How to pay with Mobicred

2015_08_Mobicred web banner design_rolll out_New look-07Hi,

We have been asked a lot recently if we accept Mobicred so we have decided to activate it as a challenge payment option.

Many people are using Mobicred as a purchase method on leading retailers such as Incredible Connection, Chrome Supplements, Cellucity and the istore.

In a nutshell this means you can apply for a credit facility via Mobicred and make purchases which you can pay off over time. For example: 2,3,6, 12 months – up to you. Like any credit facility there is interest and charges involved.


Got Mobicred already?

If you are already an activated mobicred user then very simply select the Mobicred option when paying via Payfast.

Not got Mobicred? 

If you are not a mobicred user then you will need to first sign up for an account at Mobicred over here before you do anything else. They have a credit application process that can take a day or two.

If you qualify Mobicred will grant you a credit facility much like any credit card.

There is an initiation fee depending on the facility you qualify for.

All the ins and outs are explained on their site and they also have a support desk via

Please do not contact the Ultimate You Helpdesk with specific Mobicred queries since we do not have the knowledge and skills to assist you thanks.