Greetings challenger!

Today marks the beginning of your ULTIMATE YOU 8-Week Transformation Challenge. You have made the initial commitment by signing up for the challenge, and now it is time to give it your best. In 8 weeks time you could be a completely improved person who is healthier, happier, and more confident than ever before. Combining your motivation to succeed with our quality resources and fantastic community support will have you right on track for some amazing results.

On this page you will submit your “before” measurements at the start of your Heat and it will be followed up with your “after” measurements at the end of your 8-week challenge which will provide a comparison of the amazing progress that you will achieve.

You will also be submitting before and after photos right after your measurements are done so make sure that you have a camera, a recent newspaper, and possibly someone to help you on hand!


You will need

  • A scale
  • A measuring tape (that uses centimeters)
  • A willing friend, partner, or challenge buddy to help you




You have a 1 day “grace” on either side of your challenge start date. Please refer to the Heat Date Table in your Challenge Vault.

For example:

If your heat start date is Monday, then you must note down your measurements and submit them both within 1 day of your heat starting date. That means you can submit your before information either on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Don’t leave it to the last minute if you can help it.

When submitting your form, please note:

  • Round to one decimal point when not a round number (e.g. 96.58 becomes 96.6)
  • Already round numbers do not need decimals added.
  • ONLY input the number and NOT the metrics. (e.g. submit 96.6 not 96.6 kg)
  • Make sure the tape measure is straight when taking measurements around the body. We recommend measuring 3 times to ensure accuracy.
  • Write your measurements down on paper before submitting them in on the form. Technical issues and device failures can happen at the most inappropriate times. You will need to submit these before measurements AGAIN along with your after measurements at the end of your challenge.
  • With submitting forms we believe you will have an easier experience on a PC rather than your mobile phone.




NOTE: Please DON’T submit this form earlier than the day before your Heat officially starts. See guidelines above.

  • Click here to fill in the form when ready and you will have officially begun your 8-week journey.