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Hi Challenger!

Welcome to your challenge resources page.

Below you will find a collection of useful resources to use over the next 8 weeks. They are all completely optional and it up to you whether you wish to use these tools or not.



Super handy worksheets that we suggest you print out and use to track your journey.

56-Day Challenge Calendar56-Day Challenge calendar  [Download]

8-Week Progress Summary8-Week Progress summary  [Download]

Weekly Progress SummaryWeekly Progress summary [Download]

Daily Eating and Training LogDaily eating and training logs [Download]




Challengers who signed up to our VIP Pre-Sale waiting list got access to a series of videos to help them plan and prepare in advance for their upcoming challenge.

Now that the challenge is live, there is still value in going through these videos for insight and tips from Eric and Elan on how to have the best 8-week challenge ever!

Commitment vs Motivation

Outcome vs Behaviour Goals

Progress vs Perfection

Measuring Success

How to Prepare For Your Challenge

The 5 Whys





Our experts Ashley, Kelly, and Jandre have contributed their top 8 pieces of advice to help you become the Ultimate You!

Ashley Galliard, Sports Scientist
1[Download Why you should lift weights] 2[Download Ten rules for healthy eating]
3[Download Top ten exercise tips] 4[Download Write your own success story]
5[Download Weight loss – the low-calorie cardio trap] 6[Download Cardio before or after weights?]
7[Download Let’s get back to basics] 8[Download Be active over weekends]
Kelly Scholtz, Registered Dietician
1[Download General healthy eating guidelines] 2[Download Eating green]
3[Download Exercise and weightloss] 4[Download How do I keep losing weight?]
5[Download How to eat carbs] 6[Download Hunger experiment]
7[Download Motivation, belief, and habits] 8[Download Reading labels]
Jandre de Beer, Sports Scientist
1[Download Whey protein 101] 2[Download Massbuilders 101]
3[Download Multivitamins 101] 4[Download BCAAs 101]
5[Download Pre-workouts 101] 6[Download Post-workouts 101]
7[Download Fat burners 101] 8[Download Creatine 101]




Beyond just chasing a short-term 8-week goal, we want to help you build a lifetime of sustainable health and fitness habits.

That’s why we are giving you an exclusive preview into Sleekgeek’s Lifestyle Blueprint.

It’s designed to make living a healthy lifestyle simple and easy to follow. It should only be as complicated as it needs to be, rather than as complicated as it can be.

Content will be unlocked in modules, one at a time throughout the challenge.



[Download Superfoods Re-Defined]


[Download Sugar and Refined Carbs]

[Download Habit-Based Nutrition]

[Download Food Logs and Journaling]


[Download Portion Sizes & Macro Ratios]


[Download Eating Healthily On A Budget]


[Download Eating Healthily At A Restaurant]







9 Things that healthy diets have in common

Only one bad meal allowed

12 ways to eat less sugar

25 Superfoods of the Sleekgeek lifestyle

50 Breakfast recipes for a healthy start

How much water should you drink per day?

11 universal truths in nutrition that people actually agree on

Why you’re hungry and how to control it

12 Baby steps to optimal nutrition

Top 11 “diet” foods that make you fat instead of thin

Food addiction – a serious problem with a simple solution

Eggs and cholesterol – how many eggs can you safely eat?

No, food is not fuel. And, thankfully, you’re not a Ferrari

Healthy fats guide

Workout nutrition explained: What to eat before, during, and after exercise

Food sensitivities and intolerances: Here’s how to do an elimination diet

Experiments with Intermittent Fasting

Detox diets and juice cleanses: Could they make you more toxic?

Top 10 nutrients that support fat loss

Is nutrient timing dead? And does “when” you eat really matter?


When all you want to do is sit on the couch

9 Habits of people with a healthy relationship to exercise

How to start exercising when you’re already overweight

Move your body: Why you need non-exercise movement

The best fitness tracking apps for every type of exercise

How beginning runners can improve skills and avoid injuries

10 Things I wish everyone knew about exercise

Fitness for men: The busy man’s guide to getting in shape

How to increase your athleticism in 6 minutes

Sprinting for muscle

All about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

7 Rules of highly effective core training

Why squatting is so important, plus tips on how to do it right

Are bodyweight exercises alone enough?

The 40 best tips to speed recovery from your workout

The best deadlift coaching cues that work

10 Keys to optimal strength training

4 Ways to make exercise harder

General Health

10 Measurements that are better than the scale

How to overcome the “I’ll do it tomorrow” instinct

What is “Mindfulness”, and why is everyone talking about it?

10 Inspirational quotes worthy of your refrigerator

Healthy habit chart

2 Questions to change your life forever

I’d love to get started; I’m just waiting for the perfect time

Fitness fanatic! How to tell people what you’re up to without sounding crazy

Good stress, bad stress: Finding your sweet spot

Boosting recovery: Solutions to the most common recovery problems

Hacking sleep: Engineering a high quality, restful night

10 Rules for raising testosterone for a stronger, leaner body

12 Reasons you’re not losing fat

The top 5 healthy habits every athlete needs

Discomfort builds growth

The busy person’s guide to reducing stress

How to clean your smelly workout clothes properly

Women and stress – part 1: What stress looks like

Women and stress – part 2: How to deal

101 Revolutionary ways to be healthy

How you can learn to finally, really relax