Terms and conditions

Entry criteria and rules 

In order to qualify to win a prize in the ULTIMATE YOU 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge you must do the following:

  • Complete the official registration form
  • Make payment of your full challenge entry fee
  • Submit your “before” photos and measurements as instructed at start date of your challenge
  • Complete an 8-week Challenge during the HEAT period of your choice.
  • Submit all required “Check-ins” during the challenge
  • Submit your “after” photos and measurements on the final day your 8-week challenge.
  • Photo and measurement submissions must meet the stipulated requirements for consideration.
  • At your start and end dates of the challenge measurement and photo submissions may be made from lunch-time on the Sunday to Midnight on Tuesday of the start date.
  • The onus is entirely on the challenger to submit all required information during the challenge.
  • ULTIMATE YOU takes no responsibility for lost or unsuccessfully submitted information.

How are results judged?

  • A diverse panel of skilled judges will select winners based on a qualitative and quantitative assessment.
  • Judges reserve the right to abstain from voting for a candidate should they believe for any reason that the results were achieved in a manner not in the spirit of the challenge or falsified. This includes a result that would be deemed “not believable” or “possible” by a reasonable person.
  • “Weight loss” is judged by Kg’s and photo submissions.
  • “Transformation” is judged by a person’s progress and change from their Start point “A” to end point “B”. Judges decide who they believe had to do the most work in the 8-Week period.
  • Judges decisions are absolutely final and no discussion on results will be entered into. Non negotiable.
  • The staff of the organisers and their sponsors do not interfere with the results during the judging process and cannot be held accountable.


Buddy Challenge

For details of the “Buddy/Couples Challenge”:

  • Teams can be made of any 2 people of any gender across any of the categories.
  • Buddies have to first enter and pay as individual competitors.
  • A person may participate in multiple BUDDY teams for the competition. So you are free to partner with a few friends… but only on a 1-1 basis. A team can only be 2 people.
  • Your Buddy may participate in any Heat number.

Couple’s Challenge

  • Discounted couples rates are only offered as a discount of full entry rates


  • You grant THE ULTIMATE YOU CHALLENGE (and partner Sleekgeek)  permission to contact you with information regarding the challenge in the future
  • You grant THE ULTIMATE YOU CHALLENGE (and partner Sleekgeek permission to market the challenge and other related products to you in the future. You may opt out at any time.
  • The onus is on the challenger to submit all required information during the challenge
  • Challengers grant THE ULTIMATE YOU CHALLENGE (and partner Sleekgeek ) the right to use all submission materials for marketing purposes with the objective to grow the challenge.
  • It is possible for a prize to be shared in the case that the judges call a “tie”
  • No illegal performance enhancers or any kind of substances are permitted.
  • You must be over 18 to participate in this challenge
  • You must be in possession of a South African bank account
  • Expats who enter the challenge may only win cash prizes. Products will not be delivered outside of South Africa.
  • Expats who enter the challenge will not receive any product incentives that require overseas delivery.
  • There will be no refunds issued due to illness or injury
  • You indemnify THE ULTIMATE YOU CHALLENGE (and partner Sleekgeek) from any negative outcome associated to advice freely given in the community by its members or staff who are not qualified medical practitioners
  • THE ULTIMATE YOU CHALLENGE (and partner Sleekgeek ) will NEVER pass your contact details to a 3rd party provider without your express permission.

Money back guarantee?

To qualify for our 100% Money back refund you agree to show that you made some effort to make the relationship work.

We also ask that you exercise some fairness towards both parties in your consideration. We never want to take your money unfairly but we are also run a business and have to pay staff members.

In the end we can never guarantee results because different people’s bodies change at different rates. We can also not physically do the work for you either. We can provide a framework for people to achieve results. Which we do without fail every challenge.

To qualify for the refund we require that:

  • You must complete all submissions in the 8-Week process to prove that you have made an effort.
  • That you do not request a refund unless you genuinely believe that what was explicitly offered in our marketing materials was not delivered.