Over One Thousand Happy Challengers

Feedback from our Challengers

We have hosted 3 challenges a year since 2012 and we are thrilled to be able to say that we have over 1,200 happy customers.

Each of these people have left positive feedback when asked the question: “What was the most valuable part of your Sleekgeek/Ultimate You experience? Why do you think it works?”

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nicola-davidson--sleekgeek-ultimateyou-challenge-transformation-success-story-female-weightloss-and-toning2 “Definitely the community – the encouragement, the motivation and the access to healthcare professionals for answers to questions was invaluable, and made me feel as if I wasn’t alone in my journey. It’s the best part of SleekGeek!

Sharing with everyone really kept me on track.”

Nicola Davidson, Cape Town, lost 12.8kgs, 1st place Winter 2013. 

“It works because everyone supports everyone. we like one big team and we want everyone to win!!!! What you pay compared to what you get out from this challenge is amazing, I have come out with life long friends, hectic weight loss and even more centimetre loss, and most important is a healthy lifestyle, YOU CAN NOT PUT A PRICE ON THAT!!!!.”

Alexa Kirkhoff, East London, lost 17.1 kgs, 1st place Winter 2014. 




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