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Hi Challenger!

Welcome to your challenge support page.

Training and nutrition plans are what get you going, but it’s the supportive community built around the ULTIMATE YOU challenge that will help you come out the other side with fantastic results.

The social interaction within our support group will introduce you to like-minded people who are all there to take charge of their life and improve their health.

They will help to motivate you, keep you committed and accountable, as well as work together with you through your obstacles and celebrate your successes. It’s also a great place to create new friendships and organize real-life meetups or events.

You will also find our challenge experts (Ashley Galliard – Sports Scientist, Kelly Scholtz – Registered Dietician, and Jandre de Beer – Supplement Expert) frequently visiting the support group to answer questions and offer any advice they can to help you get better results.

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