A quick interview with Kris Roux, 1st Place Men’s Weight Loss who lost 26kgs in the New Year 2016 Challenge!

Q: Give us a short history of your journey to health and fitness before the challenge.

Believe it not, I have actually done Sleekgeek’s REBOOT 3 times in the past 2 years and have had great success. The biggest challenge for me came after the reboot and this is exactly where I failed each time. It’s very easy to get back to your old lifestyle and bad habits and before you know it, you have gained all weight and more in no time. I do think that my mindset before the challenge started was completely different this time. I did much more research about RE-DIETING and re-introducing more calories into your diet after a challenge like this and it has definitely worked. Thus far I have not gained weight and fluctuating between +-1.5kg down or up on my weight.

Q: What prompted you to join the Ultimate You Transformation Challenge?

After our last REBOOT we did in November last year, I have gained the most weight I have ever done and eventually also became the heaviest I have ever been. I realised I had to do something about my health very soon. We were going to start REBOOTing again and then saw the challenge and decided that there’s no better way in changing our lifestyle forever than competing in the challenge. We knew it will be tough as REBOOT is only a half of the challenge that we were about to do but also realised that we can achieve even better results than normal REBOOT.

Q: Give us a quick overview of the nutrition and eating plan that you followed during the challenge.

For the whole 56 days, we followed the REBOOT eating plan and never cheated a day. Since the food that you eat on REBOOT is so nutritious and taste so damn good, this part was a breeze. However, this time we did make use of intermittent fasting and to be exact, 2 different types. The first 3 weeks was extremely hard, especially since we followed a 23 fast and 1 hour eat type. We therefore only ate during night time when we’ve already been to gym and after a long day at work. As I said, very hard indeed but after researching this specific type of fasting, I can honestly say that it was worth it. I have lost that big hunger that I always had and I eat small portions nowadays. I’m just satisfied much sooner. After the 3 weeks, we completed the challenge with 16-8 fast regime. 16 hours fast and 8 hours eat where we only started eating at 12PM and of course then no later than 8PM. This works extremely well since you really limit your calorie intake without depriving yourself with each meal. I can really recommend this to anyone serious about losing weight.

Q: Give us a quick overview of the training and exercise plan that you followed during the challenge.

As with the eating plan, we also decided to try something different with the way that we were going to exercise. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training was exercise regime that we followed and I will say once again, if you are serious about losing weight, there is no better exercise than HIIT. It’s important to also make sure that do the right kind of HIIT. We did an extreme amount of cardio HIIT. With only the stepper and the stationery bike being used. Obviously you can choose any type of cardio machine that you want, but don’t fall in the trap of thinking spending ages on a machine doing low to moderate exercise will let you loose weight fast. You need that intermittent sprints to really burn those calories. I think it was just past our 4th week that we switched to some super circuit with very light weight settings on the machine but increase the amount of repetitions. We also only did this for a week just for resting the legs before we start the last 3 weeks of the challenge.

Q: Did you use any supplements or do anything else worth mentioning to help you get results?

We used no supplements. I’m not against supplements but I do believe that natural food is all you need to loose weight. Bodybuilding is a complete different story but I’m not into that and therefore I strongly believe the best way to lose weight is naturally. I also would strongly suggest against binge eating. During the challenge we once went out for dinner to an “all you can eat” prawns buffet. I finished 8 plates of prawns consisting of about 15- 20 prawns per plate. The consequences were disastrous. Not only did I gain weight but I only started losing weight again 4 days and was sick the whole day after the night we had prawns. I will never binge eat again. It’s just not worth it.

Q: What did you find most valuable about your experience?

If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything! We were very lucky to enter the competition with two of our very best friends, Marius Willemse and Eugenie Trieghaard. When we started the challenge I told Marius I am going to enter this challenge to win it and nothing less. With that in mind, I worked extremely hard and accomplished it. Your mind is much stronger than your body and you can achieve anything if you have the right mindset from the start. We look at food differently nowadays and I would strongly suggest to anyone serious about their health to join the Sleekgeek community, enter the challenge and change your life forever

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