Most people ask: Must you do each task cumulatively each day? 

The question we get most often is whether you are meant to do habits 1-6 on day 6 for example. The answer for this challenge is NO. The requirement is to do the daily task. You are free to do more if you wish.

The idea is not that you are doing 30 habits a day by day 30. That means we do not expect you to be doing all 10 habits on day 10. The task is to complete each task on its given day. If you find a habit that you feel benefits your life and you want to incorporate by all means do that. It makes sense. If you enjoyed eating slowly and mindfully on day 1 and saw the logic of it then gulping your food down again on day 2 is probably silly?

Of course in a perfect world it would be wonderful if everyone was doing all 30 daily – but not everyone is capable of that.

My advice is to look at your weaknesses and focus there. If you have trouble with sleep you may want to continue with the sleep focussed habits. The purpose of this 30 days is an educational tool to expose you to the idea that this journey to health for life is about so much more then just counting calories and exercising.

How you eat, move, think and sleep is where the magic happens.

Once you have learned these lessons it is up to you. Personally I have found I cannot focus on 30 things a day but I pick the things that are easy to implement and have good bang for buck in terms of my weak areas.