks via Facebook, at the parkruns and monthly dinners. Just to know you are not alone, there are other people also fighting the constant battle to be healthy.
JJ de Villiers It’s great to be a part of a community!
Elizna Kemp Just knowing there are other people in the same boat as me.

Also, although I still want to lose weight and look good, it is not all about the weight anymore but FEELING great and healthy and I am sleeping so good for the first time in years.

Charmaine Venter Having a goal and the community
Aubrey de Meyer I got myself to exercise during the winter months. Every winter I would skip gym and wait for the summer months to arrive. But it makes training so much harder when you start. Now I am at 70% of my goals for summer. so when October comes, I can simply maintain my weight and physique. This was a real break through for me.
Adriana Prins Sleekgeek is about community and support.

We are all in it together!

The buddy challenge really makes a big difference in my mindset towards the challenge!

Jackie m Healthy lifestyle, take control of your life.
Shaun Matthews because the support that comes from the group, there is always someone there to help you along. There is ideas, recipes and support for everyone no matter what their plan is.
justine evans The motivation to see and speak to the real life people who have done it. Seeing what is possible and the support. Wow!!! The suppprt
Veronica Ferreira It “holds you accountable to yourself and something”, its a massive thing to take the before and after photos, and there is a lot of support available if you reach out for it.
Zunia Boucher-Myers I like a challenge and it was just long enough not to get boring. Also I like the community feed back and progress stories. They are great motivators.
Liezl Veiga To me, the most valuable part of this Sleekgeek challenge was the support network on Facebook. I joined the Winter Challenge Group, The Reboot Group and the SleekGirls Group. All three were an invaluable resource for information and support and to make you realise that you are not alone in this. Initially my husband called my Reboot the “Handbrake Diet” since we couldn’t just grab a sandwich anymore, but now he is converted as he indirectly lost 5kgs!!! More than me! ha ha Damn those male metabolisms….
Andy Nossel It helps to be a part of something, to have goals, to be accountable!! and the support on FB is brilliant!
Sophie Nel Sorry. This space is not big enough for me to comment, lol! But in a nutshell? The support from people, the positiveness, the dinners, meeting new people and all that. What it is for me is that this is a site by normal, “unairbrushed” people like me, who struggle everyday of their lives like me with all sorts of little and big problems. I just needed to learn that if I am feeling bleh, I can reach out and there is somebody there going through the same stuff! And you get to meet people that are going through and have been through all the crap you go through, so they talk from experience, not some vague scientific study. And all the peoples’ small and big victories make you believe that you can do it too! The support from the SleekGeek headoffice is awesome too! One thing I will always carry with me is the day that Elan walked the parkrun with us ‘Slowsleeks” in Jozi as promised, he wasn’t there upfront with the “Supersleeks” like one may expect. With that I mean that he practices what he preaches and keeps his promises, which one doesn’t find too often anymore. I have recommended Sleekgeeks wherever I go and because my results speak for themselves, other people follow easily! Keep going!!!!!
Richard Surr Surr The diet is great and works.

The community is also very helpful and allows you to have different meal plans all the time.

the motivational updates from sleek geekers are also very helpful

leigh penzhorn Facebook support groups and emails from Elan are amazing and inspiring
Angela Schurink Support was invaluable. As was the training programs and eating plans.
Suzanne Strydom I think we tend not to be disciplined enough without a proper challenge, motivation and inspiration. The challenge helps to apply yiur own self discipline and makes you realise yiur not the only one and how quickly time goes by. Initially 8 weeks seem very long, but it goes by in the blink of an eye. Your own performance gives the results though.
Avril Pieterse I think it works because u have to report on a regular basis and we have a large support group available 24/7.
Naomi de Jong The internet based support. I hate these “groupie” sessions like weigh-less. At least online there is support whenever you require it.
Samantha Surr Wow I think the groups are the most valuable part of this experience. Once again thanks so much for this, it really was great. I’m kind of sad its over for now. It was great to have a short term goal. It made it seem achievable.
Lindsay Combrink I think it works because, as I mentioned above, there is an amazing support system and you feel like you want to succeed to show yourself that you are capable of anything! The information provided and having people “there for you” 24/7 help to hold yourself accountable. Another motivating factor is to see how hard everyone else (be it in the main Sleekgeek Group, the Girls Group or in the Challenege) works, nothing like that to get you going!
Megan Klue Knowing that someone is checking up on you and that you have to submit your measurements and weight every second week inspired me not to give up or lose track. The emails received on a weekly basis from Sleekgeek also helped as it kept on reminding me to stay strong as well as endure until the end. 8 Weeks sounds long but once your mindset is in it, then your results will be great. The secret I think is to stay positive and not to put too much pressure on yourself and to enjoy every single moment of it. Positive mind = Positive Body = Rewarding outcome.
hayley stander Absolutely loved the challenge and would definitely recommend it to everyone I know. it was very challenging at times, but I managed to pull through and stick to my goals. I think it works as it helps when you are accountable for your actions and that you are keeping records for yourself too.
ANAT BROIDE the amazing support on all groups
Colleen Conradie The group support. That was awesome and also having a close buddy as well.
Alison Martinson The constant support and communication works so well. In addition seeing other peoples results on facebook or in newsletters keeps me motivated.
yaseen gamiet i think paying for something and being in an actual program helped with motivation. the content available was valuable to me. someone else may find other value however i was looking for specifics and may have overlooked many other value-adds.
Lerato Malebye Access to resources and the support.
Kobus Vorster The support of the coomunity and the friends that you make in very valueble.
Coralee Barnes I would definately recommend this, and have over the last 8 weeks, but one needs to be in the right head space, which I was, thankfully. I was ready to make the change and commit to it, as hard as it was at times to always be saying no to cake in the office or something else delicious. The best thing was realising this wasn’t a diet, it was a change in lifestyle. I’ve never been very good at diets, losing then putting back on again, but following the Paleo way, I never seemed to be hungry, and that was amazing to me. It also really helps to be organised and always plan your meals, this was very valuable to me, I have learned to pack a lunch in the morning in very little time. Don’t buy the junk so it tempts you. Keep it clean. It’s not rocket science, it works because you learn to cut the crap out of your diet and that your body actually functions so much better without it.
Barry Flynn Being apart of such a supporting and helpful community, the prizes also help.
Janelle van Onselen The before photos were really a wake up call, and everytime i thought about cheating those photos kept me going. Also, the facebook page and everyones stories is really motivating. There were also a few people at my gym taking part which kept us all motivated as we shared our stories, struggles and victories.
Ryan Cohen Simply knowing I was accountable to uploading my numbers and after photo’s was what got me motivated.
Talita van Greuning Most valuable part was meeting like-minded people.
Eilidh Venning Awareness of your lifestyle.
Elize Odendaal Seeing daily updates from fellow competitors is a great incentive to keep going. We all hit walls some days and don’t feel like continuing, but then you see that one success story, or someone you can commiserate with and all seems right with the world.

May I make one request if the team considers a Summer Challenge – the voucher for Reebok is AWESOME! However, could you investigate perhaps doing a running shoe in the future. SG is all about parkrun and would be great to be able to purchase a decent quality running shoe, without breaking the bank πŸ™‚

Michelle Haas The community and support.
Rifqah having set start times and check ins.

I think I have benefitted in some behaviour change around my eating habits. The challenge forced me to prepare and think about what I would eat for lunch as I needed to prepare it the day before. I hope I continue with the good habit

Jacques van der Westhuizen The inspiration from other members, that helps a lot.
Julia Wright support groups for motivation
Natasha Bell The check in’s helped a lot. knowing that you had to do check-ins and that you had to do your weight etc again made you keep to the goals set so that every time a check in was done that there was an improvement
Tony Quirk All the advise received, the weekly newsletter and the online facebook community all contribute hugely to the success of the challenge
Victoria Kruger I have encouraged many friends to take a look at this. The community aspect is great, so nice to have like minded people to talk to. I love seeing the progress people make its really encouraging seeing and being able to speak to someone direct via the fb forum. You feel part of something really special. I must say living in East London i often feel left out of all the cool stuff that happens around the country, so thankfully this doesnt exclude such areas πŸ™‚
Carl-Hartwig Dittmer The most valuable part for me was the community, being able to communicate with other doing the challenge and sharing in the experience. I had no exercise partner and so it was invaluable not feeling alone in my journey.
Derek McCarthy Support and resources are excellent.
Jeanine Engelbrecht I am astonished at how well the paleo diet works. When I first decided to try the reboot diet, I thought it was just another fad diet that would not provide much results. However, I decided to try it anyway since I wanted to see if I could go without alcohol for a month. The success stories from the communities just re-enforces that anyone can do it and provides a significant amount of motivation.
Karin Stuart The support of like minded people on the Facebook Pages

The support of people who has been there and had done it – or are in the process of doing it.

I love reading the success stories. They are very inspiring. Especially the individuals who started off as super obese, just like me.

Keon Viljoen All of it, reboot is fantastic. its a lifestyle that i will be sticking to. the training is great and most importantly is the support structure in place which makes it impossible to fail.
Jacqueline Bracher I think it works because of accountability. The fact that you have to check in with your measurement makes you accountable.

Also, I think that measuring itself helps and this is not something that everyone does on their own. After a few weeks you may not see a difference in how you look or weigh but when you measure you can see change. This is very motivating to continue because you can see IT’S WORKING!

Dorothy Jo the support
Cheneal Puljevic I’d say the facebook group. I find it so motivational. It’s so great to see the progress that others have made, and I’m able to tell myself “If she did it, I can do it too!” Also all the delicious recipes make you realise it’s easy to eat clean.
Ryan van Son Diet diet diet. I lost 8kgs prior to the challenge by just avoiding Carbs, Sugar and Booze – was almost too easy like cheating. C S B three consonants to live by.
Geoffrey Waters It gives you goals to work to. The fortnightly check ins are very motivating. There is a lot of resource for exercise programs and eating plans. Plus the prizes are a big draw card.
Carlo Wichman Because of the support of the community you are not alone in your struggles
Carlo Abrahams The most valuable item that Sleekgeek offers is the support group via facebook. The personal stories shared is motivational because it makes one realise that results are achievable.
Charlotte Metelerkamp The controlled diet is brilliant
Nuraan Isaacs The weekly emails motivated me, I enjoy the support group and how there is no judgement. Joining the 8 week challenge was the best thing for me, I am definitely doing the upcoming one.
Carol Tebbutt The support from the sleek geek community is amazing – reading everyone’s success stories really motivates one to continuously try and push. I also grew in myself as before when i used to see people in the streets and “judge” them, but now I realise that everyone has a journey – my journey started in October and will continue. I have a buddy who I continually talk to and who keeps me in check as I am really scared that I will lose my confidence again. I love this journey I am on, it has been a lot of self discovery. In the SG community – there are no negative comments, only positive – which feeds your soul and boosts your morale no end! I cant wait for it to become an official running club.

I also had a knee replacement exactly a year ago – on the 10 Dec 2013 – and I have grown so much and can do so much more – I was virtually a cripple for 3 years, so very grateful.

Carol Tebbutt The support from the sleek geek community is amazing – reading everyone’s success stories really motivates one to continuously try and push. I also grew in myself as before when i used to see people in the streets and “judge” them, but now I realise that everyone has a journey – my journey started in October and will continue. I have a buddy who I continually talk to and who keeps me in check as I am really scared that I will lose my confidence again. I love this journey I am on, it has been a lot of self discovery. In the SG community – there are no negative comments, only positive – which feeds your soul and boosts your morale no end! I cant wait for it to become an official running club.
Cara Morris It made me conscious of what I was putting into my body

The community aspect really helped in terms of support.that said I felt there was a lot of negativity as well,just in terms of how people spoke about their bodies and cheating :/

Lara Bulcraig The best thing was to learn more about food and to recognise my relationship with food. The community was definitely the best part of the experience.
Graham Pitout It works because you paid to enter a challenge and someone is checking up on you – you see your progress along the way and realize a few things along your journey!
Sharon Ries For me, it works because of the support and motivation and the eight week structure – just long enough … and the fortnightly check-ins helped me to stay on track with my goals.
Dave Rademan The support. This group is amazing.
Tasneem Dawood I can really say with absolute conviction after having done this that you should not be allowed to do this challenge without submitting a before photo… i did not see the value of this as the scale’s progress was not impressive… considering you’re always reading how much others have lost… its not untill i found a picture of myself a year ago that i atually seen the physical difference… i would also suggest… i’m not sure how to properly phrase this but once you loose the weight, you still feel you, so mentally, you still think you’re overweight… perhaps more sharing on how to overcome this. its the same as when you are thin and you pick up the extra kilo’s, you don’t realise you’ve become overweight, you continue to think you’re still thin
Zona Lord It offers an opportunity for a shift in mindset from fad diets to sustainable lifelong health with no gimmicks or magic but taking small steps everyday which in turn led to bigger goals being achieved.
Michael Burk I think it works because you have to pay the entry fee and i dont think anybody wants to waste money so they are willing to do the exercise and diet as they paid for the valuable advise of the Sleek Geek experts.
Ratisha Taliwanth It provides a goal, an incentive.
Karmen van der Westhuizen The support groups on facebook and the weekly emails helped me keep on track and were a reminder that I was doing the challenge
Ronel Cassiem the most valuable experience was doing this challenge with my family, it brought us closer together.

the fact that people around me could see the results of me eating healthy and exercising.

Simone Pretorius it gives motivationand the community is awesome
Irene Hitchcock
Adrienne Brown The support received from the rest of the community helps on the “hard days”. This is the first time for me in about 8 years that an eating / exercise program has worked and it really all comes down to making small lifestyle changes. I would not have been able to do this without the help of Sleekgeek.
Candace Sinclair The support.

You can join a hundred different places. I looked before I considered SG. To be honest, I couldn’t afford the majority of them, but I did look at their following and where they were based, what came with the programs and all, but no one could offer the same amount of genuine care, compassion and personal support that SG does.

You guys really proved to me, beyond a doubt that its not about the joining fee (which I will pay gladly now because of the cause its going to), but it was about the effect it had on my health – more than I can say about some of the hospitals and doctors I’ve been to!!!

SG For Life!

Estelle Conradie Because of the wonderful support system, you get days when you feel down and are not always happy with your progress but the sleek geek community learns you to get back up and try again, lots of support from everyone!
Clinton Sinclair Between my wife and I we have recommended it to probably every single person we know and we hope to get her whole family to join with us for the January challenge and maybe also some of my work colleagues.

What stood out for both of us was the genuine support purely out of the kindness of the SG leaders hearts – we can see that it has been because you really do care for each one of us and its not about the money or just getting the joining fee, slapping us with an eating and exercise plan and then leaving us to do our own thing,but instead we are assisted, personally if necessary and directly by you all because you wants us to succeed – that was an extremely important part for us. You made it personal.

Thank you for everything – we hope to be part of those real success stories purely for SG when we have reached our goals…

Lauren Van Niekerk It could mean the start of a whole new healthy life! That is after all what we all want isn’t it! Its the guidance the assistance, the ease of having having all the info you need in once place and then the motivation that comes along with it.

And there is constant encouragement! Which will help everyone that needs that little push!

Jaco Eloff The community and the positive re-reinforcements.
Lizna Boshoff-Jacobs The community on Facebook and the Sleekgeek dinners. Its so wonderful to be surrounded with real people who all want to help each other. Its also great that Elan and Dom is so approachable. I love this community!
Gerhard Jacobs The dedication to reach the end goal, to live a healthier life, it taught me to stick to a plan.
Natalie Swart For me, I found that because I had paid for it and had to do weigh-ins (and was accountable), I stuck to it a lot better than if I tried to do it by myself. Also great to be able to have access to the Facebook 8 week challenge group and see others progress, found it motivating and kept me going!
Catherine Futter Any food intolerances are eradicated – less inflammation and bloating. You feel so much better. Portion sizes are smaller and increased exercise will result in weight loss.
Brett Commaille It’s a massive exercise in Self discipline that you have to be ready for. The community helps in terms of seeing others go through it.
Jess Commaille The Sleek Community is positive and encouraging and inspiring. A lot of my inspiration was drawn from people that I observed and thought, “Well, if they can do it, surely I can do it!”
David Killops To know I am going to have to report my results makes me seriously committed. I became a geek but I hope some future Geeks were introduced to the benefits from my endeavors.
Stephan Bouwer the idea that I would have wasted R500 if I did not complete the challenge
Rusla Ravnsborg The community for moral support πŸ™‚
Marcelle van der Walt Selfmotivation is definitely the only way I was able to to this challenge
Eva Bauerrichter Makes you pay attention to what you eat. Think Many people are in denial about what they eat
Pierre-loire Pretorius the communication I would say is the best weapon
Tracy Keague The eating and exercise plans are available for those who wish to use them.

There is always so much support on the Facebook pages when one needs it. It’s great to have others on the same journey, to whom you can turn to for a quick question or advice.

For me, the most valuable part of my experience was the challenge and the financial commitment – these drive me to complete what I’ve set out to achieve. A few friends thought I was silly to pay for a programme when I didn’t have anything to lose, but for me I had something to gain and needed a push – something to force to me to stick to the programme (wouldn’t have wasted money by falling out of the 8-week programme), and I’m always up for a challenge! I think many other people on SleekGeek have the same opinion and I think it works for people like us – even though it’s a small financial investment, it’s something that makes us stick to it. Maybe next time I’ll do it for the competition and not just to challenge myself.

Chanelle Jones There is nothing like accountability to keep you on track. The fact that I had to check in made me push through. Seeing all the motivation on the facebook page also helps a lot and keeps you focused.
karrie Ruhrmund The support system
Jacqueline Harris I log onto the facebook pages everyday – reading about what others are doing is very motivational.

Especially the photos.

The before and after photos of myself are particularly motivating for me – a reality check and a progress report.

alicia smit At the end of the day it really is mind over matter. Your mind – set has to be right for this challenge. You have to be focused an determined to reach your own personal goals. I think that those before pictures that are taken are an awesome motivation (especially if you keep them in your sight) It is awesome that you are in touch with your own personal trainer via SG, your own dietician and inspiration man Elan!!
Larrinae Ballantyne It works because everyone who is apart of the SleekGeek community, whether they take part in the challenges or not, are all here for the same reason. The messages of encouragement and motivational images and quotes that are posted daily will touch somebody in some way. Its that little Elans devotion to this community is evident in his actions. I love that he is an active member, sharing his daily activities with us all. I must admit that I get envious of all the Sleeks in the Cape, you have so many more events available to you.
Candice Rodrigues I love the support of the community. I do wish that the open work out days were available in different areas as well, but I know that it is difficult to do that.

But I really do enjoy the support and encouragement everyone has for each other, and the resources are really awesome, I wish I did follow them. But with my head not completely there yet and still processing alot from the pregnancy, I found the little things I did worked for me. But the next challenge I am seriously going to push my limits and follow Kelly’s routines.

Chantell Engelsman The absolute respect and support from the community!
Etienne Du Bruyn Learning about the value of nutrition
Robert Hart The motivational aspects
Louise Pretorius Sleekgeek promotes healthy living and that is great and what people need to realise especially when it comes to weightloss. No fad diet or supplement will give you lasting results, but a change in mind and lifestyle as sleekgeek promotes is the absolute best. I love this because it improves you health and wellbeing in more than just a physical way.
stephan schreuder Proving to myself that I don’t have to eat bread at every meal was a major win. I now know I can do it, which makes a carb-free / minimum carb intake lifestyle easier to follow.
amor schreuder Creating a new lifestyle is more valuable a gift than anything I can think of. It works because I am not afraid of eating than sandwich over the festive season, as I know that will not be the norm, and I can exercise to remedy any damage I may do.
Anita Abrahams The motivation and support from others in the Facebook group.

Free training at Crossfit, I think this is a big one for me. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Other perks like discounts on Reebok etc..

candice Terblanche Getting onto the path to healthy eating and a healthy life. IT works cause of the endless support
David Terblanche Motivation to become healthier.
Reinier Engelbrecht For me the motivation of other Sleek’s, their success stories, everyone at SGHQ for being who they are and helping all the time.
Brenda Hopewell Being part of a supportive community, getting regular news articles and being committed to a plan.
Belinda Benade This is really a life changing experience and will most certainly do the Jan 2015 challenge!!!!! we will never go back thanks Elan and troops!!!
Hans Benade The support and tips is fantastic. We changed our way of life and would not look back for 1 second. What a wonderful experience and already waiting for next year but will continue due the festive season at 60%
Riaan Ehlers The actually submit a payment for the challenge is something that felt more like a commitment to me and for this reason i was more motivated from the start.
Robyn Mileham The community..

Because of the people it is motivating. It also makes a huge difference when you are held accountable by others, because I know I am one to sabotage myself, having the community helped a lot.

Yolandi Scheepers I love the “one stop shop” effect. Everything gets given to you, all you need to do is apply yourself.
Izelle Clasquin The greatest part was definitely the support group and being able to communicate with other people fighting the same battle. The most valuable part is definitely seeing small changes (like starting to recognize yourself in the mirror again) and the “feeling”. Not only the proud feeling you get from reaching every small goal but the feeling of “health”. I could literally “feel” my body get rid of toxins and all the bad stuff inside. Making the right choices and saying no to temptations (and therefore the less healthy things) became second nature within only 8 weeks and all just to keep that high of “feeling healthier”. To me it feels “CLEAN”!! The challenge works because you are able to do what works for you and do not have to follow some specific type of hype diet. It is flexible but keeps you accountable with the check-ins and also the support group and it provides you with more than enough resources if you have no idea where to start. Sleekgeek makes you change your lifestyle and does not expect you to do it in a impossible amount of time. It helps to change the psychology that caused the problem in the first place and doesn`t just try to treat the symptoms. It is a marathon and not a race to a healthier place! Wow think I just got the words to sum up sleekgeek. Going to reply on that e-mail I got ASAP!! Thank you very much. This is only the beginning and it already started to rub off on my 4 year old daughter!!
Elmien Saayman I will say even if I didn’t follow your eating plans and exercise programs that you send to the people when you sign up for the challenge, I will say it works, because what works is your news letter that you send once in a while to the people trough out the whole challenge. To keep the people motivated and to stay or think with the right mindset.
Louis van der Berg The “vibe” in the group on Facebook is EXCELLENT!!
waldi strydom The email every week, keeps you going. Also there is a time frame to it and prices.
Karen Eksteen The Reebok vouchers. Because of the user unfriendly website, I only visited it at the beginning of the challenge and at the end. It is like trying to shop in a ChinaTown. All the stuff are fit on to one of 2 heaps.

The Facebook page is very inspiring.

Wilmie Naude I can feel for the first time that I’ve entered a mind change , I’m more committed to my eating plan than before – Before I would have dropped out if I have cheated by this time Ive just continued with my diet the next day as normal
Renier Oosthuizen being healthy and getting so many positive comments from friends
Jessica Fendick Understanding your relationship with your body and the food and exercise you do. if you treat your body well and respect it by making healthy decisions it will be good to you!
Shahieda Ohlson The constant communique was really appreciated.
Annari Wessels
Angela Clark It worked for me because I invested in it, I wanted the prize, I was accountable, I had a partner I didn’t want to let down, I belonged to a community that supported me every step of the way (blew my mind how kind everyone was!!) – I’d actually do it again.. might see you in the New Year challenge again!! πŸ™‚
Cornelia Veldman Being accountable. I could never complete a challenge up to this one.
Sarah Webb I was very honoured to be gifted my challenge entry. In the very near future I would love to pay it forward to someone else as I believe it is a small investment that reaps lifelong rewards. Not only this I have begun to make some awesome friends in the community and now regularly meet with them offline. Knowing that there are people helping along the way makes the biggest difference. SleekGeek4life!!
Derek McCarthy the support groupls, the info on nutrition and training
Penny van Vreden learning control!!! Having the support of others
Daleen Dimitriu Dimitriu The bi-weekly check-in’s are great – motivation kicks in when you see results in a short space of time. The before and after photos are incredible when you see big changes in results of others who enter. This really pushes you to grow and achieve what you signed up for.
Catherine-Anne McCarthy My mindset has changed towards food and how to take care of my body in a positive way!
Martin Meltz Doing it with a buddy made a huge difference. I would not have done it on my own.
Jeanine Engelbrecht I did recommend sleekgeek to a friend and he lost 28 Kg so far. He has not entered a challenge but is doing really well.
Charlene Meltz The regular check ins. They kept me accountable and focused.
Emma Dawson I love that the challenge doesn’t feel like a money-making racket, but rather a group of people who genuinely want to share their success and encourage others to achieve the same. It’s heart warming to know you’re not alone, and the group is amazing for advice, support, recipes, suggestions and just a feeling of knowing there are many of us taking the steps to healthier living together.
Lynette Thembisile Zungu the challenge facebook page, exercise and eating plans
Lohandi Janse van Rensburg Its not a diet or a quick fix. Its a lifestyle change which makes it more sustainable. Its an amazing community of people who have similar goals and face similar challenges who can all help and support each other.
Melissa Tromp Yes, it works!! My friends cant believe my transformation and my colleagues keep asking me what the secret to my success is.
Elize Odendaal I believe the challenge is a good incentive to stick to plans. I also believe the constant updates from the challenge and sg groups are a great inspiration.
Helen Brynard-Blom getting me going to continue to keep healthy
Kirsty Knott I think it works well through the Communities support
Hannes Foulds Motivation with a clear end goal to keep you on track.
Sherilee Smith The emphasis on it not being a diet and being a lifestyle change that you can accomplish over time worked for me. I like how all the things you need to know are easily available to you and there is something for everyone here, its for losing weight, gaining definition, building muscle, everything. I also find the facebook group serves a very important purpose. Even though I barely posted on it, it served as a reminder to me every day that I am working towards something.
Carey-Anne Foulds I think the competition gave me added focus, everyone was always asking me how it was going so I felt committed.

also my hubby took part and he did so well ,that also helped to motivate me because we are in the buddy challenge and I didnt want to let him down

overall I really enjoyed the challenge and am looking forward to the next one πŸ™‚

Mika Stuttaford The community support is fantastic. Motivation and inspiration is ample, it’s really great to see everyone’s progress and share experiences and ultimately to start feeling better about oneself, there’s an immense sense of pride in that.
Riaan Willemse The support
Brian Habbick The newsletters and the support groups. Seeing everyone’s changes.
Amore Coetzee The support groups on Facebook etc.
Rohin Gosling 1. The reward. R10k is a fairly effective motivating force.

2. Knowing that a period of time as short as 8 weeks is actually enough time to make drastic changes to ones body.

3. The fact that you run the competition twice a year.

4. Although I didn’t need the training and eating programs offered by Sleek Geek my self, I’ve noticed that almost every one I’ve told about the challenge so far has expressed an interest in the training and eating programs available through the Sleek Geek website. So, based on the feedback I’ve received, I’d say the programs and information you offer through the website, are adding great value to people who want to start the challenge.

Michelle Austin The support of the community – whenever I felt low, I spent some time browsing Facebook and my attitude was quickly turned around.
Elmarie Smit The exercise programs. It gave me a base to work from. More direction in what to do. FB page. Inspiration and reading about other’s journeys. It makes your own struggle seems small
Susan Buitendag I have learnt what my body can tolerate in a dietary manner as well as self discipline.
Cheryl Hart I loved:

– that we were provided with 12 eating plans and 3 training programs;

– that there were training experts on the FB site;

– that we were supposed to be competing;

– that so many challengers encouraged each other and shared tips to make eating clean easier.

Jenna Lange Community support and motivation from the Facebook group.

Competitiveness is also a big thing for me.

Allison Ramsay For me it worked because I’m part of this bigger group with the same goal. I really enjoyed the sense of community it gave me. The fact that I spent the money made me stick to it so for that reason I believe it was money well spent.
Justin Roux The facebook groups without a doubt. Keeps one focused
Angela Mayerhofer I think it works so well for so many people because a community has been created. It is a place where everyone has a common goal, and everyone is open to sharing their experiences, successes and failures. The image of Sleekgeek is also one of a healthy lifestyle, and I think that appeals to a wide range of people.
Lindsay (Wooten) Hodson I think the best part is being accountable and having to check-in regularly. Also, I really like that the focus in the first few weeks is on making positive changes and not only results. I think this is vital to instilling a mind set for lifelong changes and not just a ‘in-it-to-win-it’ mentality. The community support is like no other as well. People seem genuinely supportive and that goes a long way on the days when you need a little extra push.
Lizahn Hamman I think the fact that I knew I was part of something bigger and that there are sooo many others that are going through the same as me! It was scary that I knew someone else was going to look at my before pictures and really wanted to empress with the last pictures.

It was a huge eye opener when I saw my before photo’s. I knew I was over weight but gosh I didnt know I was that FAT! They gave me nightmares! I was more determand than ever to lose weight.

THANK YOU SLEEKGEEK i will not give up now.

stay posted!


verne messaris The diet plan and the motivation from the group keeps you going forward
Pieter Hamman Support of the sleekgeek groups to keep you motivated
Riaan Willemse Everyone is your support
Hildi Coetzee If you are like me who need to have “something” to be accountable towards, then this is it. It worked for me in the sense that I can ignore a buddy’s advice, but at the end of the day I see the measurements I submit….
DIANA REY changing my lifestyle and haven such an awesome supporting group on fbk
Kajal Mevalal Loosing all this weight and starting to feel great. My self confidence has returned and i just love the cpmliments that i get from people who notice the change in me.
Sarah Hill It works as it 1) is simple (reboot + exercise) 2) provides support in Facebook groups etc 3) gets everyone together (crossfit classes, dinners etc) and 4) Elans commitment, involvement and taking part with other Sleeks.
kim pinto the eating. i feel much better without the carbs I dont feel bloated and tired. so yes the eating has been awesome.
Alexa Kirkhoff That the support shown in this group fo the challenge is out standin,
Chantelle Smith The support from the sleekgeek community
Marlize Adonis Its makes you accountable for the promise you make to yourself when entering that what your goals are at the end, you end up learning more of yourself regarding eating habits
Hanlie van Niekerk The positive change when eating clean (avoiding sugers).

Not feeling bloated (tummy) and drained (weak/tired body & pains).

Orly Shapiro The Sleek Geek Girls FB page is really beneficial (when it is fitness and health related)

Elan’s newsletters are also engaging and motivating.

Vickie Whitehead For me the SG 8 week challenges keep me on track. It’s about accountability. Once I commit I need to prove that I have made a concerted effort. I like to put my journey out in the public domain because it means I have something to prove to myself and everyone else.

I find these days the challenges go very fast and I really enjoy the moral of all the challengers these days.

Alexandra Marostica-de Villiers Improve my fitness level was my biggest win – a huge confidence and energy booster for me, which resulted in positive impacts in other areas of my life.
Nerike Engelbrecht The mind shift we experience! The weekly newsletters are great! As well as the Facebook page!
Veronica Ferreira The buddy system and support you can get, as well as the focus a challenge provides.
Hannes Botes All 8 weeks!!!
Ansie van Niekerk Motivation through reading the stories of other sleek geeks.

Surrounding myself with people with similar goals worked.

Mpumi Khoza The group on Facebook
Vannessa Meiring The support from the other Sleeks
Mac Anamourlis Positive support and encouragement

The competitive element also helps

Alison Martinson The facebook and whatsapp support groups.
Cila De Caprio The challenge keeps you accountable – and even more so if you have a buddy. The online support for the challenge and Sleeking in general is amazing. It is nice to be a part of a community and it takes away that feeling of going it alone. It adds fun to the process.
Angela Schurink It caters to all tastes, fitness levels and weight groups. You are not advocating one lifestyle. The vouchers are an added bonus
Angie Kritzinger Being on the challenge was a motivating factor for me to get and stay on track. By the end of the challenge, it had become a lifestyle and I have changed so much in my life as a result.
Maria Smith the programme is easy and the constant support and motivation on the social media sites are amazing. It is easier once you know there are people that are in the same position as yourself.
Carin Scholtz The support and inspiration from the fb sleekgeek community.
Dirk Griesel It tapped into my love for exercise and was the push I needed to get back into old (and very good) habits.
Stacey Smeyatsky THe amazing support system and differend options for people to choose. You dont need “experience” to be able to complete the challenge and understand the different options.
Marissa Griesel The online community, no doubt! I loved the competitive but inclusive vibe and all the advise there.
Nisha Ebrahim Knowing I need to check in and submit pics
Barbara van der Walt The support group made a massive difference, I felt motivated.

Although I am not where I need to be cm wise I am tanned because I am motivated and feeling much better about my self enough so to walk in a bikini… thus the tan πŸ™‚

SleekGeek has provided me with the tools to better myself and my life and I will keep going.

Thank you

Ayesha Tassiem The constant motivation and all the info available like eating plans and home exercise. I could have and should have done more to make use of the vault.
Jacqueline Cloete The motivation comes from the comments from the community. People being honest, sharing their experiences and resources. This is VERY motivating and interactive for me/
Kirsty Heyns The support and all the wonderful people that are involved!
Jessica Lister Although I am feeling rather frustrated, this has helped me to make the jump into a healthier lifestyle, and to encourage my boyfriend and family to do the same. We are eating better than we have in years, and with this push, I am finally getting into exercise again, which has been a challenge for me. So I may not have lost a ton of weight, but I am learning how to live a better lifestyle.
Marike Du Plessis I think I learned loads about myself during the challenge. I also think maybe I put too much pressure on myself during the challenge. If I feel that I’m not “allowed” something, it’s all I crave all day, all night. So, I repeatedly reminded myself that I’m not “allowed” many things for 8 weeks …and I think it kind of backfired a little. I’ve never cheated so much on an eating plan as I did these 8 weeks. All in my head! Furthermore, I do think this challenge is brilliant. I’ve met so many wonderful people (over social media) and got a buddy, which will be a buddy forever. Will recommend the challenge to anyone as you learn loads about yourself in the process.
Salomie Pieterse The nice support from FB page. It was always worth it to post a question and gets load of feedback from everyone……some good….some bad. In the end they are one hell of a support group.

The nice vouchers and specials available.

Hubre De Klerk It is an amazing community and without it I would never have gotten as far as I am now.

I have recommended sleekgeek to maybe 20 people in the past few weeks and I have only gotten great feedback.

I think it works, because you can express yourself and tell your struggles and you know there is someone who also has the same struggles and there is always someone to help with advise or to get you back on track.

The before and after photos also makes a huge difference and they really motivate people.

Justine Birch I think it works because there is so much motivation that it is quite impossible to give up, when there are so many people who has the same or similar goals as you. It is amazing.
Nicholas Kramer The diet plans, workout guides and finally, the community!
Jess Kramer The community, the prize incentives, and the continuous encouragement.
Astrid Trimmel i think because you somehow not just accountable to yourself but the fact that you have to send results in every 2 weeks and you want to see the scale more is a big motivator. the before pics knowing that you dont wanna go back there. the money is another but then you see how much weight other people are losing and you know you not going to win but then you remind yourself that you are winning a new lifestyle and getting fit. Don’t think i ever stayed with an exercise program for so long. my hubby saw it working and he is exercising at home too! it makes you do things u never though were possible. i mean i can sort of do push ups!
Bernadette Beckley I think SG is for a very specific individual… personally I found it a bit too rigid for me. Perhaps my mistake was joing the FB groups. I think if I wasn’t exposed to that and just downloaded and followed an eating/exercise plan, perhaps things would have been different. But I found the “group think” mentality a little off-putting – although everyone says they don’t “judge”, I found some of the conversations very judgemental. Unless you are eating 100% CLEAN i.e. no sugar, fat, carbs, MSG, preservatives etc etc etc etc…. you are frowned up. I think the turning point for me was the whole “hospital food” moaning session. With so many people starving out there I just found that whole conversation “hard to swallow” (no pun intended haha!!). While I did like seeing transformation pics (once), seeing the same people’s pics every Monday (muscle monday), Tuesday (transformation Tues) etc…. just got a bit much and clogged up my news feed. I preferred seeing people who were still on their journey… who were not at goal but were getting there, slowly but surely. Seeing someone parade their pics day after day with their various hair colours… just got boring and was clearly an exercise in fishing for compliments.

So, while SG clearly has worked for some… it just hasn’t turned out to be the best vehicle for me. But that’s ok.

Yolanda Bosman It is a good support group and the 2 week update is a good building block to keep you accountable and assist you make the start in changing your lifestyle. This is just the beginning, but the process can be very daunting if you have to face it alone. I find the motivations and letters very helpful as well as the approach to do it the healthy way. I have heard and seen some people making use of all kinds of diet pills and quick fixes and what it has done to their health. The Sleekgeek way is a permanent lifestyle. I can see myself doing it and implementing it in out house as I have 2 teenage children.
Michael-James Steyn The most valuable part of SG is the community support on Facebook. With out that I don’t think I could have stuck to my healthy ways. Its the support from others that can push you through anything.
Trys Puren Firstly the commit to myself

Then the commitment to my buddy

Information readily available

Support readily available

Freedom to choose my own eating and exercise plan from various available via SG.

Motivation through newsletters and testimonies.

Nicky Channell Motivation to win the money initially and then you start seeing the changes and that becomes your motivation.
Sarah Bey-Leveld I loved the fact that the Sleekgeek community does not believe in quick fixes. Emphasis is placed soley on eating correctly and exercising hard. This is so refreshing compared to the world that we live in where people are constantly looking for unhealthy quick fixes. The Sleekgeek community is absolutely wonderful. There is so much encouragement that it makes it a lot easier to stick to your eating and exercise plan. If ever you are feeling de-motivated you only had to turn to the Sleekgeek community.
Kia Verster The constant reenforcement from the community is important. It really helped motivate me and keep me focused.
LΓ©andri Van Der Westhuizen It is motivational to do it in a group. To know there are other people working just as hard as you. Prizes also help. Your natural competitiveness comes out. Obviously we all want to win.

I also enjoyed the 2 weekly letter from Elan. It just helped me to keep on track.

Samantha Bisset The constant support and information provided!! Being in Malawi, I loved the Reebok Vouchers – that was the only “extra” that I could use! I need to be held accountable and I appreciated the constant support provided in all facets of the Challenge! Even when the discussions got heated on FB… HaHA I just moved along and remained positive!

Thank you – that is all I can say… THANK YOU!!

Merlize Jogiat The best part is that there is always someone to talk to.

YOur questions are always answered and I now know more than I ever have with regard to

changing my lifestyle.

Kate Barnes Signing up, but also having friends who’ve done it and are doing it with me. Paying some money helps to make it a real commitment and the constant mails are good reminders too.
Sarah Bonga Sense of fellowship and community amongst the challengers!! Feel like you are apart of something successful. Very chuffed with my whole sleek geek experience
Brent Blake I think it was the motivation to hit my goals.

Knowing that I set goals and can see the measure the progress online was great

So why did it work….. because it’s an easily accessible motivation tool, that your friends can be part of

Keri Petrie The support structure is the most important.

Many people know what they need to do to lose weight (and for those who don’t at least there are plans provided. I think it’s getting the mind set right and also knowing you have others out there who are in the same boat and others who have been there and done that and can give some advice. I think the community feel is a major thing with Sleekgeeks! It’s all about feeling part of a team and that you are not alone.

Dino van Emmenis This was a whole lot of fun and showed me that I can get to a goal if I put my head and heart to it.

I’ve been way more aware of what I put in my mouth now as well, healthy clean eating is so important and helps a lot if you want to look great.

Andre Louw Lots of support and very realistic and simple, no quick fixes, eat clean and train dirty, no short cuts
Michelle Duwe
Simon Henderson The fact that you need to commit to the challenge, once paying for it. The support platform is also helpful.
Aviva Peltz The facebook groups& motivations. The check-ins are also a great way to set small, achievable goals.
Carol Van Eeden Community and support
Claire de Waal The motivation from Elan and people of Facebook
Jacqueline du Plessis The competition for me.

I just needed that added “push.”

Shaun Mackrill My fiancΓ© competed in the Summer Body Challenger last year. She placed 2nd in her division. It was so motivating and inspiring. That’s what inspired me to enter. I initially entered the Comeback Kid Challenge at the beginning of this year, however I hurt my back quite badly within the first week of the competition which resulted in me pulling out. I was devastated. I couldn’t train for months. Winter came along and I was back in the gym, however my eating was atrocious. I had fallen into old bad eating habits and no matter how hard I trained, I couldn’t get any results. My fiancΓ© encouraged me to enter the Summer Body Challenge this year and I wasn’t sure that I would take it seriously and actually get results. I eventually realised that this was my last shot before summer and I dived in head first. Got my diet in check, visited my dietician and trained my ass off. Here I am 8 weeks later, and I am super proud of how far I have come. I’m not finished though. This is a lifestyle for me now. I want to continue to push and reach new goals. I am so grateful for Sleek Geek, because if it weren’t for these competitions, I don’t know that I would have been motivated enough to start this journey on my own. Its very inspiring to follow other peoples journeys and of course motivating too. Every now and again when I would have a weak moment, I’d look at past winners before and after pics. That was more than enough to keep me going πŸ™‚ I think Sleek Geek is such a fantastic comcept with a great community. People are coming together offering advice and words of encouragement on how to better their lives for the better. You guys are helping people change their perspective on dieting and exercising and most importantly changing lives. For the first time I am excited about summer and more than anything I’m looking forward to marrying my future wife looking and feeling great and healthy.
Mark Campbell To know that there are many people that experience the exact same problems, emotions, experiences and challenges that I have. To know that these same people have overcome these obstacles. To know that I can now be one of those to motivate others.
Jeanne le Roux Check-ins! They help ton ensure that you (kind of) stay on track!
Romi Louw I feel that it work for me because it was a commitment I made not just to myself but also to a group of other people. The regular check-ins encouraged me to carry on even if my progress was small. I was so grateful for the eating plans provided because I didn’t feel like i was just following a diet and after reading through the eating plan I understood it and could make my own choice.
Katya Panagides The most valuable part of the experience was the support from the online community on Facebook as well as the bi-monthly checkins which keep us accountable.

This was the ultimate kickstart for me and paying R500 is also a motivator not to waste your time.

The timeframe is also reasonable because one does not get bored and can safely go all out for the 8 weeks.

Nicola Nelson Makes you feel like you have to be accountable, you have these horrid first photos and there’s noway you want them to look the same at the end especially knowing you going to be judged at the end makes you want to do your best

the Cross fit to me was a stand out experience

Daniel Tomlinson Semi, would love to try it again…
Michael van Wyk The fact that you have to submit your progress. Ha Ha!
Gerlinde Wilreker The change in lifestyle is the most valuable part of the experience.

It works because of the support group and because having paid it makes you feel more accountable and less likey to “cheat”

Wynand Janse van Rensburg Online Community and its almost Free (minimal charges, I like that). Good Support throughout the challenge.
Lynne-Mari Tomlinson It worked for me because I really believed that I can win. And the Facebook Groups helped me a lot!! The motivation you get from there.
Ed Young It is a great motivator to get you back on track with training etc
Maritza Landsberg Although you doing it by yourself you are not alone – there so much support!!!
Desre Brits By paying in the registration fee, it helped me to stay focused with the eating plan until it became a habit. The team also encourages one all the way
jarrod moore Accountability, competition and incentive, kick-start to greater success and a good place to get into a good routine or habit.
Michelle Haas The support from the community is amazing.
Alice Johnson The motivation and the community support.
Coralee Barnes I managed to convince my sister and my sister-in-law to do this challenge with me because I found the first one I did so beneficial. The advice and support amongst the group is so wonderful and really gets you through if you’re having a bad day. I think everyone should do more than one challenge as well, the first one really sets up good habits and the second one helps to entrench them for the rest of your life.
Stacey du Plessis Honestly the social media was great, and the fact that the team was able to answer everyones questions was a great help. I didn’t often need to ask questions as someone had already done so and got the answer.
Shaun Matthews They can see the results, already got one person in the office to sign up for the challenge, just cause they are seeing the difference. Why it works is there is no quick fix, no gimmicks, no wonder formula, just good old fashioned advise and support. Eat clean and Train dirty !!!!
LYNN MOODLEY I think the extras (eg.discounts, weekly motivation and facebook community really adds great value to the programme). We usually tend to stick to something when there is a cost involved and with other challengers sharing their journey, you are motivated to see it through.
kyle steyn Family


Always have to check in for goals

Past results as a motivation

Sg staff always there to help so efficient

Jacqueline Fortuin Lifestyle change
Tony Quirk The continued support of the Sleekgeek community on facebook as well as the weekly newsletters and comments from Sleekgeek HQ
VERON VAN DYK When I first started with sleekgeek, I completely fell off the wagon. Being a student and being crazy overweight, is unacceptable in society. I just decided that there had to be a way! A friend recommended SleekGeek, I had a look at it and started the REBOOT straight away! I completed the reboot twice and then entered the challenge, today, I am almost at my goal weight, feeling great and best of all, I can now look at myself in the mirror!

The whole sleekgeek community has provided me with a place I can read about success and improvement.

At some point in every persons’ life they will need SleekGeek!

I know I did!

Rudi Martin Being in a challenge motivates you to push yourself even further.
Taryn Gordon-Finlayson
Lisa Smuts
Albert Nzeyimana It keeps you focused.
Aniqah von Waltsleben The most valuable part was taking those nightmare inducing before photo’s. Seeing myself like that put things into perspective and motivated me throughout the challenge. Everyone felt a bit raw after those photo’s and I don’t know if I would’ve pushed and stuck to it if I didn’t have evidence of how disgusting i looked on my computer. The Sleekgeek team + all the members are also friggin awesome and really help to motivate. I just love this community. Everyone rocks and they were all valuable to this forever changing experience.

Thank you for giving me all the tools i need to be the best version of myself I can be.

Petronella (Marnel) van Zyl The motivation.

I am very competitive.

The sleekgeek community is so so so supportive.

There is so much “real” stories… “real” people and “real” experience”. People are active and there. Its not like contacting out of space.

The prices are cool. The entry fee is cool.

I saw results instantly and people noticed it. I am so much more confident and stronger because of this experience. I am an addict!!! πŸ™‚

Graeme Henderson Life changing experience. The prizes is a motivation in the beginning, but as soon as you see results you get addicted and then the prizes is just a bonus.
Denise Roos It’s short and online, lots of motivational feedback and you can include it into your lifestyle.
Charlene Meltz Kept me focused, especially as I had to give feedback every two weeks. also having a buddy you are accountable to really helps.
Themba Rikhotso just to compete with unknown people it’s inspration
Kea Barnes The bi-weekly check-ins provided some much needed motivation to get things started. It put a time limit on things, regardless of the prizes.
Saskia Mannheim The Accountability part of it, knowing you had another weigh in. In kept me focused and on track.
Claire Volker It held me accountable with the check-in and weigh ins. Even though I know I could have done better I’m still proud of myself for doing what I thought I’d put off for another few years!
Dominique Gray It works because of the support. The safe place of no judgement.

When you fall you have an entire community to help you up

Chantelle Holthuis The encouragement to make changes to my life that made me happier, healthier and more fulfilled.
Clare Appleyard It’s exceptionally useful being able to do the challenge with a partner so that you can hold each other accountable and keep each other on track. Also great being forced to check in with measurements so you can see what progress you are making.

And, the fact that there is an entry fee and possible prize keeps the competitive people like me motivated πŸ™‚

Anel du Preez Oh the mealplans are great. There are so many options available on the market that this one is clear and very adaptable. I LOVED the mealplans and the total freedom it gives you to play around with it. Things that I considered a β€œcheat” in the past, I could work into the mealplan with just a slight adjustment. WOW.
Lexi Monzeglio the group support helped me a lot.
Robyn Taylor The check-ins kept me on track and knowing I had to submit results at stages and at the end.
Jo-Anne Rooschuz As mentioned in a previous email Sleek Geek gave me a goal to get back into the gym and to eat clean! I have found a new zest for life. Coming from having suffered major depression and anxiety in June where I was hospitalized, to feeling a new love for life and I have finally found JO!!! Thank you guys for this awesome experience!
Jonathan Augustyn The community support and appreciation.

Everyone is a friend.

Jason Peters Because it’s South African based and not some online american weight loss system

Constant motivational tweets and emails

Shaun Balliah I believe the support structure on the facebook page helped significantly as I would see posts of people who changed their lives and they were so proud to share their experiences. It also showed me that change does not happen overnight as i have seen members who have been living the healthy lifestyle and they have changed over a longer period of time.
Graham Pitout It works because of all the support from the various social media groups, everyone encourages everyone else. There are no losers, everyone is winning.

And these Reebok tekkies is LAKKA BOET! Definitely one of the most valuable outcomes from joining the challenge πŸ™‚

My colleagues have noticed the change in eating patterns and weight loss and I’m hoping I have inspired them in some way or another πŸ™‚

Caity Shearer I would say the best part was the constant postive emails and the fact that you knew you werent doing it alone but at the same time it was entirely up to you as to what you made of this challenge, you were your own boss and could do as you will, which makes you realise its up to you to make the change and no someone us constantly telling you whats right and wrong. Found out what works for me and what doesn’t. This is just the beginning would like to loose another 7 kgs.
Lisa Morris It gives you a specific goal to achieve. Being that it’s in a fantastic support group dynamic – you are more likely to stick to it. Teaches you a lot of things.
Tyran Tesmer The most valuable part would be the Personal/Self Investment one makes when entering such a challenge. And its then up to the individual, backed with your online support, knowledge articles, motivational messages and the great incentive for having done the best overall, to push for the greatest possible return on their investment, that being an improved physique, fitness, level of health and sense of well being.
Tamsyn Strydom I proved to myself that it can be done. It’s long term sustainable, and not another fad diet or quick fix pill. All the real people posting progress pics put you at ease and make you feel that you are not alone in this.
Kelly Harding It’s made being healthy a highly enjoyable, rewarding experience. I feel like I’m being the best me I can be!
Cassandra Santos I think it works because ITS REAL. REAL food, REAL training, REAL results. Its not a yo-yo diet. There is NO doubt that its a lifestyle change. If people EVER go back to the way they used to eat (carbs for breakfast lunch and supper) they have done the program and themselves an injustice. There are SO MANY avenues/opportunities to educate yourself in what your body needs and how it works. No-one can MAKE you lose weight except for yourself. If you want it badly enough, you’ll say no to that drink and yes to that early morning cardio sesh. With the facebook group support, you NEVER feel alone. The check-ins give you real-time goals as opposed to goals in the distance that you forget about. It really is all abut a sense of belonging. That YOU matter to someone.
Christine Olivier The support that you get from the Sleek girl group on FB
Elton Olivier Motivation to loose weight with a partner, challenge them all the way, and motivate each other to reach the goal set out
Kyle Knight It works because it is an interactive community experience that sucks you in to achieve a goal that you otherwise would give up on. I really enjoyed doing this challenge and will definitely continue down this path to healthiness.
Alex Rock It was the knowledge that i needed to get a return on investment from this challenge and that it was money wall spent.
Maureen Grobler The most valuable part of your challenge was that I completed it. To start something and complete it to the finish gives me a tremendous sense of achievement. Yes – I could have done better… but that is ok, I did it πŸ™‚
Cameron North I think the support one gets from the community is key to the success of so many people in the Sleek Geek community, the addition of the Paleo way of life ( The diet and exercise) is a combination that I believe will work for anyone.
Sunika Nattrass It kept the motivation going.
Adriana Prins It’s a very very postive enviroment.

There’s always someone to give a shout of GO GO or you can do it !

It’s a place where you meet new people and become friends and enjoy wonderful active things together and help each other go further than befor!

Tania Bosman I think you have to make the commitment in order for the programme to work. You as a person need to believe you can do it. The eating programme and exercise programme are extra bonus’. THe weekly news letters are fantastic and the support from FB is amazing. Its one big happy community of people just trying to support each other and that’s what makes the difference. Knowing you have the support of other men and ladies out there. The progress stories are so inspirational and they really help you to believe that you can achieve your goals.
Wendy Louw The support and motivation. It might have been a challenge but we did not compete. The camaradie was amazing, the advice, everything. This is really an amazing community.

It works cause the longterm goal for all are the same. Similar minded peopel

Carryn Bateman EATING RIGHT. Sometimes you just need something to get you going, something to follow.

I am a bad self motivator when it comes to food and I needed the plan to follow. When I got comfortable, I would then play around with foods and it has been great!

My life is forever changed with this plan. Friends have noticed the transformation and I am thrilled!

Lee Balsdon The support from the Facebook group!!

The well structured eating plan. Realistic, easy and effective

Jaya van den Berg i did not take full advantage of the community, but found my motivation in the entry fee, and the fact that i really wanted to prove something to myself.
CEDRIC NORTH I started Sleek Geek as a challenge to myself. I had never weighed 100kg before and decided to do something about it. I doubted that I would lose 10kg on the program. One always hears how difficult it is for older people to lose weight. I found the reboot diet easy to get used to and with the increased exercise, the weight started to fall off. This stabilsed midway in the challenge but increased in weeks 6-8. The loss of bread and starch in my diet was welcome and probably the best change to my eating plan. I would like to lose +/- 5kg before consolidating my weight.

I already recommend the SleekGeek FB page to friends so that they can see for themselves what the hype is all about. I have one problem, I have lost 65 cm overall and will require a new wardrobe. Better that than bigger pants for a bigger stomach.

Roxanne Mower It helps keep the focus on the goal
Desiree Hulley The SleekGeek community is an OUTSTANDING platform for support on a journey like this. Without it, I’m not sure it would work so well. It’s the personal interaction that really makes the diff.
Jill Carolissen The challenge keeps you focused! On days when I would normally have given up, I found the challenge & the prize money at the end kept me on course; I had something to work towards. The weight loss guides & easting plans are easy to follow, and I love the recipe ideas. The group activity as well is phenomenal, and looking at the inspiring photo’s, is amazing motivation!
Christiaan du Plessis The introduction of the paleo lifestyle and how easy it is to not feel hungry and not overeat.
Lana Luckin Seeing yourself in underwear is a real wake up call. I think so many overweight people tend to hide under baggy, dark clothes. (well, I did.)

The fact that i spent money and invested in myself, did help.

Karen Louw The time line it provides to measure your progress ( or in my case , the lack thereof ) is the most beneficial
Kate Hibberd The way your body feels when you are eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates – you feel more energised thus more motivated to go to gym and work for the body you want!

I was stuck in a bit of a rut before Sleek Geek, and I was beginning to feel like I would never get to my goal weight, but this just proved that you can eat a lot and be full and STILL get to where you want to be. It’s not just a “Diet” its a lifestyle change. If you are incorporating the correct foods into your diet, you will see the results!

Mikhail Wertheim Aymes i think the most valuable for me was the entry fee. i used that as a source of motivation, as i strived to prove to myself that it was money well spent.
Mark Jackson-Moss The dedication to the idea that it is not an 8-week challenge, but rather it is a lifestyle choice that will continue to reward long after the challenge has ended. The challenge is one you set up for yourself.
Jacobus Rossouw The support on the SG Facebook is awesome. If you are in the challenge and you push harder in gym and on your eating habits. Changing old ruts is hard and like minded support is help full. There is always some new ideas on living and becoming healthier.
Martin Lompa the results.
juanita greyvenstein It was the motivation I needed to take my training seriously
Elmarie Ackerman I have recommended it to many friends, who did the Winter Warrior, the main reasons being the support of the Sleek Girls group and the proof that it works through all of the photos of previous contestants. I love the close knit community of girls, big, small, fit, unfit. Everyone encourages each other, and helps with health queries that you don’t want anyone else to know. It makes it so much easier when you can share your experiences, without feeling bad about yourself, and being inspired by all of the wonderful girls!
Nisha Ebrahim The motivation from the FB group was great. The check-in’s were also gentle reminders to keep pushing. I had a really rough time (personally) the first 4 weeks. That check-in was the wake up call I needed.
Alan Strichen There are a thousand different diet and training plans out there. Yet Sleekgeek motivates you to actually use a dietary plan which is for the best part extremely flexible and cost effective. It’s interactive…definitely a plus. Added to that the thought of winning money and/or gear is pretty good motivation in itself.
Candice Rodrigues I would do SG challenges over and over again, not only because of the accountability towards yourself, but just that you are going thru something with so many others, the cranky moods that everyone shares, the updates of how well people are doing, and everyone is sharing with each other. it is complete motivation non stop. Its a family that keeps growing and giving, and the end result just always brings tears of joy to see the way so many lives have changed.
Dyllan Edward Chandler Most valuable part of the challenge, has to be Γ‰lan!!!!!

Always there to help, always there to encourage and always there to ensure information is given out!!!

Tracey Hofmeyr The Buddy Challenge was great for me
Leandie Williams Having a deadline makes me work harder and give it my all. It puts in practices that will roll over into the long term of my journey.

Having the amazing prizes also is a great incentive πŸ™‚

Lauren Anne Kuhn Awareness of the food you put into your body as well as keeping fit as u feel more energeteic and confident! It works because there is a good support structure. I have entered because my brother, sister and other friends have entered and I have myself seen a difference in their confidence and appearance while doing the challenge.
Pia de Villiers Just a motivation with a deadline .. once you get started its easier to carry on when you start seeing results
Jenna-Lee Kuhn The challenge is very valuable because this is my second sleek geek challenge and the continuous support is motivating. Also the end goals become an actual reality and not just something that is impossible to achieve.
Roline Bronkhorst It motivated me to keep on going even if some days where hard.
Farrah Menego For me in the beginning all i wanted was to loose lots and lots of kg’s. From this i have learnt that cm loss is by FAR much better, and that is gained by healthy eating and regular exercise. I gained so much from this challenge, meaning i have a new found love for Crossfit, i have done a trail run and doing another on the 01.12.2013 and can see this becoming a fast hobby. I absolutely couldn’t bring myself to gym before this challenge, and now find myself wanting to up my sessions @crossfit to unlimited, as i just want more and more, sure it is intense, but hell it is exhilarating πŸ™‚
Sheldon van Vliet The support from the group, the idea that you are in a challenge and being measured as well as you committing by paying for the entry fee.
tammy du plessis Being hardcore, facing challenges, Paleo is a must, i loved the fact that we could post pics on the fb wall and be there for each other, i have energy, im happy, i eat clean and train dirty baby!!!
Andre Vermeulen For me and most of my friends R500 is a lot. Having to pay that motivates you to complete the challenge. It was what kick started this new lifestyle that I want to follow from now on and would recommend it to all my friends.
Kerry-Lee Galliard I needed to be accountable to someone to start motivating me. This is the forum that Sleekgeek provided,
Suzette Sonnekus commitment
Roxanne Greenbaum I would!

I managed to get my two housemates on the exercise band wagon – one of them should have done the challenge as she has already lost 7kgs since I have been doing SG and the other is already on her second detox, and they are both looking amazing!

I think the accountability to something was the biggest thing for me.

Ellen Kamman The online support is fantastic. Unfortunately my buddy couldn’t really do much in terms of exercise for most of the challenge because of personal reasons, but we did try to motivate each other as much as possible
Nicola Smit The Sleek Geek community really helped throughout the challenge, being able to read or post comments or questions on the FB page was such a great way to keep you motivated. I think being able to see other member’s before and after photos and comments really inspired me to keep going, it’s all the positive feedback that makes this work so well.
Catherine Kelly The online community is great and the support is unbelievable!!!! Im only sorry it took me so long to enter the Body Challenges!
Graye Morkel The fact that I knew I had to submit my measurements every two weeks made me accountable for my actions and many times when I wanted to fall off the wagon, I remembered I had to check in and I would get right back on. – I did not want to step on that scale and gain weight.

I also enjoyed the social media updates and whenever I was feeling a little low I would read the updates and it would give me the motivation to keep going. Especially reading other’s success stories.

Marius Bissett The most valuable part for me is the deep fulfilling sense of achievement I have experienced. I set out in the beginning of this journey with goals as the destination. Not only have I reached these goals I have also discovered a new passion. You always hear or read of all the benefits there is to a healthy lifestyle and for the first time in my life I am experiencing that. No money value can ever be placed on your health and the quality of life that is part of an actively healthy life style.

What made this journey even more furling is that I inspired others to follow a more healthy approach to life. I am a teacher and have students that came to me and said that they can see the difference, that I looking great and asked me for help them. It was just an awesome journey.

Carla Muller The support is GREAT. It works bacause it is a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. I now LOVE sleekgeek!
Megan Hartley The motivational aspect as well as the accountability aspect.
Carly Sunshine The community that supports you and gives you advice along the way
Jacques Cyril Truter The SleekGeek challenge is very highly recommended, everywhere I go and people reply with the words: β€œwhat happened to you Jacques?” my reply is simple, go to and enter for a challenge and the rest will fall in-place.
Jacque Bissett it changes your life style and your perception about your body and healthy eating
Claire Phillips Having the community for support and encouragement really helped ensure that I stayed focused and held myself accountable. The regular check-ins did the same. To be able to see my progress and realise when I needed to make adjustments really made me stick with it. Anyone can choose to simply eat well and exercise for 8 weeks at any time, but doing it in this way makes it feel more rewarding – not for the prizes (although those are great too), but for the process of tracking and submitting progress and asking the community for help or sharing successes and failures.
Ashleigh Potgieter Firstly, I think one is more committed when you have paid money for it and secondly having the weigh ins hold you accountable. For me, I didn’t want to let everyone else down around me more than letting myself down. I have learnt so much about nutrition and training through this experience and if it hadn’t been for this challenge, I don’t know that I would have last more than a week (like with every other weight loss attempt) There is such an amazing support group on Facebook too so you don’t feel like you are the only one going through this transformation. Its so important to have that. I had plenty bad days and I would vent to my little support group I had going and they’d send me a message back saying “YOU CAN DO IT” and then follow that with a pic of a hot chick in a bikini on the beach – its all the motivation I needed πŸ™‚
Tanya Daniels You are accountable. You dont want to fail. You want to have an improvement on your last submission. It was SUCH a driving force!
Hsiao-Mei Pan The support from the FB page never fails πŸ™‚ if they can do it, why can’t I!
Jacqui Piper It is a financial commitment with regular weigh-ins which aid in keeping you committed. I think the Buddy system is also valuable as it brings in a whole new element to keeping you on track.
Sean Hidden The challenge was great for me as it helped me focus and push myself. It was also great to have something (other than my own will power) during quite an emotional and hard time in my life to focus on and see results. The more results I saw in both strength and then body results, the better I felt and the more I pushed.
Prava Singh The support from the founder of Sleekgeek, that consistency and dedication sticking to the programme works. The amazing encouragement and support from members of the Sleekgeek community.
Leanda Roux It works because you get clear guidelines on an eating plan and an exercise plan. For me the fact that I paid money and was held accountable helped me mentally to stay on track and not to cheat. It was horrific to send fat pics to a stranger, I felt that I have to redeem myself after 8 weeks, that helped me mentally a lot as well. Thank you for an awesome platform.
Natassha De Beer Sleekgeek works – motivation to reach your goal through so many ways including non-food rewards and the sleekgeek groups on facebook are an awesome support for everyone.
Vanessa Snyders The sleekgeek community kept me motivated a lot. Seeing the transformations that was made possible by just putting your mind in the right place and keeping yourself surrounded with the right people and friends and family that support your new lifestyle made my own transformation worth it. Still have a long way to go, but I’m 8 weeks closer πŸ™‚
Erica Geldenhuys 8 Week are do-able. The two-weekly check in’s keeps you accountable and the eating plans doesn’t leave you hungry or deprived. The fact that the challenge provides eating- and exercise plans, make it easy, because some people want to make a change, but don’t know where to start or what to do.
Louise van Vuuren Although I didn’t lose as much cms or weight as I would have hoped, this challenge helped me get back on track with my health! I feel so much better about my body and I’m really motivated to keep going and to reach my goals.

I think the challenge worked for me because it was a challenge against myself and I realised that I can either succeed or fail, but it would completely depend on my own dedication and attitude towards my own health! It helped to have the check-ins every second week, because it forced me to keep track of my progress and that made me work harder because sometimes I didn’t do as well as hoped and other times I was impressed with my results and wanted to do even better!

Ashley Groenevelt The most valuable part for me was the online community, getting involved on facebook and following peoples inspiring stories. It was the content provided that helped so much. So many people want to get active and want to eat right, they just know how and need that kind of guidance and i really think that this is a fantastic way to do it.

i think that it works because people are always turning to others for advice and support and with the option of the Buddy plan, it allows people to team up and support each other.

Lara Schumann Hi, I think having to take photos makes you work harder. Even though I took them in tight clothes it motivated me every week.
Christiaan du Plessis A lot of my friends have already joined. The biggest thing is the competition. Working towards a goal. Without a goal you will never get results and that’s what sleekgeek offers.
Nico Papanicolaou The challenge, especially the buddy challenge made it competitive enough to keep to the program and plan
tatiana Papanicolaou Knowing that there is a weigh-in/report-back at the end of the 8 weeks makes you stick to the plan even if you fall off a little. Usually I would have just abandoned it. Also the community forum give you motivation & support so even when it comes to the silliest things, you don’t feel like you’re suffering alone or in vain.
Kim Derby-Lewis The reason it worked for me was firstly the shock of seeing myself in the before photos. I think for the first time I had to face up to how I had let myself go, with no excuses. It was also good knowing that there was accountability both to myself and others at the end of the challenge which was great motivation.
Sophia Strydom It gave me a specific timeframe, to push myself. I’m competitive and goal driven, and this helps me a lot to stay focus and dedicated.

And whenever i had a bad day or felt that my mind was not completely in the game, i just went on one of the facebook groups and just started reading some people’s posts, it’s always helpful to know that you are not the only one having days like that

Rachel Joffe The shortish period is great as its long enough to see substantial results but short enough to not lose focus.

Even though i was traning before having something concrete to focus on really helped me sharpen my focus and i loved the eating plan. it helped me convert the concept of paleo eating into a tangible that i could apply.

Having other people going through the same thing helps keep you on track – even if it is just being able to log in daily and read other people’s posts on what they are doing or how they are finding it.

Reading the success stories and how people got there is very motivational.

AnΓ©l van der Walt The best part was to compare my before and after photos! I hated the before photos and sometimes you think you are still huge but to see the photos helped me to realise there was change and the every little effort everyday make the big change.
Ashleigh Christie Knowing that there is someone there supporting you and the psychological thing that big brother is watching you!
Shaun Matthews (Heat 5) Just the motivation, and seeing other normal, everyday people facing the same challenges and obstacles, just keeps reminding you that you are not alone.
Nici Clifton The community, for sure!
simon henderson The community helps to motivate you to achieve and stay on track
Leanda Miller The sense of community and support was amazing! Weekly emails really helped!
Dominique Gray The support and the plans. from eating plans to training plans – that is where I find a lot of people battle. The guidance is all there
Natassia Fredericks I think the check ins enforce discipline and the length of the challenge is long enough for people to form new habits. The most valuable part for me was the structure that the challenge created, I always had something to refer back to and it was easy to plan meals based on the eating plans
candice pietersen The regular check ins keep you on track and accountable.
Michelle Draper I think by submitting photos you work harder and stick it out when it gets hard.
Elton Isaacs A community of like minded people thats there to support each other is the most valuable part to me, always willing to give constructive feedback & advice
Lindsay Wooten My fee was not well spent, not because of SG, but because of my own mental state. I think the support of the group is invaluable to anyone looking to achieve a fitness goal. I also think that the spirit of the community is great, where the goal is to build each other up so that we can come with questions, doubts, advice, irregardless of your fitness levels. I also think that it is invaluable to be held accountable.
Janet Prentice It is a good concept and it can work, it just didn’t work for me. I think a lot of my friends would succeed at this challenge.
Jonathan Aldridge Never thought that 8 weeks was long enough, after seeing most of these transformation challenges are over 12 weeks.

The community is definitely Sleek Geeks greatest asset.

The vault gives you diet advice/ training programs and loads of info & incite in the articles, but nowadays people are lazy.

The fact that I can post “Is Oros ok?” and within minutes get feedback from the community is priceless.

Claire Makovinyi It teaches you that a healthy lifestyle is much better. I don’t battle with heart burn anymore.
Michelle Duraan It works because you are committed to being accountable to yourself for 8 weeks. So even though I didnt do this challenge perfectly (to be honest – i didnt even try much after week 1) there was a niggly voice at the back of my mind for 8 weeks keeping me in check somewhat. Which is actually all i needed to get from this experience because i am so far into my journey (18 months) that i’d almost lost that.
Renate Punt if you set your mind to it you can do it, just by even slightly adjusting your diet and minimal exercise has made a difference in my appearance. you can’t lead a healthy diet and expect to drop kilo’s overnight you need to put some work to it too.
Asser Dolamo The valuable part of this challenge for me was the keeping up with measurements check ins together with the photo submissions.

That motivates you to do better and the knowledge of eating well was always ringing in my head all the time. I would suggest that people shouldn’t try to do this alone unless they are disciplined. I had a team which we motivated each other either on following a good diet or training schedules.

I really enjoyed the experience.

Nadine Van Der Walt I think it works because it is a commitment you make yourself, and because it is a challenge, where you have the possibility to be the overall winner, so you want to go and be the best, which makes you push even harder towards your goals. It was money well spent, even although i did not achieve my personal goals during the challenge, but i know i have made that lifestyle change, so it will just be easier to carry on the way i did the past 8 weeks.
Mohamed Salim Zalgaonkir I think the motivation is an important part of the entire experience. If one is motivated, you will remain committed. It certainly is not easy to go at this solo, so you need to be mentally strong. The regular emails, the Facebook experience all helps. Bottom line is that only you can make yourself do it. If you really want it, you will do it. I feel SleekGeek was the perfect kick-start I was always looking for. I needed a kick in the ass, and SG was there to do it! πŸ™‚ I plan to continue this new lifestyle of eating well and exercising regularly for the rest of my life. I have more kilos to lose. Thanks guys! You helped me achieve my goal of 10kg weight loss! I am thrilled.
Gita Daya Earring well so feeling well, feeling in control and having support on Fb so you were not alone, this was great especially when I felt down, to see how we’ll others have done and I thought if they can, I can….this was the most success I have ever had in a plan and stayed on it. Sometimes, you feel alone when u need to lose weight and it works because you are not alone on SG and not judged.
Gita Daya Earring well so feeling well, feeling in control and having support on Fb so you were not alone, this was great especially when I felt down, to see how we’ll others have done and I thought if they can, I can….this was the most success I have ever had in a plan and stayed on it. Sometimes, you feel alone when u need to lose weight and it works because you are not alone on SG and not judged.
Gita Daya Earring well so feeling well, feeling in control and having support on Fb so you were not alone, this was great especially when I felt down, to see how we’ll others have done and I thought if they can, I can….this was the most success I have ever had in a plan and stayed on it. Sometimes, you feel alone when u need to lose weight and it works because you are not alone on SG and not judged.
Gita Daya Earring well so feeling well, feeling in control and having support on Fb so you were not alone, this was great especially when I felt down, to see how we’ll others have done and I thought if they can, I can….this was the most success I have ever had in a plan and stayed on it. Sometimes, you feel alone when u need to lose weight and it works because you are not alone on SG and not judged.
Lynn Moodley Entrying a challenge like this helps one stay committed to one goals. Also, the e-mails and groups page is very encouraging and helpful.
Angelene Botha The motivation that we have received was amazing, on facebook and via email – also the support. The prizes are a huge motivation and we have no excuse not to train or diet with the great plans that we have received.
Daniel Herbst It works because its simple easy as that. No weighing of food just eat clean and train hard, also the community and communication of the team really great and I really appreciate the motivation !!
heidi jonker I never thought that only eating right can help your weightloss uve heard 80% of weightloss is what you eat and 20% is the exercise dont know how true but eating right defenatly helped alot
Candice Beeton The support and motivation from everyday people.
Anton Blignaut Just the challenge and motivation to push yourself harder and the feeling of seeing changes makes it worthwhile.
Tracey Isaacs because of the online support
Dominique Green I talk about SleekGeek all the time to my friends, its a wonderful community to be part of πŸ™‚
Angela Meehan It works because it motivated me to hit certain marks with the 2 week check ins
Stacey Vermaak The support, regular motivational emails.
Bruce Richards Community support
Tyran Tesmer The community, Most of everybody adheres to the group laws, Its relevant and has great content.
Evan Walther It works for me because it’s a concrete date and commitment, I’m putting money on it, I’m working with a buddy for support, and I’m competing with others.

I know these are all of the things that help make me successful at difficult challenges.

Ingrid Hartung I feel that the challenge has given me the jump-start I needed to continue living a more healthy and more active lifestyle from here on. I discovered that I actually enjoy jogging (!) and my tastes in food have changed quite a bit – I don’t crave sugar, salt or fast food the way I used to, and much prefer the taste of more natural foods like fruits and veg.

Telling people you’re taking part in a challenge like this keeps you from quitting, as people will be quick to call you out on it if you slack off.

Matthew van Rensburg I don’t feel the program works 100%. That being said, I did see a drop in weight and a general increase in fitness.

I feel that if the program was supported by personal emails by staff, and possibly a revamp in exercise routines as the weeks and challenger’s fitness level increased, it might have made for a more effective program.

Lizna Boshoff-Jacobs Community, it feels like belonging to a family of like minded people.
Cindy Echardt SUPPORT!

The way the Sleek Geek community inspired and encouraged me

Briget Naylor The support is invaluable.
Johan Steyn The fact that I had an articulated challenge with clear goals and a plan
Jude Schenck Experimentin with healthy foods was fun and i learnt a lot from it. The community is very helpful and motivating and that helps to keep strong and carry on!
Sharon Eckert For the first time ever I have stuck to a healthy lifestyle that I can keep going on for more than 3 weeks, keeping me accountable every two weeks has made me want to stick to the challenge and I will keep on with the checkins by myself to make sure I don’t slide back into old habits
KIA Verster The suppport from the community
Danielle Moore Its so nice to be in contact with other people with the same mindset and challenges.

Those before and after photos keep you from puttting that carb in your mouth.

Jamey Webber The best part of the SleekGeek experience is that there is a community of people all over the world that all have the same GOAL and that is to live a BETTER, HEALTHIER and FITTER life.
Michelle Anderson The reboot
Nicola Davidson The support from the group to help you when you’re feeling down!
Hubre De Klerk I think it is definitely about the support that we receive from the Sleek Geek community and that you guys keep in touch with us through the


I also think it is very positive to see everyone’s progress and to realize that your goals aren’t unreachable.

Samantha Cranke The most valuable part for me was learning discipline when it comes to eating and exercising, I am now conscious of what i eat and enjoy exercise.
lenke enslin You commit to max effort for 8 weeks, and then you realize what you can achieve when staying consistent.

You would never take before pics if not forced.

You have constant support and others doing it at the same time as you.

Lizanne Smit It puts you in the right mindset. Sleekgeek is almost like an accountability partner and keeps you on your toes, because you don’t want to be the ass who doesn’t look any different at the end.
Inke Kruger It is nice to see your progress by submitting the check-ins and photos. One feels obligated to keep going for one because one paid for it, so you want to make it count. One feels you owe it to yourself and the Sleekgeek community to also impress with some kind of uplifting feedback. May it be an inspiring weight loss story, delicious recipes, transformation photos, etc. You have to work for it to achieve that and that makes this program so effective for me. 8 weeks is quite a long time and if you manage to stick to your plan to achieve your goals you will most probably not fall back into a bad lifestyle as new and healthy habits have been formed in the 8 weeks of the challenge. I would recommend this challenge to everyone. Thanks for a great program.
Katya Panagides The unconditional support and always having a place to share frustrations
Santa Terblanche The friendly support and quick assistance from the team. I love sleek geek.
Santa Terblanche The friendly support and quick assistance from the team. I love sleek geek.
Natalie Winterbach I think the fact that there is no prescription as to which diet you have to follow or which exercise plan you have to take part in, because everybody is different and different diets work for different people. The Sleek Geek Facebook pages are awesome and the motivation, input and courage it gives you is unconditional! I would tell them that this will be the best investment they ever make!
Ivan Weiss Its a great platform to get you started even if you dont reach your goals you still made an effort. its only the beginning.
Heinz Hattingh Having a supportive/informative community on twitter

Knowing you doing it with a lot of other people and not doing alone

Weekly motivational emails

Telling people you doing a 8 week sleekgeek challenge and taking responsibility to finish it

Rosemary Burton The Challenge Facebook group was great, having support and people who are going through the same thing as you at the same time helps to keep going.
Linkie Hattingh The fact that you are not alone, and that you and your partner can do it together as buddies.

I have learnt so much about myself in the past few weeks, im so much stronger than i could ever have imagined

Carey-Anne Foulds it is nice to compete in the challenge, makes you more careful of what you eat
Nadine Claassens The improvement in my self confidence. It is extremely motivating when skinny people especially start commenting about how much weight you have lost.

I think this program works because the tools provided WORK and there is a lot of motivation and encouragement. The succeess stories are also very inspiring

Chantell Engelsman The absolute support. It has kept me going for almost a year!
Marco Ernst First of all because you invest in the challenge financially and emotionally. Getting all excited and chatting with your buddy etc. It helps to have someone doing this with you, going it alone is not so good.
Claudette Ernst The exercises that you can do at home and knowing what type of food to eat and how much for your body weight.
Christine Collins for me personally it was the huge amount of support. Whether it was a question can I eat this or that? or I’m stuck what do I do… you guys ROCK! the support outweighs any gadget you could buy.. the motivation and support is priceless. Thank You.
Mellissa Proctor Receivinfg the weekly newsletter was the best! I love ready motivatiknal pieces. The articles were always interesting.
Christiaan du Plessis Competing and having a goal at the end of the day is why it works for me. I cant commit without it.
Katie Staub Makes one commit. It’s a challenge even if just for oneself.
Matthew Barnes Getting up early and going to gym.
Coralee Barnes The community of Sleekgeek is what works for me. Knowing that there are others on this journey with you, and seeing their stories is so inspiring. I recommend it to everyone. It has been the best thing I ever did.
Nikki Argall Facebook support and reference
Antoinette Uys The support on the facebook pages. I did not post a lot though, maybe once or twice. Bad girl. Also the motivation to not fail and getting a personal trainer
Lindy Osborne Because you get given exercise programme and guide lines for your eating programme
Michele Simpson I loved the support! Sometimes one gets more support from strangers that from those close to you! I loved the facebook support and the lovely recipes from Prava! I love that everyone is so positive and that when you don’t everyone gives support! When u up the support u too! It’s so cool! I tell everyone what I’m doing!!!
Danelle Coetzee Accountability, support and information.
Meyer du plessis it keeps presure on u not to give up

the buddy was exceptional if it wasnt for my buddy i would have given up after a month ….maybe even a week

Alistair Gilbert To see that there are so many people trying to improve there value of life immaterial to the journey they are on. Its also inspiring to see the various journeys and what and when the destinations that will be met.
Chadley Allkins Commit to a specific time period, with check ins.
Warren Bernard I have come to realize that there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight and reaching your goals. Eating properly and exercise is the only sure fire way to lose it and keep it off. This program teaches you this and shows people that reaching their goals is attainable. It also showed me that getting into shape is not just an 8 week task – it involves a lifestyle change for the better. And I am glad that this has opened my eyes to that realization.
Quintin Schwemmer It works because all the help is there for you at the click of a button. If you feel bad, sad or just don’t know what to do, you can go to one of the many support bases.
Benny Ou Having an accountability buddy was key for me to sticking to my diet – in essence I didn’t want to let him down.

Entering to the competition itself was also a commitment.

Caren Fourie Having the tools and motivation
Jenny Brazao Prompted a change in my lifestyle as far as possible as my limited time and resources allowed, definitely saw benefits and results which I intend on improving on in due time. It was a good experience and an eye opener.
Marlene Schwemmer Good foundation and support from a lot of people.
Renuka Lallbahadur The support system. If you had a question or query someone was ready with an answer
Leigh du Preez being held accountable and actully doing regular measurements and before and after photos. Easy to let each week slide into the next, but having a deadline and knowing you will be measuring and photos really helps to keep track.
Lindsay Goncalves Knowing you are not alone. I did not use diets or training programmes. Rather used the community for support.
Cassidy Meyer The amazing support
Cila De Caprio The community support is phenomenal.
Siyabulela Msoki The accountability
Antonia Lenders Just because everyone is so motivating and supportive and the fact you can see normal everyday people getting amazing results!
Hildi Coetzee For me – if I pay for something, I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my money.
Michael Hodges The constant support on social media is a must! I’m pretty self motivated, but the support that a lot of “new” gym users got was great, and assisted them with staying on track.
Lynette Van der Berg The support, learning by seeing what other people – especially those who are experiencing the same problems / issues as you
Pieter Louw To see other people’s sukses stories. It is something that work. You just need the willpower and the backup that skeekgeek gives you throug facebook. A friend that introduced me to this helped me and to see that it worked for him. To eat clean give me more energy. I must say that to be so heathy after losing so much weight are the most valuble part of there experience. I will go on with this till i reached my goal to weigh 100kg before the en of this year. To go swim in the sea without a shirt desember will be awesome. Thanx.
Lindsay Douglas-Haw Sleekgeek support group on Facebook is awesome!
Robyn Kelly I believe it works as you have made a commitment to it, you paid the entrance fee, and overall its not even about the prizes, for me (Of course I would love a prize πŸ™‚ ) however I think to see my progress pics up there would be an achievement on its own
Lindsay Douglas-Haw Sleekgeek support group on Facebook is awesome!
kerry o’hagan yes definitely . it gives you a target to work towards. It doesn’t matter what you working towards as long as you are striving to be healthy and want to work out !
Marco Ferreira The main part is that you are put in a position that you have to work hard. The prizes are also a great motivation tool. The previous winnera are great inspiration. The weekly news letter is always a great way to keep you on track.
Mark Atkinson Community + potential reward. πŸ™‚
Odette Johaar It’s really embarrassing sending your weight to strangers on the internet. it’s even more embarrassing sending it and not losing weight. this has helped keep me motivated. see you at the next challenge guys πŸ˜‰
Lindsay Douglas-Haw Facebook group provides great support.
Chesney Douglas-Haw Mainly the motivation of the Sleekgeek vault.
Jacobus Rossouw You hang that carrot in front of a bear lover rugby crazy person and he will make an effort to get in shape.

The load on the family that is not in a challenge is a down side. They are so glad the 8 weeks are done.

Justin Channell Just knowing that you are part of a challenge and a group that’s going through the same struggles is what motivates me and keeps me coming back!
Jaco Louw The prize incentive I believe is very big. That, and the active community on the social networks also makes a big difference. The diet plans and all the help with sharing recipes and stuff also helps a lot to make healthy food taste better which makes the challenge easier.
Tessa Louw The support network on facebook is amazing! and the buddy system worked well for my husband and I
Stacey Hudson the plans

the community by far

Elan and Eric – their articles and experiences.

Devon Van Gent The commitment and and the diet programmes and the dedication with having a buddy involved in the challenge
Ruan Crous Just the commitment and the diet that actually works
justine Evans it works to have the motivation of prizes as well as seeing how far everyone has come…
alex de mooij support, support and support
Carol Tebbutt Being accountable and having to submit measurements and photos.

We also set up a whats app group which helped a lot.

Jacob Small The online community was good motivation.
Aviva Peltz The community, support and encouragement from fellow sleeks.
Mari Macdonald Helps one focus on a goal
Cashe Kidd The information, knowledge and experience as a whole has changed my outlook on weight loss. Although I am no stranger to a healthier lifestyle, I still used typical methods to measure my success, i.e the scale. This challenge has taught me that the scale and kgs do not represent my hard work and dedication. I want more people to realize this as well!
Marnel van Zyl I love the motivationals that Elan sends out… Its amazing! The inspirational stories from fellow geeks are an absolute MUST!
Tanya Ellis You are motivated and supported 100% by an incredible community on a daily basis. Your newsletters gave me that extra lift and just what I need to hear and read at the right time. I have learnt I’m not alone in this.
Margot Rensburg The weekly motivating newsletters. Easy and simple to follow training and eating plans

No expensive supplements

Nicola Small paying the money is what got me started. i was never in it to win. but if I didn’t spend hard earned cash I wouldn’t have gotten started. the support groups on fb works very well. there’s no negativity. it’s great.
CHUMA GQOLI it gives you the tools to evaluate the choices that you are making. it has a supportive community to show you that it is possible and also to accept that we will all not develop at the same pace. it forced me to be accountable to myself about myself. finally the sleekgeek community is showing me that the traditional scale is not the only way to track my progress on my journey, I have learnt that a simple face selfie is a good way to determine how I am progressing, that the amount of effort I put into it is proportional to the result I get out. the challenge has taught me to never give up and KEEP MOVING FORWARD WHATEVER MY PACE
Warren Heald Being under some pressure works for me. Also knowing you are not alone helps alot too!
Noluvuyo Vuvu Masindi The exercise and eating plans
Linzi Lofthouse Be able to have control over food and portion sizes. I have be able to implement that control into other areas of my life too.

I definitely do think it works as it trains you to become more disciplined in your diet, exercise and lifestyle and you feel so better for it!

Penny van Vreden The motivation of others in the challenge
Marissa Griesel The support in the online community is awesome and most definitely helped me through.
Nadine Page It all comes down to getting your head in the right place..

Any change is difficult but what made my Sleekgeek experience valuable was realizing i was not the only one out there that was determined to change..

The amazing support, advice and encouragement we receive is absolutely phenomenal.

I am definitely a SG for Life!

Katherine Oosthuis I was not ready for committing to an 8 week challenge. My friend asked me to do it with her so I agreed but didn’t really get into it. I never made use of the community for support or any of the information. It’s no fault of SG. It’s entirely my fault. I have read so many FB posts and seen the amazing support offered and I think that it’s very worthwhile if you are the kind of person who would respond to this kind of support and community.
Marlo Mans Very good support from sleek geek community
Melanie De Beer the check in every 2 weeks worked great for accountability. It kind of keeps it fresh in your mind that this is a challenge that you signed up for
Desre Brits Support
Marlo Mans Very good support from the group
Celia Senekal I think what your team at SG have done is amazing. I loved that I could participate in this programme as a way to help me be committed and to include a friend in on it. Community is your greatest asset and thats what helps people stay motivated even when they go off track.
Jacqueline Cloete All the support from the FB pages.
Tanya Mans The support from the sleek geek community.
Keri Petrie Support and motivation is my main thoughts of why it works. The community feel.

The incentive of a prize for the competitive types.

Melissa Muller accountability, constant reminder that you are involved in bigger group challenge
Justin Christison I liked the Facebook group, it helped with motivation.
Accalia Ware Above all, learning how to accept myself and improve myself through hard work, motivation and dedication
carmen-k dippenaar Discovering the value of health rather than looks
Christy Murray I think the mot valuable is not to set goals out of your depth – I understand now I can never loose 6kg in 8 weeks as Im not fat but more that I need toning. I would be happier with another 2kgs down and this has motivated me to ensure I get this done before June! I also understand that you will fall of the wagon but there is always tomorrow. The exercise I think has been the most valuable as I was doing nothing and am at least doing something even if not weights or cardio but walking briskly on the treadmill for 30mins is more than what I was doing!
Portia van der Walt Great support and motivation
Hlumela Makhwayiba if I had been in a better head space the training and low carb eating plan would have been ideal
Sarah Bonga Have recommeneded it to friends who are currently doing the challenge with me now.
Yvonne de Jager You have to be responsible to someone about your weight/measurements.
Amaris Epstein Everything about it ! From the tears of pain to the tears of joy, I couldn’t have done it on my own because that challenge motivated me to finish and not quit as usual ! Now that I’m in it fully I still want to continue my journey and not have a burger because the challenge is over ! The most valuable part that I learnt is that I am stronger mentally and physically then I ever thought I would be and that I matter !
Sarah Bonga I have recommended this to friends, currently buddying up with them during this challenge. was fun
Nina Tesmer Being held accountable by having to check in every 2 weeks. You also have a very encouraging community on facebook and can ask any question if you are uncertain.
Kim Marshall Well I do think it works as for me it was purely accountability. I tend to start off with great motivation but it often dwindles, but by having to submit measurements etc it keep me more on track.
Christabel Garisch Accountability! Makes you responsible and it has an end Date!
Sulette Behnke its sustainable , inexpensive and easy to maintain. no chemicals needed.
Khanyisa Stengile The check-ins are what kept me on track. Knowing that in 2 weeks you will be measured makes you work hard because you want to see an improvement.
Julette Cordier Definitely the support and chech in by Allan himself. Sometimes when I had a bad day and felt like skipping the training or eating something for comfort, I woul open the Facebook group and find 20 reasons not to!
Dirk Coetzee The buddy challenge definitely worked for me cause doing it alone in a household when your wife eats all the ‘lekker’ food would’ve been very difficult.
Tanya Jordaan I thought the motivation from the other challenger greatly beneficial and the weekly motivational readings by Elan were great.
Charmaine Coetzee My whole transformation….it has become a way of life
Maria Williams Me and my buddy motivated each other, and to be on a system helps a lot!!
Samantha Bisset It is a like-minded community achieving like-minded results!! The support and advice is invaluable!!
Ashlene Okkers The most valuable part of my Sleekgeek experience was that I’ve learnt to love and enjoy training so much, especially weight lifting!
Monica Botha Commitment to change
Lindy Diamond I found having to check in and share my progress was a big motivator! I also like the idea of competition, so this appeals to me more than Weighless, for example.
Johan Barnard The 8 week challenge forced a person to some degree to cut down and change your eating plan. Myself and my secretary teamed up as buddies and that helped the eating order in office. I think it is the best to team up with someone that is close to you so you could talk and go through together.
Rudi langhans Setting goals and keeping to it and having training programme to follow as well as an eating plan
Felicia Smit I love the group support, the support from the Sleekgeek HQ and that even when you ask dumb questions someone is willing to assist. Elan is very active and helpful and you feel like every member matters. If you make a mistake someone is willing to guide you.
Shaun Matthews (Heat 1) Support, ideas, inspiration from the FB page, also we are a diverse group of everyday people trying to live healthy. You not selling a quick fix.
Chris Potgieter It comes down to working towards a goal, knowing that you need to submit measurements and/ photos makes it a “challenge”

You dont skip or cheat as easily, it becomes a mental change.

Jennifer Humphris I think the most valuable part was the support of everyone.
Yolandi Scheepers Definitely the vault which is where everything is kept together. All it takes is one or two clicks and you find exactly what you are looking for.
Craig Bisset Community-based with support from individuals going through the same process / journey
Cynthia Brits I has completely changed my mindset about looosing weight and getting healthy. It is a process and once your mind is in the right place it all falls into place
Nayeela Grobler The support on the forums was very valuable and helped me to keep up with what I was trying to achieve.
Ronel Blom Support received via social media
Grant Tudhope It works cause its a set goal and once your fotos are supmitted it forces you to compete and see it through.
Andrea le Roux I think the most valuable part of this whole challenge was for me to really change how I think about food and health. It is amazing how easy it became to say no to food where with previous times I would fail and just give in and eat the damn chocolate! I have learned that we are all human and that there are so many more people out there that has the same feelings as I do when it comes to weight. I am forever grateful for this community because I am loving me for me now. For a long time I felt like a skinny person in a fat persons body and it is tiring and frustrating. Although I have soooo far still to go, I know that i will get there. At the end of the challenge, there is now less of me, but there is also more of ME! I hope it makes sense πŸ™‚
Mario De Noon the motivation from the group,
Suzelle van der Westhuizen The fact that it feels like one big family supporting each other and helping where ever they can. Constant new recipes to keep you from cheating and bad days shared where we all have them. The support is like no other I have had on any lifestyle change and that is exactly what this feels like and what sleekgeek gave me, the biggest reward of all….A HEALTHY RESPECTFUL AND NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY THEN ENEMY AND NOW FRIEND FOOOOOOD.
Sharon Albertyn i started with reboot with a group of friends, and with their support, this encouraged me to do the challenge. I would recommend it because it works. i have tried many different ways of losing weight but this is the only ways that’s worked.
Melani De Noon The instant support you offer, the personal response to questions and not a computer sending back the same response to every question. The vouchers you receive is a big bonus. made use of 2
Jan-Hendrik van Reenen The communication and facebook support / following is great motivation.

Submitting results and checking in keeps your mind on-track.

As mentioned it keeps your mind in the right place constantly taking note of what you put into your body.

Karin Louw It works because of the community support
Angela le Roux The 24hr support is awesome! Also, seeing all the transformation photo’s on the Facebook page is quite an inspiration to keep pushing forward to reach your goals!
Carla Bailey Being motivated to take measurements and photos worked for me.
Cara Vlok The support from other people going through the same thing..
Meghann Jibson The support from the SleekGeek community if amazing!!!! especially the facebook pages!
Marius Mostert The eating plan and the exercise plans with the big support to motivate a person. Al the emails made me feel better to eat clean and train hard.
Tracey Jackson The accountability. Reporting back.
Chiara Merani Having the support of a like minded group any time of day and night has been invaluable

Having a variety of eating plans to choose from is also wonderful. I think many people fail because they are asked to follow eating plans that do not appeal to them.

Grant Pringle Because you have amazing support and guidelines and a free community to share and gain info relating to health and fitness and positive community as well.
Thulani Nyezi The support on the facebook page and seeing what other real people with real lives and real problems were doing.

The readily-available support from SG staff, dieticians and trainers.

Never feeling like you’re doing this alone.

The spirit of healthy competition.

The product/experience is uniquely south African:)

Anton Buckner I love the social aspect especially Facebook! Some valuable questions asked and things that made me use my experience and mind. I dig the whole setup and vibe of this competition. It seems like such a “natural progression” towards becoming a better “version of yourself” per say. There is no judgement and everyone from every walk of life can do it. I liked the normality of it and none of the setup seems fake and full of spray tan and effects. I like the fact that no supplements or artificial aids are pushed onto anyone.

Very happy and very excited for the future!!

Anton Buckner I love the social aspect especially Facebook! Some valuable questions asked and things that made me use my experience and mind. I dig the whole setup and vibe of this competition. It seems like such a “natural progression” towards becoming a better “version of yourself” per say. There is no judgement and everyone from every walk of life can do it. I liked the normality of it and none of the setup seems fake and full of spray tan and effects. I like the fact that no supplements or artificial aids are pushed onto anyone.

Very happy and very excited for the future!!

LΓ©andri Van Der Westhuizen
Grayson Beare It works because it keeps you accountable.
Mariangela Scheepers The check ins – it keeps you motivated
Cindy Neill Sleekgeek offers you loads of resources with good tips and information to help you along your journey and to help make the transition into a healthier lifestyle easier. The Facebook groups are also a wealth of information and followed by normal people who don’t know all the answers but aren’t scared to put themselves out there. The concept of holding you accountable for your results by using the checkins is also a big motivation. Knowing that you have to “report” your results makes you think twice when you are thinking about eating that tinkie or skipping training. It is not so much about the prizes at the end of the challenge, but more about keeping to the commitments you made in the beginning to yourself… because no matter how you look at it, if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.
Riccardo Pultrone The check ins – it keeps you motivated
Kirsten van Rooyen Having a “team” to cheer for me when I wasnt so sure I could do it. I liked that i wasnt doing it alone
RHONDA NAIDOO the fact that it is so easy to lose weight….its not a train smash as we all think it is….Its all about mindset…once that is achived, everything else falls into place. From Sleek geek, what motivated me most, was the results and challenges experienced by other sleeks. they also had their moments, but they are motivated and pushed to persevere by the community. That SG support is priceless and its what keeps everyone in the SG community going…We do not know each other personally, but we face the same obstacles…we share recipes and eating styles….we come up with variations on what we can eat and how to prepare it.
Nick Holdstock Its a great goal. A great community to keep you motivated.
Desire Huntington This definitely worked for me. I am sooooooooooo inspired by the website and all the transformation information. People’s journeys have been so inspiring and motivating.

Thank you for assisting me and making me wake up and smell the coffee.

I will be grateful forever.

I came across your website towards the end of December 2014, I googled Gen Brands story and came across this site and have never ever looked back.

I will be entering the next challenge. I have another 15kg to go and I will be at my goal weight, so by the next challenge I can focus on toning up.

I cannot believe I started this challenge on the 19th January 2015 with 33.5kg to go and now I only have 15 left!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Petro Van Schalkwyk The most valuable experience is hearing about the other challengers and fellow sleekgeeks going through the same difficulties you are going through and the encouragement that they provide.
charissa sayers I think its works because you have to submitt your stats and even though we havent met anyone, when you see how well everyone else is doing it motivates you to do your best
Mark Scott For me it would be the check in, details and information all the time.
Marco Calitz i think its the accountability in the group. we tell every one that you are in this challenge so they all are waiting for the 8 weeks to pass to see the results. i also think its a must to have a buddy it just helps you keep on the straight road of no cheating and the accountability if even that much higher. the eating plans and recopies also helped a lot mostly we know what to eat and what not but not really to cook it in the right way or prepare it in a healthy tasty way.
Marlet Calitz I think it works because everyday there is support and you know that you are not alone. The goals that one set and the before photo’s helps. AND THE CHALLENGE behind it to have a chance to kick but and WIN…HAHAHA….LEKKERRRRR…
Madelynn Sheppard The inspirational emails and the feeds on facebook that motivates you.
Nicole Towers I loved the check ins and the support received from both the help desk and the Facebook page
Ruth Bassett I think it was the regular communication for one. it was almost as if i wasn’t on my own, someone was “watching” over me. I think also the info on the sites from people who have done it before is encouraging, and words int he newsletter, whether it was Dom or Elan, they just seemed to ring true.
Pauline Skillington For myself, I’m glad I stuck it out, as there are certain aspects that I enjoyed and will continue to do into the future. I did however discover that in general this type of lifestyle i.e. paleo does not work for myself. However, I would encourage anyone to try it and make the decision for themselves based on how their bodies react to the nutrition and exercise.
Marie-angelique Lourens It works because there is a time-frame. Lenient, but also limited. It kept me conscious of my journey.
Cobus van der Vyver The support you get from the Facebook group, when you are down or not sure of something really boosted me.
Jacques Truter Sleek geek changes peoples life’s.
Nadia Retief It keeps you accountable and that is something I really needed!
Shana Winn I was blessed with an entry into the SG NY challenge, for which I am extremely grateful. This challenge to start with, showed me that a) there are people out there, who might I add, didnt and dont know me from Adam and b) that if someone else believed in me enough to complete this challenge and be a success at it, then so could I do the same for me. The SG community is what fist and foremost makes this challenge work and be a success.

When I tell people about SG they ask me what makes it different to other diet programs. I mention straight off that SG isnt a diet program, as there are people on all sorts of programs and life styles in various stages of their health jouney in the group. What attracts me to the group, is the fact that all the people in it are REAL. With real issues, real struggles and challenges and the advise and support is REAL. The HQ team is ALWAYS available and quick to respond, so it doesnt feel like you’r ignored or speaking with an automated response. And the results, no matter how big or small are VERY REAL. I like the fact that its not superficial.

That has been my most valuable part of my SG experience thus far, and I’m sure it will continue.

Thank you Elan and team and entire group, for everything that you are, do and mean to so many. I doubt that you fully comprehend what you and SG mean to so very many.

Kimberlee Pickering Having all the meal plans and training plans makes it easy for a challenger to know what to do and too see which will be the easiest to adjust a lifestyle to. My favorite part was getting recipies from everyone who posted rate-my-plate photos, it is a way in getting new tastes into a diet which can become boring if you eat the same food continuously.

I think the sleekGeek program works because everyone is motivating one onother.

Shaheen Abdullah For me the most valuable part of the Sleekgeek experience was the information shared about paleo and reboot and the never-ending inspirational journeys of an unfathomable amount of people that have all been successful in the quest to lead happier, healthier and fitter lifestyles. Its amazing how many lifes have been transformed on sleekgeek – i often refer to the pics and stories to remind myself that it is possible.

For me personally, even though i am not a participating member of the sleekgeek facebook pages – i love checking the posts, progress and motivational stories and words of encouragement.

Elan has been a great example of a sleekgeek leading by example – always willing to improve, always open to ideas, always available for questions and comments, always humble to the fact that he himself is on a journey like everyone else.

Prava has also been a great inspiration and with me being indian, the indian cuisine paleo-friendly recipes on her blog are valued and appreciated.

Angie Kritzinger The support and the continuous success stories. The encouragement. I must admit that the before photos were the most humiliating thing I’ve ever had to do, and I didn’t realise at the time, but yesterday I really looked at them for the first time and I was so saddened by the shame I could see in myself. I didn’t even want to look at the camera. I so hated doing them that I couldn’t even smile. if anything will keep me on track, it will be the idea of returning to that shame. I still have quite a way to go and I know that the easiest part is probably behind me, but I see now why those pics were so important, because it is so easy to forget where you came from.
Linda Mtambo Being accountable to yourself for 8 weeks ia incredibly challenging but worth the experience
Chris McFarlane I think the community aspect makes it work. Change is much easier in a community. A person HAS to get involved though, and that’s what I did. You have to participate, and I feel that was made fairly easy. Great program.
Nina Tesmer I think it works because you are being held “accountable” with the check ins and this keeps you motivated as you don’t want poor results.
Elizabeth Eckert Honestly the support of the online community was a major boost keeping focused.
Ayanda Mbili The most important thing to me was being accountable to someone. I always knew that I’d have to send measurements or an update, so having that glass of wine or that piece of toast would not be worth it!! After a while I started being accountable to myself and what I wanted to achieve overall. I really feel that R500 was a really small price to pay for that support.

The newsletters were also great. they always seemed to come in when needed!!

Tyran Tesmer The messages that are conveyed on a daily bases are well informed.

The open community is friendly and inviting.

There is a sense of community and support found in few other places.

The chances of winning are 2nd to none! : ) .

The value of money is well spent.

The motivational messages from you Elan and from previous weight-loss winners are fantastic.

Jacky Barnard For me it was because of Allan’s commitment to the program, he is dedicated and everyone can feel that, he is not just in it for the money but to genuinly help people live a healthier life. Also the weeklly emails helped me stay motivated, and the support we received from the facebook page made me feel that i am not in this alone.
EstΓ© Pelser Staying accountable to someone you are not related to.

Also just realizing that every product/food that is promoted as “fat-free” / aiding in weight loss, is not neccessarily healthy. Will make better choices in the future!

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this challenge!

Christine Bester The support and info given on the sleek geek Facebook pages…. They are motivating, supporting and informative!!!
Melanie Laubscher
Almorita Van Der Westhuizen The emails was very valuable…..I realised I am not alone and that there is a lot of other people feeling exactly the same as me. It works because the transformation starts from inside.That is also the reason why this transformation does not end after this challenge.I feel so much more confident now and happy. This 8 week journey was inspirational and helped to push me to a healthier and fitter me.
Anna Guerin Great to be aware of what you put in your mouth…….I will definitely continue to eat and exercise as I have been!

THANK YOU……really enjoyed the experience!

Michelle van der Spuy It provides you with tools to become healthier. I think a lot of people want to become healthier, but don’t know how to do that.
Genevieve Brand The facebook group and the emails. Everyone is so supportive and wonderful. There is hardly any negativity, it is wonderful. People don’t bring you down to make themselves feel better, almost everyone just lifts everyone else up.
Chavonne Haupt Learning about what my current lifestyle limitations are and how to adjust them to allow for a better, cleaner lifestyle that is more conducive to health and well being.

The support in the Sleekgeek Community is beyond incredible and I believe that, coupled with knowledge of the mentors and advisers is why Sleekgeek produces results. Unfortunately my own weaknesses got the better of me half way through the challenge, but, I am up and swinging again and am going to tackle the next 8 weeks as if I were given a chance to try again. I will succeed! I might fall again, but I will get up again and fight again as well! And I will succeed!!

Caity Shearer As mentioned before this Sleek Geek challenge wasn’t as successful as my previous ones, but the mails are amazing! The way they are wrtitten is incredible. πŸ™‚ Every mail is unique and encourages me alot. Also the support group is amazing. I will keen doing sleekgeek untill i reach my goal weight!
Carlette Oswin The amazing support from the SG community makes this event so worthwhile! I have met like minded people who kept me motivated and who I hoped I was able to motivate as well!

I love that you, Elan, are interactive with everyone as well! you make it real and you share your joy and pains of fitness which makes this journey so much better! It’s about the relationships and the fact that we are in it together that make this so attractive! And its wonderful to be able to relate to “real people” regarding the fit life and some challenges one might face.

I’m a little tired as I type tis so words are minimal….but this I am very very happy to have been apart of this journey!

Jayde Burger It helps keep you focused. Unfortunately life happens and throws us against the grain so I got a bit sidetracked during my job interviews, and subsequent resignation. I also came down with bronchitis and that I know was all stress related. I managed a lot better with my husband in hospital as far as eating goes but my training took a slump for obvious reasons.
Ellen Kamman I was maybe not as motivated as the last time, purely because I am actually quite happy with my body and my fitness levels at the moment. It is good to have accountability in place though.
Vickie Whitehead For me committing to the 8 week challenge was the deal maker for me. I don’t stick to eating plans for long and find I get bored and stray but having committed to a challenge which I had paid for I found myself more motivated to reach the end and by doing so have learnt to change the way I think about food.
Monique Wessels That big brother was watching
Marlize van der Nest It’s a good kick in the butt to get going! The fact that you provide eating and training plans helps a lot! You don’t feel like a fish out of water not knowing what to do, you give guidance and direction.
Rosanna De Caprio I can recommend to a friend, however it would be up to them to see the value in the Sleekgeek. I have told many about the program, they have seem my results, they are shocked that it works. but most are to afraid to change. Until they are ready to change, no program in the world will help them.
Michael Payne-Findlay I think the supportive community is one of the greatest benefits.

The meal plans and training schedules are also worth it.

The Reebok voucher makes it worth the money on it’s own (if you use it).

Cila De Caprio I think the bit that worked for me was the check-ins. Seeing your progress whilst not obsessing with the scale all the time is such a motivator. Now I feel like I am set up to continue on my own – without the check-ins online – until another challenge comes along. I will definitely participate again and next time follow one of the training programmes.

I think SleekGeek works, because of the community. Even if you are the only one in your family doing the programme, you are not alone. It is so easy to find support and helping hands and willing ears. It’s wonderful.

sivanya thandrayan sleek geek helped me cut out all the bad unhealthy ways ive had it has thought me to eat cleaner and train regularly. why i think it works? with people like elan who practice what he preaches and motivates us with his sleek mail and the main thing is consistency.
Joanne Johnson Just the support and reading all the success stories is awesome
Bernice Santos your challenge works simply as you are never alone , you have a group of people always willing to assist with any areas that you struggle with and if you join with a group your group are very supportive and we swop out recipe’s with ideas for breakfast , lunch and dinner should you become board πŸ™‚ I have made lovely friends and it is amazing to hear only positive results when speaking to people who have already done the sleek geek challenge and have maintained a healthy lifestyle. Sleek geek works because if you apply yourself to the eating plans available which you have a variety for every type of person with different goals. your choices are very flexible. I have in the past used sure slim which really worked but you have by far many more choices in your food categories.
Fabian Denson The challenge worked for me because:

1. I am just a little bit competitive,

2. I made a commitment, and

3. I made myself accountable to achieve sustainable changes through the Challenge.

Gerrie Brink Seeing and feeling the difference, and having to report on it on a two weekly basis kept me on track. All the material provided was also very usefull. The fact that I had a buddy made a big difference
Michelle James The Facebook group and Sleek Girls group were so motivating – when I had a problem, everyone was there to support me within minutes and the daily motivations helped more than you can imagine!
Christel Allbon Because it is paid for and therefore you feel like you should do it right, and the motivation on Facebook
Kyle Allbon Because it was something we paid for, we made sure we followed it.
Bridget Fourie The support is amazing and it works because it helps me to focus by giving me time frames through the regular measurements and check ins. This means I didn’t give up or not stick to my eating and fitness as I knew I needed to send in my results.
Claudia Pietromartire The support and encouragement everyone gets – every day you see people who have lost the weight or who have made a lifestyle change that worked for them. So if they can do it, you feel that you can do it too. These are normal, every day people (like me) so to see their success motivates me to continue. everyone shares their thoughts and challenges, and the Sleekgeek community provides comments, advice and support – all of which are vital when you are trying to break bad habits.
Albert Nzeyimana It makes one accountable AND one has to constantly think about the weekly reports that must be given in. It keeps one on track! As well as, the support system on face book, one can never feel that there are in this alone! I would do this all over again!!!! Thank you to the Sleek Geek team for your support and helping me start this journey and this is just the beginning!
Julia Wright I enjoyed the facebook updates from members and the motivtional and inspirational emails. Good to know I’m not alone.
Rochelle Chandler πŸ™‚ it works because Elan knows what he is doing πŸ™‚
Bree Neale The paleo lifestyle, it shows you how to eat properly and is not a diet it is a sustainable lifestyle change. Sleekgirls Facebook page – helps to see others going through the same adjustments and challenges as you, feel like you are not alone in the changes you make.
Marina Andreoli It keeps you motivated and allows you to see how food types affect your bosy. It was a powerful educational tool.
Ivy (Phindi) Ndzekeli Having a goal and a articulated time frame to reach it works. What also worked for me is that I was doing it with my friend so we kept on insuring each other through out the weeks.
Sophia Strydom I love it; you learn so much from it, as the results show in the end. If you are given everything on a silver platter, you become less interested and in the end just ignore it. But if you put the work in, you will see the results, and learn what works for your body and your mind.
Dominique Warr I think the idea of having a goal in an 8 week period can work for a lot of people and it’s a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle
Leslie Longman Having an external monitor for the changes.
Sue Dennis Being accountable and the support/contributions of the SleekGeek community
Laetitia Hayes Re above comment – I won an entry but IF I had paid I would have been more than satisfied
Lexi Monzeglio I think that Sleekgeek works cause it is based on healthy principles and long term benefit- there is no short, quick fix, there is no ridiculous point counting system or eating plans that are not manageable in the long term. It is a lifestyle adjustment, and the support base online and from Elan & Eric is so great that it makes the adjustment easier. I think that the personal aspect is also what sets it aside – the fact that you CAN message Elan privately and know he will reply best he can is really cool.

ALSO – knowing that the guys that run this show are normal folk just like me – not perfect, also been through the struggles of weight loss, and still on their own journey

Shelorne-Louise Muller The support, the plans – eating and exercise, the freebies
Graham Large I think getting my selfconfidence back, standing tall again, and been able to to tell others with weight problems that it can be overcome without much effort and just a small amount of will power.

The most valuable part was realising how much rubbish I was eating before and realising that one can live comfortably without sugar and carbs. When you feel the weight loss especially in your clothes you realise that it is possible and easy to do and thats why it worked for me, having collegues at work comment that your wardrobe is too big for you is a great compliment and boost for one’s own moral.

Elmarie Ackerman Wonderful motivation, being held accountable and seeing the results after 8 weeks. It’s a great kick start to anyone’s journey, and the vouchers more than make up for the entry fee. The money back part that you included is a big bonus as well, as then there’s nothing to lose!
Madelein Muir It really helped me to get into a good routine for healthy eating and fitness. Previously work would take over and when it got busy I would skip meals and not train at all. This ensured that even when I was very busy at work to still eat healthy balanced meals and train every week.

Yesterday was the end of our challenge and we still went and did our weekly shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables and my training bag is packed and ready for training every day.

Wesley Muir Accountability and support you can’t have one without the other having a sounding board with like minded individuals. The opportunity for commitment the challenge provides is a huge positive regardless what your initial motives for entering are if you see the process through you come out different on the other side mentally and physically.
Felicity Dreyer The supportive environment is absolutely essential and pivotal to success. The fact that there are answers to questions available whenever you need it; the fact that everyone there has been on this journey to one degree or another; the accountability provided by the group – all invaluable!

I am so excited by how strong my body is becoming and by how much I can do now compared to 8 weeks ago.

Ruth Bassett The words of encouragement that came, seemed to come at just the right time. Also exploring the site and the feedback from previous challengers was a huge inspiration.
Ryno van Rensburg the motivations that is mailed out on almost a daily basis was really good, and it really helps to know that if you cheat your chances of not winning the money become bigger
Willie Van Tonder Only the eating program changes and the fact that although I at less food I never actually felled hungry at any time.
Alison Blackman the community support and the regular check ins kept me very focussed
Rosita Botha Elan thank you for your constant letters , posts of people who are and have fought bigger battles than ours and are able to conquer this. Thank you for Sleek Girls, to allow women who are the most fearful and emotional when needing to change their habits and work on their bodies. Thank you for the support that the site offers and helps one realilse that ther are many who also have their own personal struggles, goals and dreams. Together we can overcome.
Melina Frey I ticked “Yes” above but it would be more like “HELL YES!!!!”. Sleek Geek has given me the confidence to just go out and try. Regardless how crap you think you are, how fat or unattractive – just get up and do it.

Thank You, it has been an inspiration and I will definitely be entering the next challenge πŸ™‚

Carlo Wichman The most valuable thing I’ve learnt from this challenge is self confidence and self appreciation .and learning to never give up on yourself and anything is possible. Being able to achieve great results in two separate challenges tells me that this challenge works all the great information and knowledge gained from the sleekgeek group has changed my life.even though after my first challenge I slipped up I realized during this challenge that my body will change gradually I can’t expect to much at once just have to show respect to my health and fitness and it will take care of itself.i might not be where I wanna be but I’m a lot closer than when I started.
Ashleigh Dunlop healthier lifestyles
Sherri-Lyn Corbello Support from others around me and the FB group

Finding an eating plan that works and is sustainable

Being accountable via the check-ins but I am not competitive by nature so I never felt the need to win, which is what is attractive to most ppl

Maryke Willis Because of the Sleekgeek community, and the way we have each other’s backs. The support has been invaluable. Thank you.
Simone Cameron It definitely provides much needed focus. And it’s amazing that in 8 weeks, if you push really hard, you can see amazing results!
Suzette Sonnekus The motivation from knowing prizes can be won
Natasha Nosworthy Most Valuable was not feeling hungry at all and no cravings for junk, this was mind blowing.

Colours + food, the fact that you can just about eat any food and the ideas of cooking are endless.

Mariska Klopper There is quite a few valuable parts in the Sleekgeek experience. The Sleekgeek community on Facebook, motivating and inspiring each other to continue working hard. The variation in the eating and training plans make it easier to suite your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. I have told a lot of people I know about the Sleekgeek experience and I don’t think will or could ever go back to my old lifestyle. I like this lifestyle and feel so much better in my own skin and my body also appreciates it.
Taryn Lewis the eating plans are simple to follow and the support on line was awesome, I know I did not partake in the comments etc but I would go on line to see what was going on and see how others are feeling, always made me feel positive about this journey.
Claudine Bresgi The community. Its great to see how other “normal” people are changing their lives.

My friend needs to loose weight and I have been encouraging her to sign up for SleekGeek

Dean Oelschig The community. Having access to asking questions and knowing you aren’t alone. Safety in numbers so to speak.

And the competition element.

Also it gives you a beginning and an end which makes it easier to plan and motivate.

Danielle de Jongh As an entrant you have various programs and diet’s to choose from – therefore you still get to be in ‘control’ and I believe it challenges you more to succeed as it was your choice.

Having to check-in every 2 weeks keeps you positively focussed and you get to see the results – often the scale doesnt show the results a tape measure does.

Most valuable for me was learning what my body appreciates and dislikes ito food and exercise.

Bianca Olver I think the fact that you submit before photos and know you have to submit after photos holds you accountable and makes it that much more important that you put the effort in to training and stick to clean eating.
Shane Mitchell The whole experiane was a wonderful one for me. Will most def recomend it to my friends. This has made me so aware of what i do and what i put into my body and the impact it has. Most of the other diets do not cover your releationship with food.
Ulrike Irlich The Facebook support and motivation was excellent! Seeing results and the simplicity and easy lifestyle change….people are already asking me for my secret!!!
Mandi Pullen Learning to control my eating habits while travelling – planning is the only way to do it. Every day I knew what I was eating.

Sleekgeek reboot support page is the bomb. Although I didnt do the reboot, it was inspirational reading what others where achieving and using the recipes they posted

LYNN FISHER I have already recommended it to friends. When people look at me and tell me how amazing I look, it gives me pride and satisfaction to tell them exactly what I did!

I think it works because the challenge is only 8 weeks. I mean really what is 2 months, its over in a flash. I have always felt that a 12-week challenge sounds too intimidating and too long. But the truth is one is so happy with the results after 8 weeks that not only do they continue with another 4 weeks to get to the 12 weeks but in fact (hopefully) for the rest of their lives.

Catherine Gillespie SleekGeek girls group is great motivation and help.
Mel Fick Adjusting my eating habits according to SG was the most valuable lesson.
Sandra Sonnekus Entering the challenge provided motivation, I otherwise would not have had.
Prava Singh Encouragement and motivation with the training.
Carla Muller I love this challenge, even though i did not lose a lot of weight (think maybe i reached my first “plateu”) this challenge gives me some kind of commitment to health. I have a ‘reason’ why im saying no to bad food and going to gym. what i have learned on a very personal note this past challenge is that abs are really made in the kitchen and not in the gym. For the first time this quote made sense to me. i was traing hard but the eating sucked, so i didn’t do as well as i should have. Lesson learned!
Louisa Rockman It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle.

The support is phenomenal and very encouraging, it made all the difference.

Paleo / Reboot does not have to be tasteless typical diet food.

Natalie Oakley
Jan-Hendrik van Reenen I am defenitely happy with the challenge, I found it quite easy to follow it wasn’t overly complecated. I like that we are / where in constant comunication with SG and the sharing of experiences of others contestants etc. I valued the fact that we needed to check in at set times where one could see the progress being made esspecially after starting to see results/changes.
Dawid Dorfling The community, support structure and extras we get. Everything is worth it
Zandre Mozley The challenge held me accountable for what I ate and whether I trained or not. If I didn’t train or watch what I eat I wouldn’t see the results.
Chad Owen I have achieved a more significant change in my body in the last 8 weeks then I have in three years at the gym. I think the challenge keeps you focused and motivated, the after shock of seeing your body from someone else’s view point is a great wake up call. I have never been overly over weight, but I have definitely let my body slide to being flabby and soft. The 8 week challenge has kept my goal driven which I don’t think I was before and the constant check ups reminded me of where I’m supposed to be heading. I think as a spring board the challenge has worked very well for me, I think I wanted to look like a men’s health model after 8weeks, but I have realized that the change in my body is definitely heading in the right direction and what I have started now I can improve on and keep going after the challenge.
Carol du Preez Willis The community support, particularly from Elan who takes the time to interact with everyone.
Samantha Bridgens All the interesting information and if I did not get sick I would have made use of the training plans
Heinrich Bridgens The idea that it’s a challenge drives you to push through all the time.

the constant checkin’s reminds you of that teacher you never used to misbehave infront of for fear of penalty by death, The checkins normally set the tone for the next 2 weeks.

The community and the assitance from everyone is like that brother in arms, never leave a man behind feeling.

The weekly newsletters from Elan inspire and change the way you think about what you really doing this for.

Deona Allan I’ve been an insomniac ALL my life. By the second week I was sleeping much better. I am not an 8 hour sleeper but I am waking less in the night and am in bed much earlier.
DaniΓ«l Herbst The community helps you push through especially when you train alone it gets really difficult to stay focused seeing all the awesome stories about all the people loosing weight and toning is so great and it helps me to pick myself up and just try and try again πŸ™‚
Tara JANSE VAN RENSBURG The encouragement of the Sleek Geek community
Janel Stoltz n/a
Danie de Vries Initially forcing me to get into a healthy routine and lifestyle and with time it becomes second nature until it is no longer a “chore”. In the end you can go without it!
Emma Jones-Phillipson Getting the guides and eating plans.
Barry Scotson The eating plan and support of all the other sleekgeeks on Facebook
Jason Ross The most valuable part for me was realising how unhealthy I was being and realising how much fat I actually had on my body, really never knew I had that much to loose. Now I am healthy and looking good all thanks to Sleek Geek.
Candice de Vries Leading a healthy lifestyle. Feeling so much more positive from the inside and the outside!
Peter Knapton I think that the support groups are amazing and I also feel that having regular check ins keeps you motivated.
Paul van Jaarsveld It works because there are real results, from real people. Not model-type people, normal day to day people who share the same struggles and successes, and the support from the communities is UNBELIEVABLE, every single question i had, was answered by either the SleekGeek team, or by someone in the community who has experienced the same thing, so all experiences are relatable, and you LEARN as you go, which is an added bonus
Jacques Conradie The SG community support to me is single most valuable asset of this whole process.
Shaun Matthews All I can say is sleekgeeks rock ! I stumbled across your website by chance ( or was actually fate !) . I read about the challenge, hummed and hawed about it and then said stuff it and went all in. Just knowing that you are part of a group striving for the same goal, is the motivation and “kick start” you need.

Just been part of a group with normal people trying to get healthier, and actual people doing it not just pamphlets and testimonials of some person, you will never know. The facebook and other channels really provides a sense of belonging. Even if you do not post, the stories, advice and motivations you receive, is the real Boost !

The reason why it works, is that 24/7 you never alone ! there is always another sleekgeeker on line to provide some motivation !

Gareth Phillips Support, motivation and accountability…. basically the people involved are AWESOME !!!
Ana Nunes The results speak for themselves, i have recommended a few of my friends as i can honestly say that the food im now eating has made my body have more energy, no pain and i’m so more alert (my brain does not feel that fuzzy anymore)
Michelle van der Merwe This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

The one suggestion is to perhaps have a picture of the various parts of where the measurements needs to be taken. Just to make sure all the measurements are at the correct places.

Richard Hagan I have always battled with my weight – since I was a youngster. I’ve tried Weigh Less MULTIPLE times and just never managed to lose weight beyond the first week. Herbalife was another unsuccessful experience.

SleekGeek was the push I needed to finally do something about my health, for myself and by myself. Although I haven’t been as strict as I should have with the diet, and despite not having exercised regularly (something I do regret), I am still beyond happy with the results I have achieved. My family cannot believe how easily I have lost the 8kg I’ve lost! My whole family suffers from weight problems and I’m the first in the family to lose this much weight and in this short a period of time. Since starting Sleekgeek, my girlfriend and my parents are all experimenting with Paleo and similar Low Carb diet plans and they’re all amazed at how much better they feel. My father had been battling with stomach/colon problems – thanks to Paleo he’s discovered that all along it was dairy causing his problems. He cut out fresh milk and his stomach is now functioning brilliantly.

I have enjoyed the challenge so much that I intend to sign up for another challenge in the near future. The fortnightly check-ins kept me accountable throughout and I enjoyed that..

Sleekgeek works because:

The community is sincerely supportive without being judgmental at all {this is something that must continue to be encouraged), the cash prize is a huge incentive, I’m doing it for myself, and the fortnightly check-ins encourage compliance and discipline.

Anelia Du Plessis Frequent log in and messages was motivational.
janine Pedersen Motivation and goals – make me work harder.
Euan Fourie It is a whole community of people going trough the same thing than you are at that stage, which is very motivating, and if you feel down in the dumps the fellow sleeks are always there to improve your mood. Also because you actually pay for the program, you feel more accountable towards yourself, which is also motivating.
Michelle van der Merwe The support of the community was what made me succeed, every time when I felt down, going online and reading the post and feeling motivated all over again. I didn’t feel alone in the process of creating a new habit and new healthy lifestyle.
Pieter Du Plessis Experienced results weekly and once used to different type of food, fairly easy to stay on eating plan. SG community on facebook also keeps me motivated, seeing others results and advise.
Angie De Olim The community feel on social media and the availability of plans
Tania Melanie Mill The most valuable part for me was finding myself again. I have been overweight since 2007. This has boosted my self confidence, has changed my approach to life and hearing the compliments form family and friends adds to the whole experience.

I think it works due to the healthy eating, exercising and the support that you get through the Sleekgeek community.

Angelique de Beer The main reason is the motivation and support one receives. If you lack the will power doing this will make sure you push yourself just that extra bit.
debi schuiling I think just knowing that you need to send in measurements and that there are other people on the journey with you is great.
Janine Andre The knowledge gained is extremely valuable. The challenge has taught me so much about myself and the new healthy lifestyle I choose to lead, it is about more than just changing eating habits and daily routines, it is about making bigger changes including my social habits. I have gotten rid of more than just some weight, i have gotten rid of bad habits too.

Losing weight and feeling more healthy and active is great, buying smaller clothes is an amazing feeling but nothing compares to the confidence I have gained. It has taken a lot of courage for me to go through with this challenge from submitting the before photo’s to walking into a gym practically in tears. I have come a long long way I have even made a few friends at the gym now and i don’t feel like an alien there anymore. I draw inspiration from the Sleek geek community every day but I have never comment or add any value to the page only because I have never felt that I have the right to. Now that I have completed a challenge and have some experience I feel that i have earned the right to comment and voice my opinion with confidence that i can add value. That alone is worth the Entry fee and the Sweet sweet prizes don’t hurt either.

Reinier Duraan Learning how proper nutrition fuels a good workout!!!
Jana Jacobs The challenge gave me the motivation to get back onto the healthy eating wagon. After the December holidays it was really hard to commit to it again and the challenge was just what I needed.

I learned a lot from all of my fellow Sleeks on the Facebook page and I learned so much about myself as I did weight training and HIIT for the first time in my life. I liked seeing how I improved almost daily and could do more and more before getting too winded to continue.

This challenge is a platform from which I will continue to build a healthy lifestyle.

Galit Cross This challenge motivated me to achieve, not only because i had paid the money but also because I made a committment to myself. Every week I could see change in my body and a definite change in my weight, which just motivated me to continue. I feel much healthier than I did before I started and even though the challenge is over and I am not quite where I want to be yet, I feel motivated enough to continue to push through to reach my goal weight and to being more fit and toned.
Pia Marangoni The challenge helps you get your “mind right” – as with anyhting, commiting to weight-loss and altering my lifestyle was more mental than physical.

I quit smoking after 15 years on my own – i did it, but it was lonely and not many people understood what I was going through. The SleekGeek community is incredibly helpful – suddenly you find yourselves in a community of people who WANT you to succed, and even if you’re doing better than they they still encourage and push you. The comaraderie, support and help I’ve experienced is incredible – I realised that ‘m not alone, there are hundreds if not thousands of people in the same boat as me. By the same token, there are these amazing success stories from real people, people you can reach out to and connect with for inspiration, insight and motivation. I cannot describe it – but I feel like my life has done a 360… I know I’m at the beginning this road, but for the first time I feel like this is something I CAN do, and do forever… for me, there is no end πŸ™‚ its a life-changer. Thanks Elan… πŸ™‚

Candice Setton I felt alive on this challenge and people noticed a change in me as a person and the physical change. The most valuable was everything, haha. It works because it is simple and realistic.
Daleen Dimitriu The change in mindset and the contribution from all the members.
Meagan Jackson Taking control over my life! Sleekgeek has got me to where I have been aiming for after 4 years! It kept me accountable to myself.
Christiaan Diedericks It establishes a commitment.
Magda Jansen van Vuuren I think the community is vital to making a lasting change – it is necessary to have a network to go to when you want to stuff yourself with the largest cake you can lay your hands on.

And the REBOOT is awesome.

Murray Young The structure , the challenge and the bi-weekly check ins online.
Johan Schoeman I guess that you have a date to work toward and that you have to send in regular info.It helped a lot to keep me on track.
Samantha Welch Eating right. It has even changed my 4 year old daughter’s appetite. She LOVES mommy’s fresh veggies!
Samantha Maskell Having the support of my husband and dong the challenge together.

Reading success stories from other Sleekgeeks on Facebook

Grant Maskell Doing the challenge with my amazing wife was very important, aside from that, the reboot was instrumental in getting the process underway.
Dale Welch You HAVE to start on a specific date, or you lose out. That’s it. As I was Heat 4, I had no choice but to start on 3 March, which was great. Otherwise I’d still be sitting here complaining about when I’m going to think about losing weight πŸ™‚

Sleekgeek also has a certain cool factor. I remember when it started with just a couple of tech journos (I am in PR), and they used to tag their posts #sleekgeek. I wanted to earn the right to use that tag, and now I have! You’re probably laughing at that comment, but it’s true (for me anyway, lol)

Christiaan du Plessis Having a goal/target to work for kept me motivated. Else I wouldn’t have lasted at this intensity for 8 weeks.
PAUL SWARTS It worked for me because I never back down once i set a goal. but i think for others you may need more interaction. also maybe give them an eating plan.
Elizabeth Ferraris Being accountable. Also enjoying…. Have won both my 2 x challenges so far πŸ˜€ (would do it in conjunction with SG)

Tx E

Lianie de Kock Having the community on facebook and the support it gives and just reading everyone’s successes.
Phumudzo Ndwambi
Melanie Aufrichtig I think committing to the challenge definitely forced me to continue eating clean and training hard. I knew I had to “report in” to someone and there were consequences for my actions. I think the R500 discount on a new pair of trainers is definitely a draw card – feels like you aren’t then spending R500 to enter really.

This challenge has made me realise how I can slowly transform my body and my life and it has given me the insight to continue going forward.

Claire van cuyck I said No to spending my money just because it didn’t motivate me either. I could have paid a R1 000 and I would still be in the same place I am in now.

I would recommend to friends who are new to being ‘healthy’ there is a lot of support and free easy to access tips and info from a wide range of different people and not just one persons opinion/ feelings etc.

Sondra Hope The support. Definitely the support!!
Suzette Sonnekus people noticed a change in me, like my boss, and i inspired colleagues and family.

being able to do it with justin. Think we got to know eachother even better and it was good for our relationship. we now work out together.

Justin Kotze i’ve influenced so many people, and hope to continue doing it through my journey. you can expect me, and more friends on the next challenge
Audrey Mash The community support
Audrey Mash The community support
John van der Berg self discipline
Farghana Peck Just to know that you not alone in your struggle to be healthier and lost weight makes a whole lot of difference!
Paul Kelly The fact that you are not doing this in isolation and there is constant support and reinforcement makes all the difference. Losing weight can be such a lonely thing and often the failure is in the fact that there is little or no inspiration and it’s so easy to quit. The fact is that with the constant feedback, informationa and indpirational stories you don’t ever believe giving up is the right action. The reality is there is strength in numbers and when doing this with others there is an element of competition that makes you want to succeed. The challenge and the prizes are definitely motivation to succeeding and even if you don’t win anything, by the time you get to week 8 the lifestyle has been created.
Shaun Fickling The aspect of competition. It appeals to the competitive nature in me and pushes me harder
Albert Liebenberg I have been going to gym beforw the challenge but wasnt really psyched to go or felt that there was any progress. Sleekgeek gave me a reason to be excited to go to gym and gave me a goal to work to. Everyone needs a goal to work to and a reason to have to see some progress.
Kevin Henstock Healthy lifestyle
Diane Brunsdon Support i think was the biggest part that helped me
Debra Leih I joined the Facebook group and was very encouraged by all people, they are an amazing bunch…
Diane Brunsdon Support i think was the biggest part that helped me
Shudley Adams The community is what makes Sleek Geek work. The support you get from everyone as you try and achieve your goals. Also the vasts amount and variety of knowledge within the group is brilliant.
Elmarie Ackerman I find the way you interact with us great. You know my name and always answer or comment when I post on Facebook or on Twitter. You made me feel important to you, and that’s why I already have another friend on reboot!!
Candice Gardner Just the motivating factor and the community to get advice from. You’re investing in yourself at the end of the day.
Leon Theron The ability to connect with people that have the same goals as you and achieve them through hard work. Also seeing what we are able to achieve with hard work and how positively it has affected other peoples lives.
Justin Channell Has to be the community! Even though I don’t participate as much as I should, it helps to read up on what everyone else is doing and getting training tips and recipes.
Mark Atkinson The most valuable part of doing Sleekgeek is that it gives you a reason not to give up. It gives you something to aim for, something measurable and achievable. I think often people are not sure of exactly what they want to achieve. For example, “lose weight” is not a goal. It’s not specific nor measurable and thus people struggle to get there. Sleekgeek helps us to define, measure and COMMIT to our goals, which is something that is well worth the money.
Cassandra Economides Dedicated training, and Constant healthy eating is vital!!! Train insane or remain the same!
Michelle Beale I think adopting healthy living as a lifestyle. Also, understanding what healthy living is – not simply assuming what has been advertised as healthy to be exactly that. For instance people eating loads of nuts or Woolies veggies chips assuming it is a good choice. The insight the group gives is priceless.

Also, just being encouraged by other like minded individuals makes it easier to adopt the changes. Seeing others make huge changes in their lives is inspiring and a great drive to continue trying to do so in your own life.

Michelle Matthews I enjoyed being part of the group (not everyone is a fitness junkie). It helped me cut down on carbs, which I thought was impossible! I also found it was that extra little bit of motivation I needed to keep me focused on living a healthier life.
Arthur Attwell I was surprised how motivating the challenge was. It wasn’t just because I’d paid R500 and wanted ‘value’. It was more because I’d just committed myself personally — as a promise to myself — to give this a proper try. It was just really helpful to have a concrete reason to make the little sensible decisions about whether to go for a quick run, or not have that slice of cake, or order the carb-free food, and so on. I’m not a big socialiser, but I can see that the community aspect is important — just knowing others are thinking about the same things you are is encouraging.
Chrystina Jacobson Being part of the SleekGeek community truly worked for me. Being able to ask questions on SleekGeeks Facebook and being motivated by other SleekGeeks helped when I wasn’t motivated. Also seeing the challenge as a ‘lifestyle’ rather than a diet, is what kept me going.
Chrystina Jacobson Being part of the SleekGeek community truly worked for me. Being able to ask questions on SleekGeeks Facebook and being motivated by other SleekGeeks helped when I wasn’t motivated. Also seeing the challenge as a ‘lifestyle’ rather than a diet, is what kept me going.
Giuliana Schoeman I feel a lot happier and I’m going to carry on going to gym 5 – 6 days a week. I didn’t enter this to win which is why I didn’t even put self tan on (yes I know I needed it), this is just motivation to keep going, when Christmas holidays are not exactly around the corner. Life is for living now, so that’s why it’s cool to get started now.
Susan Mulder the accountability is why i do the challenge. it makes you focus, and in 8 weeks you cannot afford to cheat much. it is awesome πŸ˜€
Rochelle Chandler I am so happy that i found Sleekgeeks through a friend as it has kept me on track..

I have managed to recommend Sleekgeeks easily as i have and still am inspiring them with my challenge..

and will continue to spread sleekgeekSA far and wide..

It is great to follow Real people going through the same ups and downs during a weight journey..

Its the positive vibe and the continious help from everyone that makes me enjoy being part of the group..

My 8 weeks is up and Now i can officially call myself

a Sleekgeek..

Bring on the next challenge..Im Ready

Alex Shiells For me it is the formality of a challenge to say today I start and not the continuos, “aggg, It I will start tomorrow, today will be a cheat day”
Siobhan Swart For me what really keep me going was knowing I would have to submit after photo’s and didn’t want to embarass myself to be completely honest. Also all the progress reports from others who have made huge dietary changes, seeing where they have come from. I enjoyed the FB page and seeing others being honest about their struggles cheats and recipes etc.
Martin Nel I liked it that there is so many other people out there that has the sam questions that I do, and with 3000 members on FB you are bound the get a few answers, so the support was nice! I also like the Fun in it….musclemonday etc!! It makes it fun and you feel part of a family!! Thank you so much!!!
Alexa Korb I think the whole idea of a ‘support group’ is great, and knowing you spent the money motivates you to really try. Although I have not reached my goals, due to a lot of sickness, I really do feel Sleekgeek has helped me look at my lifestyle and realise that being healthy is a lifestyle, and not a quick diet. Thanks!
Simone Pretorius the whole comunity and support that you recieve from other members and it feels like you have entered into a whole new world with like minded people who have struggles just like you. it aint easy but man is it worth it!
Lindy Bursey My most valuable experience is knowing that there is a happy, healthy, fun, exciting community out there and you are apart of it, that have each others backs and everyone is wanting you to succeed in your journey to a healthy life style.
Greg Harrowsmith Essewntially makes you aware of what you are eating and the overall state of health and how that affects you.
Ryan Quirk The most valuable experience was my shift in mindset and the new found determination I have to pursue my new healthy lifestyle
Carla Brown The support from the SleekGeek community was most valuable. I believe that when you are surrounded by like minded people, who push you/ motivate and support you, it makes the challenge so much more worthwhile….and also helps, you in the sense that you are not alone, and that there are people out there who face similar challenges to you.
Andy Nossel I have already recommended it to many people who i will encourage to do the next time. I will do future challenges to keep me on track. It provides a wonderful framework and support network – i have loved the facebook page! Thank you!
Douglas Grobbelaar Seeing that if I put my mind to it I can make the changes to a healthier, happier, lifestyle. I can feel and look great and that it can change me for the better and make me a better man.
Graunt Kruger The deadline! The feeling of being part of a greater program with lots of other people.
Nicola Davidson Definitely the community – the encouragement, the motivation and the access to healthcare professionals for answers to questions was invaluable, and made me feel as if I wasn’t alone in my journey. It’s the best part of SleekGeek!
Leo Smit I think the social interaction between other group users is what i found pretty cool.

As you know, i blogged about the experience – and the amount of messages i got on my posts just showed me that all these people are just like me – all wanting to improve their health and fitness.

Christiaan Serfontein The community of people that help encourage each other and take part in discussions to make it an interactive group on social media and you will be more dedicated and encouraged when you read the success stories.
Pia de Villiers i did sleek geek with my mom and a lady i work with (clare de beer) it was great to encourage eachother and chat about things we were struggling with! also having the sleek geek forum to ask questions etc really helped !!
Bridget Fourie Its having a goal to work towards and being able to achieve it in record time, even if no prizes are won in the end, having a great body and feeling confident is the best prize of all.
Bridget Fourie Its having a goal to work towards and being able to achieve it in record time, even if no prizes are won in the end, having a great body and feeling confident is the best prize of all.
Suzanne Kuhn The motivation. The group. The feeling that you are not the only one trying. And on the off days, looking at the group and seeing others haven’t given up.. It reminds u to toughen up!! (-:
Jason Kuhn The community! I think I check the sleekgeek group more than my actual timeline! All that I could suggest would be to organize sleekgeek hikes, beach workouts etc…
Andy Nossel It was great having a structure both in terms of the time frame and the diet and exercise programmes. It made me and my mission feel contained and manageable.
Andy Nossel It was great having a structure both in terms of the time frame and the diet and exercise programmes. It made me and my mission feel contained and manageable.
Andy Nossel It was great having a structure both in terms of the time frame and the diet and exercise programmes. It made me and my mission feel contained and manageable.
Roxanne Mower The focus on getting your life on track with a challenge.
Darron Diesel-Reynolds I think the biggest thing is the community that has developed on the FB goup. It really is a great support system, whether you are part-taking in the challenge or not. If you have any doubts, questions or advice the group is there to go to.
Nisha Ebrahim Sleekgeek was the “excuse” I needed to get my healthy habbits back on track. It got me started. I had been planning on going on a similar healthy way of living for a long time, but it was always “next week”. Once I got started, the regular check in’s kept me going. Now my way of thinking has changed. Even though I cheat and don’t deny myself of everything that’s sugary and yummy, I’m aware of what goes into dishes and I’m conscious before I shove something into my mouth.
LYNN FISHER The most valuable part of the Sleekgeek experience was my new body. It goes to show that when you get to 50 you dont need to have a body of a 50 year old. You can aspire to have a body of 30 year old – and keep it!

It works because it is a life long change. It teaches you life skills – how to eat healthily and how to keep in shape.


Angela Botha I would recommend possibly inculding eating guidelines such as good foods to include in your diet as well as good suppliments to include when doing a challenge. I think good vitamins and minerals are important to take during a challenge as I find with myself I tend to be more prone to getting colds during a challenge and intense activity.
Jaco Mouton Sleekgeek changed my life. I was fat, I was sick, I hated a mirror and was shy to take my shirt off. I now swim in the sea and look in the mirror and go “how you doin”

The community is like family. It’s people with the sam mission. You have people that are starting off and others who have reachd their goals. So you really get th best advise and cangive some advice too.

I love it. I really do. I love to participate in the group and I am actively recruiting members and love watching their progress too.

Christine Collins The community based assistance and motivation
Philippa Botha This challenge was fantastically co-ordinated and arranged and loved all the sponsors coming on board which just shows that Sleek Geek is a growing brand and mechanism on its own that is affecting and influencing and benefitting the health of the public anf people out there.

I think possible examples of eating plans could assist those that dont know what to cut out etc,,, The exercise programs were definately the best part of this challenge as it assisted many of those that do not know where to start when it comes to planning a gym session. I think advise on foods accompaning the exercise program will make this a real appealling brand.

Janel Stoltz The Facebook community was an amazing support tool.
Travis Booth The chat group on facebook helped me a lot.
Sophia Strydom I’ve already recommended it to friends. I think this works. And definitely doing the next challenge. There is no set rules or eating plan to follow. It is up to YOU to find something that works for YOU. YOU do the research, YOU know your body, and YOU see the results.
Morne Jacobs I would not have obtained the results I got without the help of the Sleekgeek community and all the tweets and updates!

All the motivation from others and seeing how other people also fight through the tough times to achieve greatness!!!!

It was AWESOME!!!!!! the best is yet to come

Carine Botha Its all in the mind!!! Once you have made the decision yourself and for yourself it will automatically influence the people surrounded by you, and before you realizes there are a bunch of people committing to a healthier lifestyle.
Candice Rodrigues I love the community. It is so uplifting to be able to be yourself and have your say even if it’s a bad day or if you need advice. and on the good days when you feel on top of the world, everyone is there to cheer you on. I found that was the most rewarding feeling I have felt in such a long time. I love my sleekgeek friends.
MarilΓ© Van Eeden The payment of the entry fee makes me accountable to endure through the challenge. Also now after I completed the challenge I can tell them how great it feels to achieve your goals.
clare de Beer Community Spirit


Dawid Dorfling the knowledge and support we get on training, nutrition and lifestyle change
Diana Weibel What worked for me the accountability factor. When I considered skipping a run or a cheat. The fact that I was on the challenge helped me stay on track. It also helps when people want you to “have just a little piece “!
Gregory Bloch It makes you focused on what you are eating and forces you to focus on what your body COULD be like!
Shirley Miles As you have to submit your progress every couple of weeks.. make it interesting as you are following your destiny.
Alison Redmond I have done a challenge without submitting details twice before and many people have commented on my weight loss. I do love the whole Facebook camaraderie and love reading the emails. Pity I’m a loner so don’t feel comfortable submitting fof etc. I have recommended Sleekgeek to quite a few people
Chad Backstrom The motivation. Staying motivated is key. Having a goal to work towards.
Terri Maasburg The motivations aspect. Having a goal to work towards.
Haley Abrahams Accountability. That you’re paying money for it, so you take it more seriously. And that you have all the resources you need (eating programme, fitness plans, etc). That said, my saving grace was a gym buddy – I would not have done the time in the gym without her. You also need to take responsibility for your own life and challenge, though – and read and learn and explore and challenge and DO – not expect everything to be handed to you and then whine because you still didn’t do it. Some people still see SG/UY as a quick fix/magic bullet, not a lifestyle change. That’s the good part – I learnt a lot about myself, in spite of my crappy results. And I’ll grow with it – the eight weeks was just the springboard into a new awareness.
Carmelita English The great eating plans provided
Dewald Botha The social group on facebook made a huge difference – the community, even though I was not actively part in it – I did check in each day to see what people were saying, and it did help every now and then.
Lauren Mirfin I would say the support that you get continuously not only from the facebook group but from Elan as well. Seeing everyone’s progress just makes you want to work harder and achieve the same happiness. seeing others struggles makes you realise you are not alone! Its ok to fall down as long as you get back up.
Maryke Louw It is a mind changing thing, I loved the support on the group and to eat clean and train dirty.
Michaela Hogan it holds you accountable which is great! love it!
Nadia Raimondo Mainly the support that you get and you can win some “lekker” prices.

The fact that its a challenge and you need to challenge yourself – at the end only you will now if you did your best. It all about willpower.

Life’s about choices – You learn to say “no thank you” instead of “yes please”.

Alison Redmond I have done a challenge without submitting details twice before and many people have commented on my weight loss. I do love the whole Facebook camaraderie and love reading the emails. Pity I’m a loner so don’t feel comfortable submitting fof, etc. I have recommended Sleekgeek to quite a few people
Nadine Van Der Walt Definitely the support among people who are on the same journey as you are, which is to become a better you.

To share stories, motivation and advice.

The commitment you make in the beginning to do your best, eat clean and train dirty for 8 weeks.

Ilze Stanley The support
Jan Rheeder Thanks for constant motivation
Zoliswa Dlanjwa Support , information.
Salomey Van Zyl Because you are accountable.

You feel part of a community that shares the same goals and struggles.

The fact that you can choose which program – exercise and eating plan – suits you.

Not an all or nothing approach, a focus on making lifestyle changes.

A positive, safe environment.

No judgement just caring, understanding and focus on a healthy lifestyle.

I can identify with the SleekGeek way of life!***

Meyer du plessis all my friends have better lives now
Tarien Volschenk It’s helps you to realize that you should take care of yourself and feel better about yourself
Elizabeth Backer For me it worked because it was a challenge I set for myself. Every time I gave up someone on the facebook page would update on how much they have lost and there was no way I was going to stay behind.

As silly as it sounds, but I knew there was people looking at my before pics and if I felt disgusted looking at them, what would those people not think. I WANTED to look better…I WANTED to be able to run with my son and wear nice clothes. And this challenge did it for me!!! It gave me the boost and kick up my *** I needed πŸ™‚ I would most def recommend it to anyone!!

Kholo Moropyane Thye exrecise plans. I felt I had a personal trainer.
Abel Rudman Because your not alone and a bit of competition and accountability always helps to jump start people to a healthier life and as soon as you feel the benefits you will continue with better choices
Rozelle Rheeder Group support, motivation, inspiration, accountability.
Marissa Griesel Because it forces you to make changes. Even if you are eating clean and training, you do amp it up a bit or try something new during a challenge. Good or bad outcome, you at least take an active role in your own journey.
Dirk Griesel Forced me to focus a bit
Lorin Barnwell Being held accountable for the decisions i make and being given the opportunity to really investigate what works and what doesn’t for me.
Lauren Martin This Challenge changed my life. Its informative and keeps a person accountable for achieving your health and

fitness goals. I loved the fact that there was so much support and all this for free whether via email or on Facebook.

I would definitely take part in future challenges because it transformed me into a Better Me!

Alicia Buckle Being able to be more confident in my own body and knowing that only I can be held accountable for what goes in my mouth. For awakening my inner fitness Goddess and helping me to be a healthier, fitter me. It works because you are never going through it alone, there is always people in the community that help lift you up when you fall and instead of judging you they motivate you and help you remember that you are only human and that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start and no matter how hard it may be now it is ultimately worth it and believe it or not it only gets easier. Its a lifestyle chance and not a quick fix.
Anthea Nicholls This challenge forced me to commit. And that was one of my biggest challenges.
Caylee-Jane Evans Its good to have the group forum,lets you know you are not alone in your struggles as well as provide motivation and that added pat on the virtual back when you accomplish anything no matter how big or small.
Linda Eedes Signing up and paying a fee meant I was emotionally and psychologically committed. I enjoyed the interaction on the facebook page and it definitely gave a sense of community to the exercise – all in it together etc. The time period is long enough to see results which I think is important. Also, having to send photos and take photos and write updates also meant a sense of accountability along the way which I found really helpful. I can’t wait to sign up for the next one!!!
bernadette reyneke first thing you must do you must get your head on the right place. the best of everything the people on facebook that motivates you. and everybody that helps you. you learn so much from everybody. I love SG.
Kelly Mitchell A goal must be measurable and reasonable…

I found commiting to photo’s and actively seeking a buddy……. helped me through and made it worth while!

Kelly Mitchell A goal must be measurable and reasonable…

I found commiting to photo’s and actively seeking a buddy……. helped me through and made it worth while!

Christy Beech The community is the biggest value to me. and then the great updates by Elan. He keeps us motivated and going.
anneke spies the in-check was the most motivating part, because you don’t want your next measurements to be more then your previous measures, so that motivated me to work harder to loose weight and cm’s.
neo moselekwa taking measurements at the beginning of the challenge makes it a great challenge as it makes one face their fears and it is a great thing to always have reminders sent to the challengers to take their measurements. the supporting articles on eating plans and the fasting programme is great.
Mologadi Magagane The articles, the testimonies and the support group gives motivation for this journey. I’m so glad I signed up because it’s given me a good kickstart to take control of my health. After having my baby, the last thing I wanted was to face the prospect of returning to work with all the baby-fat, now I feel better about myself and I’m going to keep going until I have my ideal body. thank you for that!
Martene Gouws The best to me was the comraderie, everyone was spurring each other along
Emma Rowberry For me, the most valuable part of ULTIMATE YOU was learning that there’s no quick fix and that there’s no ‘one solution’ for everyone. Following posts in the group made me realise that you have to start with the base plan you choose (paleo for me) and then tweak it to what best works. I learned to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, and make changes as necessary. I asked for help finding a personal trainer on the group and quickly got a number of replies — one of which was Jandre at Fitness 101. I’m so grateful for the recommendation — which I never would have got without ULTIMATE YOU. It’s changed my life. So for me, the group support, the articles and information, the encouragement, and knowing that there are many of us out there going through the same weight loss/healthy lifestyle challenges, is very motivating. THANK YOU for providing this platform for us. I’ll be back for the next challenge and will be eternally grateful to you all for the support, and for igniting the flame for change.
Melanie Van Renen The whole experience
Carli Mostert Carli Mostert It helps you stay motivated and keeps you accountable thus you want to work hard and have results to show for it. I would definitely recommend it to friends. It works and it worked for me because it a great motivator it there is more reasons you are doing it and it you have a great support system and people watching you.
Adriana Prins it gives you a short enough time to realy put your head down and focus
Petro Liebenberg Seeing my friends do good with out them even notice that their body changed before and after pic rule
Jessica Jacobs I love the 2 week check ins – kept me bouncing back
Rhiannon Spence Constant support and motivation through e-mails and facebook posts from sleek geek was very helpful.

I did the challenge together with my fiance and some friends (one of whom had done it previously and encouraged us all to sign up). It really makes a difference when you are eating clean and training together and not alone.

The most valuable part for me is the change of habits and lifestyle. It was important to me that before our wedding my fiance and I become healthier. I believe that 8 weeks s a good length of time for the challenge as I don’t see it as a once off challenge, i see it as a change in lifestyle. We are now in the habit of preparing fresh, good food at home and not stopping for take out and munching down on sweets and chocolate.

Paul Botha Its motivation to get started, I always hear “yeah, I must do something about getting healthier”,”I must go to gym” etc and these people never do anything about it (I was one of them). This gets people to gym, it helps people start eating healthier, it lets people know that there are others out there that are struggling with weight, body image, motivation etc and that there is hope, there is a time to start getting healthy……AND THAT TIME IS NOW!!!
Anveer Ramnath Will power is very important and this attribute is key to finishing on top!
Nina Voges The continuous check in and motivational emails and also being part of the fb page helped encourage me through this process
Lilly Whitehead I learnt that a good diet is very important. I also learnt that its great having friends who support you and for you to be accountable to someone. There is such great support on the Ultimate You challenge and if i had any questions they were answered quickly and sorted out in no time. I would highly recommend the challenge to anyone
Herman Kruger The fortnightly weigh-ins help with the goals. The training programmes are very well designed.
Natasha Peet The online support we get is the best, it motivates and encourages you to push harder. There are so many people on the same boat and the same challenge which offers understanding and compassion. I am overwhelmed by the support the challengers gave each other. Thank you everyone!!!
Daniel Ribeiro What works is that you the Ultimate You team helps keep you motivated and helps keep you on track
Carla Neethling The most valuable part of the challenge was the online support from fellow Sleeks as well as the bi-weekly check-ins. In the past it was all to easy to start a diet and give up. These check-ins force oneself to stay motivated and focus on the goals at the start of the challenge.
Diana Sanderson Learning to eat Clean and Train Dirty

The support form Other sleeks via Facebook groups was incredible.

Lindsay Douglas-Haw The strict check in keeps you more on form
Tammy Van Eeden I think it works because you’re accountable to somebody besides yourself. You also realise that there’s a community of people out there who are going through exactly what you are. I loved the success stories , It made me believe that if they could do it I could do it too.
Ranvir Singh Its a challenge. We all need a goal to work towards.
Monika Kriel The support is great, and the constant emails to not let you forget why you’re doing this.
Kaylene Mattheys Results are achieved and there is a lot of information that is useful and helps every day. The facebook group is motivating as well.
Sasha O’Hare The community is the best! Lots of inspiration in the form of recipes, what exercises/outdoor activities people are doing, the challenges others face which could be the the same as you.
Karin Louw I think it works because you really cater for every type of eating choice and exercise ability.

My only problem was I emailed a question meant for the dietitian. I was directed to the group to ask the question there. I did not want to ask the group hence the email. I would have liked to have access to the experts involved.

Samantha Fredericks Being on the challenge helped me stay on track with eating and my workout plan, especially with a check in every 2 weeks
Maresa Botha I would recommend it to other friends, but not based on the value it provided in my life per se. It is not something I enjoyed partaking in, upon reflection, but this is due to my own journey, weightloss history, and how I need to approach things, not the challenge or the SG community, which I think is fantastic and a wonderful platform for many – I will continue to be a part of the community in general, but in future will stay away from these sort of challenges. I have already made an internal commitment to my health and weightloss journey, and that will continue.
Hester Esterhuizen The before and after pictures of previous challenges made me enter this challenge. I they could do it, maybe I can do it too. And now I did it. I tried this way of eating on my own for a bit before I entered the challenge, but after I entered the accountability of the challenge made me stick to it. Also reading about others progress on the different Facebook platforms made me stick to it ever more. I am sad the challenge is over, and I will be thinking about entering the next one, but for now I will keep on doing everything I did with the challenge, just add a bit more of what I missed and see how that goes. Thank you Elan and the Sleekgeek team for laying down the foundation for the rest of my life.
Claire Berthold
Charmaine Oliver There is support for all kinds of weird questions. no one treats other badly. There’s a great support system.
Clair Broedelet The online support on facebook, weekly emails, checking in often motivates you and reminds you to keep on track.
Kirsten Locke I think it works because it feels really good to watch yourself transform from a blobby couch potato to a much slimmer go getter who is vibrant and full of energy. The most valuable part would be winning, the R10 000 prize is great motivation, but I am 100% certain that my life has changed for the better and that in itself is a massive win already.
annemie rabie It gives you something to work towards always great knowing you have someone monitoring your success and keeping you accountable.
Helgo Lange Its a very good start and motivator if you are struggling to get into gear.
Stacy Walker joining a community of like-minded individuals that would help push me through the good and bad days all the same πŸ™‚ It works because it is a challenge and having a competitive nature along with a goal to reach it helps to know that there is a competitive element to the experience.
Marietjie Basson All the info that was provided.
Dade Ralph Plenty of options.. no allegiance to any Diet organization…
Charmaine Breedt There is a good support system and lots of motivation.
Farran Henning The check ins entire you keep on track
Estelle Coombe-Heath It makes you commit to this lifestyle
Danell Ascott The world does not have to know you’re on a mission to lose weight. It takes the pressure off it
Keran Jaap I have recommended it to friends. It is a wonderful tool to get one motivated. I think it works because it allows you to set yourself goals, has check in points to keep you motivated to achieve and an end date so you know you have limited time to reach your goals.
Jannie Breedt It really work
Anastasia Voigt It was a challenge done with people who have the same end goal as me, the all wanted a healthier and more fit lifestyle and with there results to motivate me, even one step at a time, i felt that i was not alone and never judged.
Paul Tavares The prizes
Bianca Holdstock Check in help & support on Facebook
Patricia (Pat) Richards The commitment that comes with registering gives it an edge that helped me stay on track. I feel that it made me responsible and accountable. The check-ins do help to keep us on track.
EunicΓ© Frankenfeld I will most definitely recommend it to friends. It doesn’t only teach you so much about your health and well being, you also get the chance to socialize with other sleeks that understands your journey.
Astrid Trimmel these challenges made me fall in love with exercise again. got me moving. def helps you change your mindset to. i mean u spending money so you really don’t want to waste it.
Tanza Hobbs It gives you guidance for the people who want to change but have no idea where to start…
Sumesh Moodley You have a virtual group communication and support via Facebook…I didn’t comment, but I read other people’s experiences & challenges.
Nici Bruchhausen It works if you buy into the new healthy lifestyle and take full advantage of the support groups that are offered. The most valuable part is getting spurred on by the successes of your fellow competitors. This kept me motivated and picked me up when I had a bad day! Sleek Geek really is a family and being part of a group with like minded people, with the same goals in mind, is priceless.
James MacGillicuddy I would recommend it if my friends could afford it.
Shelby Goebel I think it works because you feel like you have the support of the whole Sleekgeek community behind you.. which keeps you accountable.
Nicholas Zaaiman Because of the constant motivation from the emails I believe it works.
Jacques Maitland yes I would recommend it because it helps to build confidence and with confidence you push a lot harder with traing
Jaclyn Newberry I loved the group on facebook. Everyone’s motivation and input was incredible & it gave you more encouragement.You have like minded people with the same goal in mind, no one knocks anyone for their questions/ thoughts.

I think this works, because its you doing it for you surrounded by positive re-inforcement.

Loraine Maitland Challenge yourself to win something
Diane Gdanis It allows you to train at your own pace, a non-judgemental and positive environment even if you slip back into your old eating habits. The access to all the professionals and the information provided to help you succeed is superb.
Kevin Reid It simply re energizes one and add a bit of spice to an existing training routine .
Leandi Gibson for me it worked because it challenged my thinking around weightloss and health. I learned a LOT!

And my buddy system was absolutely fantastic! I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life.

Simon Henderson It ensure commitment and accountability and is great to do with friends, colleagues, or family. The competition and drive to be better with every training session and push for results every week is the most beneficial reason to enter.
Nettie Fick The online community and commitment to a challenge during winter time is what made it work.

I did most of my research and experimenting earlier and thus felt I could actually do most of it without the support of the vault and professionals.

Coenraad Fick The challenge helped me to stay focussed on my goals, and also allowed me to share with people why I am doing it, creating awareness, as well as marketing SleekGeek to quite a few friends along the way.
Ilana Eksteen Holds you accountable. Often i have tried to make make the lifestyle change but after such a long time of wating junk by the weekend i would give into my cravings. Knowing i have to check in every 2 weeks makes you realise that you will be accountable to someone
Desigan Naidoo
Elmarie Werth The sting programs and also seeing on the Facebook page what others are trying and what’s working and not working for them.
Daniel Jacobs The fact that it got me started on a road and showing me how setting goals help you achieve. i have already set my next personal challenge to do the impi elite and a mini triathlon. on the road to great fitness
Anthea Combrinck That I was committed. That it really change my life for the better.

It works as it is all well planned. Got all the help from the experts.

That you can ask anything at any time and you know you will get that help.

Thank you

Hildi Coetzee For me it works because it keeps me accountable.
Diane Roodt The eating plans are excellent.
Kris Coetzee It certainly gets you to think about what you put into your body, and then the energy that needs to be exerted to burn the food.
Michelle Haas The group support and professionals constant willingness to help and give advice.
minet williams It holds you accountable
Christopher Els I think the most incredible part of the challenge is the change I saw in myself that I never thought was possible. I think it works because people need some incentive to get fit and healthy and this does just that and it’s like your personal accountability partner.
Juan-Pierre Grundling being healty and seeing the results.
Monique Grundling Learning to eat clean.
Kayla van Rooyen I think it worked because i had a deadline to reach my goals
Liezl Viviers The fact that you committed yourself, I ticked off every day on a calender
Khanyisa Stengile The Facebook support group was really helpful at keeping me on track.
Daniel Link Ultimate you brings out the competitive side of people. I never entered to come second.

I think that when you have to put updates and measurements that drives people because they want to have better results than the previous entry. I have always been sporty and new my nutrition but somehow over the last few years it fell away. However someone who knows nothing about either training or nutrition has a massive choice of expertise on the Ultimate you Challenge to help them through their transformation or weight loss goals.

Carla Witsche The training programs and the menus. Having such a variety off food makes it interesting. Having all different food everyday avoid getting bored with the food which means you wont cheat that easily
Michelle Gray The community, the help, the support, the efficiency of the Sleekgeek system. Always available to help, always inspiring and real at all times! No bullshit. That is what kept me going.. πŸ™‚
Johan Nel All the irritating facebook messages really does help to keep my focus on the ultimate goal.

I enjoyed it tremendously, I told every one I know about the program and with everyone asking about it, it kept me focus.

Between week 5 and 7 got very thought on the eating healthy and going to the gim every day. I did stray a lot then, but got back on the living healthy quest and I am now even more committed to achieving my goals.

Chantel Croukamp It teaches you to few food in a different way.
Roseline Lin Believing in the people running the program.
Chezelle Kroon It teaches portion control and living a healthier lifestyle.
Rohan de Jongh It forces my fiance to tell me I can’t have anything bad as I am in a challenge and forces me to go to the gym. It forces a lifestyle change.
Katharine Siobhan Pearson The people. The online support is incredible. The resources are well researched (I’m currently doing a health-based degree and appreciate that your advice is evidence based). The competitive element – who doesn’t like being a winner πŸ˜‰
Helena Hutton I found paying a fee to join the Challenge was a good way to make me commit to making changes to my body.
Lorna Louw Just the commitment to do something different for 8 weeks. What also assisted was doing it with my husband; I would not have made it without him.
Sharon Eckert The beginning of a new lifestyle and not just a way to lose weight
Samantha Govender if you are at all competitive as I am.. if you value money as I do.. this challenge will work for you it targets both those primal instincts… πŸ™‚
Zia Taylor It made me very aware of what I put into my body.
Portia Van der Walt Support and encouragement
Jenna Glaeser It works because there is a great support structure behind it which keeps on motivating you and ensures you don’t go off the tracks.
Sasha Henderson I think everybody thrives better under a competitive atmosphere. This challenge ensures we up our game/gives us the kickstart we need.
Ian Louw The before photos and measurements, as well as the check-ins. The eating plans.
Roxy Booysen The most valuable part of the experience was the support of the SG HQ and on facebook . I find people to really be supportive and encouraging for me that stands out
Annarien Venter The support from every person and the fact that I could ask any one of you guys a question without feeling silly πŸ˜‰
James Byrne I started working out at 05:00 in the mornings( In winter) because I committed to this challenge, something unheard of if you knew me. What that basically means is that I started believing that a mind set is something that needs to be changed in order to achieve change. I am sure that this will be different for almost everyone, but I now realise that the major walls that surround our health and mental health needs to firstly be identified in order to be broken down to achieve a next level of health revolution.
Grant Jubber it made me stop and think twice about what I put in my mouth!
Monika Klose Having to submit those photos are definitely an eye opener… that helped me a lot, it was terrible seeing what I looked like and actually having to send those photos to other people… so that motivated me a lot to change my ways…

The prizes are also a great motivator, I think everyone can do with R10’000!! πŸ˜‰

All the support you get, all the extra info, diet plans, exercise plans, having professionals available to assist with any questions, definitely makes it worth it, even if you don’t win in the end, you get so much info that it’s worth paying that small entry fee.

Madelyne Szezinski The change of eating habits
Mel Smit Great motivation. Great sport groups
Jana Mans Well obviously the money is a big insentive, but I must say, even if I do not win anything, I still feel it was well worth it, as I learned alot about fitness and also about my body and my limits.
rene carter All the help when you get stuck. It’s a great place to get help quickly
MJ van der Merwe The eating plan. Changing to healthy eating.
Lounel Jubber it keeps you accountable!
Lee Watkins I think the fact that there was an entry fee I was more committed. The duration was also perfect – enough to get over my old habits and form new ones.
Ceazare De Beer It worked because I had a set goal of giving it my all for 8 weeks. I started to stagnate before the challenge and this shocked me into pushing myself again. I really enjoyed the partner challenge and it brought me and Jana closer together. The challenge was mostly for me, but I am sure she also benefitted a lot from it. I also enjoyed the fact that all the emails and articles were helpfull and not just focussed on getting you to buy something. It felt like a support group and not a marketing experiment.
RONELLE VAN ROOYEN Whoop whoop. You rock. Ultimate you motivates a person to achieve a healthier lifestyle. It also prevents you from veering off course because you know you are competing against so many and are pumped up to do your best during the challenge. Even when you hit a low you have your pity party and the next day you are back in the saddle, ready to carry on. Without the challenge, I presume I would have still been in my slump and my eating pattern would have been as poor as it was. Not even a course of cortizone and 2 weeks being ill with low blood sugar and ketoacidosis stopped me from finishing the challenge.

I am just do proud that I got this far… So thanks again for this challenge. I can now help so many fellow fibromites to improve their health and motivate them to start exercising. One thing I’ve learnt is that the more you exercise with Fibromyalgia the better your muscles become. From someone who was bedridden with pain and myofiscial pain, I now walk and take part in 5km Parkruns and fun runs. Keep up the excellent work you guys are doing.

Sumarie Potgieter There are so many inspiring people in this group and everyone helps each other
Storm-Ashleigh Ford The support system is phenomenal and the fact that there is a reboot option after is awsome
DAVID DAMON the motivation via facebook really helps to keep you inspired
Jennifer Turner The support, the knowledge you get from people who are walking the same road as you.

Access to the programmes on the vault.

Rudi Martin Any challenge I’ve done with Sleekgeek has been of extreme value , because I feel that it pushes you beyond your limits.
Nicole Towers I think the before and after photos as well as the check ins help keep you responsible. Also the support on the social network groups are amazing.
Derek Anderson First and foremost the financial ‘commitment’ aspect really kick starts the whole process. It’s not a lot of money to “invest” in your future but it’s also not a small sum by any means for some people. For me this really forms the foundation of my commitment, the other aspect that resonates with me is Elan’s video on not relying on motivation alone, but rather making a commitment to yourself. This was so powerful for me it actually made me cry and smile at the same time, why? Because I realized how many times in my life I have tried and given up due to no real commitment to myself, I always needed motivation and when it ran out so did I.

Secondly what works is the active community, always keeping it fun, posting meal ideas, asking questions, and the positive feedback I get.

Lastly what I found worked so well for me is telling everyone I know about the challenge, also an idea I got from the Sleekgeek facebook group. The more people I told the more I thought, shit, I can’t quit 2 weeks in and look like an idiot to all my family, friends and work colleagues. It helped me stay committed.

Wesley Naidu I was great being a part of a competition that supported my progress and put me together with people that were in the same boat as me i.e. trying to improve their health and lose weight. The motivation and encouragement really helped. Being able to compete with my spouse was an added bonus.
Vanessa Naidu It works due to the support on FB and motivation on email. It is due to honest comments and feedback on posts. It is due to inspiration and inspiring people. Thank you.

I would have loved a FB page with just the people that started in my heat. It would have been nice to be able to touch base with people going through that same thing at the same time and how to get past it.

Mary Anderson Not complicated
Linda Kerford It helps a person to stay focused
Marilize von Horsten Realising just how much info is out there and how important prepping is. The awesome part was that it took place in winter (including over my birthday and many family celebrations), which meant that there was an added incentive to brave the cold. I like the early morning training and will try harder to actually do it more often.
lana morison it works and i believe that strongly. even though i didnt reach my goals my friends and family still noticed a difference and i will continue with this way of life as it defiantly works.
Imelda Gouws The excercise programs were well worked out and was targeted for the whole body.
Coleen Brotherton – Laaks The plans and training provided look good and easy to understand and follow and I met a great bunch of online buddies who were and are a great support every day.
Anneke Dobronic The fact that it’s only 8 weeks, and that everything is done on-line. The articles and newsletters was also of great value.
Cara-Lize Lugibihl Learning to change my lifestyle one day at a time.
Claudia Pietromartire It provides accountability. The prizes are something to aim for yes, but the biggest factor I think is that it makes us, the challengers, want to do better because we know that someone else is going to be looking at our results at the end of the day. So we cant just put it off and make excuses. The support and feedback from the SG group is also nice and its great that the community provide each other with information and answers to questions.
Shaun Matthews Knowing you are not alone.
Vickie Whitehead It keeps me committed. Even though I have not achieved what I wanted to I have stuck to it, without the challenge I would’ve completely thrown in the towel.
Laurika Koen I think for me it was my buddies supporting me and to whom i reported..keeping me on track. The awesome admin that always answers and help where possible. Being accountable for your own results.
MICHAEL COOMANS because you paid money your immediatly more committed. we enjoyed doing the couples challenge. its nice to know you might be in for a chance to win something as a reward. the access too eating plans and training programs is really nice. especially for beginners.
Dineo Morakile The fact that I had a variety of eating plans to choose from. The support structure from the experts was amazing. Welll done to everyone.
nicolene COOMANS just having something to work for
Melissa Jooste (Crystal) The biggest reason why I feel it worked was ACCOUNTABILITY
Michelle Lailvaux The resources as well as the support on the group. Makes you feel like you are not alone.
janine coetzee Just working towards a goal, that was actually the only thing that motivated me!
Clemmy Walker I think it works, mainly because the programme is long enough for you to make positive changes that are sustainable ,but not to long for you to loose interest and focus.
Helene Hawtrey I valued the commitment and belonging to a group
Clint Hawtrey Commitment
Ginette Swart The support from fellow challengers and being accountable
Claudia Pietromartire Because you are accountable for your own results. This makes it easier to stick to it as you have committed yourself publicly to do the challenge and so it is much harder to back down or drop out. The group is also really supportive and you know that you are not alone in what you are going through, which is a great motivating factor.
Angela Craemer Its not a quick fix . You learn how to change your life for the long haul not just a quick diet for 2 weeks .

It changes the way you think of what you eating .

cassandra santos Forcing yourself to learn about food, reading food labels and getting creative in the kitchen.

It shows you that a healthy lifestyle IS sustainable and encourages you to become a better version of yourself.

Amelia Cockrell You are not alone, amazing to know there is a whole community of people with the same goal in mind, to be a better you and the support and inspiration is what drives you for 8 weeks and there after!
Juan Landman The entire experience was very beneficial, but I would say mostly the motivation that is generated from being part of this program. All the resources and assistance are also great.
Bianka Landman The support from everyone. All the facebook ideas and tips.
Charl Enslin To have a goal in mind and time limit help to stay focused together with the check ins……
Alana Byrne Being part of a group and interacting with other people who are going through the same experience really helped me keep focus and try new things. I had to make adjustments along the way as my initial expectations were quite unreasonable, but it seeing what other people were doing and trying that helped me keep making small changes and adjustments along the way.
Janine Swarts 1) Surrounding myself with like minded buddies who are on the same journey and

2) Knowing there is an end date in which my progress would be measured/ looked at by someone other than me.

3) Learnt alot from others and resources.

Daphne Watts Support, information, motivation, emails
Sonnet Flynn The support from FB and email reminders.
Lenke Enslin It’s for a set amount of time that you commit. And in this 8 weeks you can see mayor changes if you work hard. Previous winners fotos motivates you.
Keri Petrie The information provided.

The support and motivation from the group.

Kemble Elliott The constant support and encouragement is wonderful Seeing people’s real stories and hearing people support each other is so motivational. We never feel alone. Thank you!
JP Bezuidenhout The general support from all in the group and the kindness from fellow sleeks.
Keryn Mattei All the information & the FB site. The fact that all questions were answered & issues were sorted out is a huge plus
Cheneal Puljevic Being held accountable
Elly VOLPE The fact that we had to send updates every 2 weeks. Sending no progress reports made me feel ashamed and made me work harder.
Judy Van der Westhuizen The support
Janina Taljaard The buddy experience was great. We motivated each other and became good friends
Mark Sarembock The self motivation. Teaching you that you dont have to accept what you look like. There are plenty of healthy routes one can take to achieve the ULTIMATE YOU. And teaching you that you dont need that cupcake or that chocolate. Clearly you can survive without it.
Chris van Niekerk For someone with a competitive nature, the fact that it’s a challenge with a time limit works really well.

Accountability also makes a big difference. Once you have told people that you are doing the challenge, you need to stick to your guns.

Having a buddy to speak to about things really helps (buddy challenge is a great idea!)

I plan to get my partner involved in the next one and do the couples challenge as well

Melody Wordsworth I managed to change my lifestyle and stick to it
Sandra pratt The initial assistance and info given as well as the contineous support received during the course of the challenge was awesome!
Russell Petrie I saw the entry fee as a commitment fee, the benefit for me was the inspiration from various sleek geek members with their progress.

My challenge does not end today, the last 8 weeks was just the start.

Heidi Groenewald The most valuable part of the challenge was my buddy group and the posts on the Facebook pages regarding training. I have leant a great deal over the last 8 weeks that will set me up for the rest of my journey.
Yvonne Bothma The most valuable part is all the support, help, plans and advice! I cannot wait for the September Challenge to start! Doing it again!
Heike Holton knowing that I have to measure and weigh in kept me focused

if I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder I don’t bother I know that

Lizelle Cloete The will of wanting to change!! Changing your mindset from having to, to wanting to.

Seeing everybody’s results, eating habits, training everyday on facebook, makes you want to do the same and better.

kyle steyn The weighs in keep you motivated

It’s nice working against other people

The support from the group is amazing when you have bad days

Olivia Schuller You have expert advice at your finger tips, a support group that is always ready to help. Ultimately it starts and ends with You. You must want to do.
Pamela van Niekerk What a great starting point on the road to good health and fitness. the check-ins were a great way of keeping me accountable and focused. The benefits of the challenge have not stopped with me but have also spread through to the rest of my family.
Zlatko Dobronic The healthy eating plan. I did the Banting diet. It works as I did not do too much by way of exercise on this challenge and I still lost loads
Linelle Whitehead learning my own emotional and physical strenght
Roxanne Alexander Reading the Facebook posts for motivation.