Team info and FAQ

Note – Info regarding teams Updated for New Year Challenge 2017

Teams are a fun, optional addition to our Ultimate You 8-Week Challenge. Over the years of running the Sleekgeek community we have seen the power of people working together, supporting one another and building camaraderie. The Sleekgeek code is to “Respect.Uplift. Inspire” and so even though this is an individual competition in many respects our way is to lift others up. We believe the best way to help yourself is to help others.

Many people have said being in a team made the challenge for them! Some teams got so much into the spirit and went as far as to make their own merchandise. This feature is 100% optional and not a requirement for the challenge. You can complete the challenge as an individual – there is no obligation to join a team.

Consider it a BONUS feature you can participate in our not.

The idea from a Sleekgeek HQ perspective is for this to be as self-organising as possible. Though we will always do what we can to help we take no responsibility in connecting people to teams.

How are the teams formed?

The teams are self-organising and so, are formed between themselves. Either a leader comes forward and volunteers and asks for challengers to join them, or a group of friends joins the challenge together and forms a team. Sometimes, teams form once the challenge build up begins and people form friendships through the Facebook groups.

The longer people have been in the community and interacted with others the more they are generally in the loop and connected to other community members.

How are leaders selected?

There are a few scenarios. A person may step up and decide to start a team and recruit members assuming a leadership position. A group of people may get together and decide on a leader. Up to you!

How do I join a team?

Put yourself out there! Post in the Official Ultimate You Challenge Facebook group  or the Main Facebook Group  that you are looking to join up and the leaders will reach out to you if they have spots to fill. Teams also recruit members running up to the challenge launch sale & start, so you can join up by contacting them when they post looking for members.

What happens once I am in a team?

Once you have indicated that you are keen to join a team and have made it official, the team experience is then whatever your chosen team wants it to be – if you all happen to live close by and meet up once a week, that’s great. If you’re all dotted over the country (or world!) and chat daily via WhatsApp & Facebook, that’s cool too. What’s important is that the team is completely up to it’s members, and the most value will be received from the team that makes the effort to support and encourage one another in whatever way they choose!

Some basics rules for teams if they wish to qualify for prizes:

  • Have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 members who are taking part in the Challenge.
    Have a leader who is the point of contact with the Sleekgeek Challenge organisers.
    Have a name and logo. – War Cries are optional 😉
    NB: Your leader must make an official submission of team members when the team is considered full by the leader.

The team leader submits a team when they are ready by emailing the names and surnames of all members, including themselves to us via

We will then send team leaders a submission template to submit at the end of the Challenge with the team’s final results.

Team members do not need to indicate to us what team they are in when the submit their individual Challenge entries. 

How is the winning team judged?

Though this is a fun optional extra we decided to put up a nominal award as a gesture to the teams.

We will use a formula that takes into account the following:

  1. Overall weight-loss
  2. Average weight-loss of team members.
  3. Percentage of team members who finish the challenge
  4. Bonus points for team members who make it into the “top 10” of the Transformation category.

What can a team win?

The emphasis of the team is on FUN! It is an additional support structure for you. And the experience itself. The winning team members will each win an official Sleekgeek peak cap & diary. The leader of the winning team earns themselves R2,500 because we acknowledge that running a team is hard work.

Do you have to be in the same heat?

No, but it does help if people are having a similar experience.

Can I be in two teams?

No – rather do not play the field and commit to your team members.

What is the difference between a team, buddy & a couple?

A team is a self-organising support structure for the challenge period – the teams are groups of people of between 10 – 20 members who encourage and motivate one another over the 8 week period. They are eligible to win a Sleekgeek peak cap & diary if they are the winning team. There is no additional fee if you are in a team.

A buddy is someone who want to do the challenge with – it could be your and your housemate, you and your colleague, you and your neighbour – whomever it may be, you’ve decided to take on the UYC together. You can have more than one buddy. You enter the challenge as an individual & you indicate who your buddy is/are in the Vault when you make your submissions. The winning buddy team is eligible for Bonus prizes to share and spoil themselves. There is no additional fee to be in a buddy team.

A couple is a pair who are in a romantic relationship – husband & wife, boyfriend & girlfriend, engaged couples etc. You enter the challenge as a couple via the couples entry page and submit your results with an indication of who your partner is. The winning couple is eligible for a Bonus Prize. The price is R798 for the couple together, there is no additional payment to enter as a couples team.

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