Withings Smart Body Analyzer

“Everything about your body that you need to know, in one go”, might be the best way to describe the functionality of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer.

It provides you with all the data necessary to manage your weight and keep tabs on your progress. It isn’t called smart for no reason. Aside from giving you high-accuracy weight measurements, it gives you body fat measurements, body mass index, heart rate, localised weather updates, as well as indoor air quality.


Stepping onto the scale gives you an immediate, high-accuracy weight measurement along with an in-depth body composition analyses. The weight measurement is extremely accurate, and even compensates for gravity variations in different areas (which means you won’t weigh more if gravity isn’t kind in you location).

The metrics you enter to determine your body mass index along with considering the fat-lean ratio, allows for great feedback so that you can set goals according to your body type and activity level.

The Smart Body Analyzer also takes your pulse through your feet every time you weigh yourself. The scale aims to lower your resting heart rate, which is a great indicator of your overall heart health.

While looking at your measurements in the morning, just before you start getting ready for your day, this scale even gives you a localized weather report to help plan your outfit or activities for the day.

The Smart Body Analyzer even provides you with information about your environment. It checks your air quality, by checking the temperature and CO2 level in the room, notifying you when it is time to open a window for some fresh air.

Off course, none of this data would be easily accessible without the Health Mate app that aggregates all this data in a beautifully designed and comprehensive interface. It also acts as a coach that breaks down your goals into achievable weekly targets, while keeping you focused with relevant tips and reminders.

A great aspect about Withings, is the smart ecosystem, that communicate with multiple Withings devices to add to the data the Health Mate app gives you. The more you know, the more empowered you are to make good choices for your lifestyle and health.

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