Spirit award

Each challenge we reward someone in the Challenge Group on Facebook with R2,500 cash for the “Spirit Award”.

By now you would have seen that this Challenge although an individual competition at its heart is full of opportunities to be part of something bigger and support others on their journey. You have learned that we offer a Buddy Challenge, Teams and now you are hearing about the bonus Spirit Award.

If not already done please the first step is to join our dedicated Support Group on Facebook. It is a place for all our challengers to share their experience, ask questions and make new friends. We want to hear about your experience along the way. Your highlights and the struggles. If you are in team you may have other places you interact with them but we would love to see you making a contribution to the greater community too.

The criteria for the award is the following: 

  1. You have to be an active member in the Support Group sharing and generating relevant content consistently.
  2. Regular and consistent participation in discussions on the group.
  3. Engagement, encouragement and helpfulness to fellow challengers who are having difficulties.
  4. Have a positive influence and be an ambassador to the challenge.

So as you can see the criteria is not just about who posts the most. It is also about who is helpful and interested in interacting with other challengers in a meaningful way.

We look forward to your contribution!

Team Ultimate You

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