DAY 23 TASK: List 3 things you love about yourself


Welcome to Day 23 of the Free 30-Day Ultimate You Healthy Habits Challenge brought to you by Sleekgeek and Health24!

On this 30 day challenge you will receive one task daily to complete in order to help you eat, move, think, and sleep better.


Today’s task is to list 3 things you love about yourself.

It sounds pretty simple, right? If we asked you to list the things you love about a family member or your best friend or your significant other, you could probably do it in a few seconds flat. But, it’s a little bit more tricky when we need to list our own positive attributes. How often have you sat stumped when someone asks you: “Tell me about yourself, what are your strengths?”

It’s because we are so used to speaking down to ourselves and being critical that it blinds us to our good points and stops us from seeing the amazing qualities that others love us for.

Reasons why self-love is important:

  • Love attracts love. When you focus on things you love about yourself, they become clearer to others.
  • It motivates you to take care of yourself; you look after and maintain the things you love
  • You learn to trust yourself and appreciate yourself more
  • You tend to make healthier decisions when you love yourself. (No more self sabotage)
  • It boosts self-confidence


How to complete today’s task:

For today’s task, we want you to focus on three things you love about yourself. It can be anything, but it must be directly about you. So not “I love that I have two children” but rather “I love that I am a great parent.”

Try and make one physical attribute, one emotional attribute and one talent of yours. For example:

  • I love my arms/smile/butt.
  • I love my sense of humour.
  • I love my singing voice.

Once you have listed those, expand on them a little – really give it some thought. When you focus on things that you love as opposed to things that you don’t like about yourself, you create a positive energy and start to appreciate the miracle that you are.


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See you tomorrow for your Day 23’s task.


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