DAY 15 TASK: Tell someone how much they mean to you


Welcome to Day 15 of the Free 30-Day Ultimate You Healthy Habits Challenge brought to you by Sleekgeek and Health24!

On this 30 day challenge you will receive one task daily to complete in order to help you eat, move, think, and sleep better.


Today’s task is to tell someone how much they mean to you:

We all have important people in our lives. People who we couldn’t imagine not being able to text when something funny happens, friends who are pretty much family, perhaps even a mentor who has changed your life and helped you become the person you are today, almost certainly your family and significant others who mean the world to you.

But how often do we actually tell them they’re important to us? I mean, I’m sure they know, don’t they? Well, we’re here to challenge you to do things that you don’t always do – something that might not be a daily habit, and telling someone how important they are to you is one of the most powerful healthy habits that you can adopt.


  • It helps others (your loved ones) feel good about themselves
  • Open lines of communication lead to more powerful relationships (whether it’s romantic or platonic)
  • It expresses an attitude of gratitude
  • It is a positive affirmation to you and the person that you care about

When you’re authentic about your feelings and appreciation of someone, it creates a snowball effect of positivity, because when it’s returned (and it usually is) it helps you feel good about yourself.

Even if you know someone cares about you, it’s always good to hear it. Just like laughter is the best medicine, expressing love and receiving it makes you feel happy, positive and light of spirit.


How to complete today’s task:

Some ideas on what you can do:

  • Pick up your phone and call the person you thought of when you read today’s task. Chances are they would love to hear from you – especially when you tell them how much you care.
  • Give someone a hug. Hugging increases levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin. This, in turn, may have beneficial effects on your heart health and more.
  • Do something nice for a loved one today – something you know they would appreciate having a break from (like doing the dishes or making dinner).
  • Spend quality time with someone you care about. No phones, no distractions. Just talk to them and really listen – sometimes being heard is one of the nicest feelings.

Even if you don’t do this every day, doing it regularly can only benefit you and your relationships. Love makes the world go ‘round after all!


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See you tomorrow for your Day 16’s task.


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